Thursday, November 4, 2010

Progressives In Defense Mode

I read an interesting blog today about the mid term elections, and I find more people are more concerned with completing the transformation of our Country, and eliminating people that hope to restore what built our Nation to what it once was.
Here is a quote....

"Democrats need to be more progressive, more confrontational and more unwavering about their values and goals. The wishy-washy, limp defense of liberal values and goals and the reaons for them so far by the Congressional Democrats over the last two years has made people ambivalent and apathetic about supporting Democrats. If they don’t believe in themselves strongly, why should we? As a result, many of them lost their jobs or didn’t get elected, and it rippled into state elections. This is less a credit to the Tea Baggers than it is a strong reaction to how the Democrats have behaved, and how they fail to effectively defend progressive values and beliefs. "
Where did all this Progressive business start anyway ?
I did some reading on it in the past, and I went back today and dug around to refresh my memory, and to dumb it down a little, when people walked off the farms and moved to the cities during America's industrial revolution, they pretty much lived in cramped conditions, working in mills and assembly lines for a set wage, just like everyone else, until one day someone came along and got on a soapbox and started preaching about how the workers were killing themselves for nothing while the fat cats they were working for were getting rich and keeping all the profits for themselves.
I am sure someone will correct me on this, but that is pretty close, but after that, these folks gained some power and worked themselves into politics, and may have ushered in some good things along the way, but the message today does not sit well with people today that work hard for what they have.
But what about those that never left the farm ?
What about all of us still out here surrounded by fields, that never had the desire to venture into the big city ?
It seems to me, from what I have read, if these Liberals and Progressives get want, we will be pushed back in time and live in a world much like my Great-Grand Parents lived.
They didn't have much, but knew how to live with what they had, much like the things were passed down to me.
With all the new faces headed to D.C. in January, maybe there is hope that something can be fixed, and people will be able to get back to work.
If they get to D.C. and nothing gets done, then at least I m out here in the country.


Sandee said...

I think you are on to something here. I just hope the ones that were elected can get some things done. If they don't I'm still in the city. Sigh.

Have a terrific day. :)

Greg said...

you make a good point, those were simpler times, and I think people relied on themselves more, rather than one party or another trying to save them.

i envy them!

Dan said...

Since you live on a farm, or at least in the country, let me ask you you feel that hedge fund managers work 10X harder than farmers? Because their incomes are about 10X more. Amount or difficulty of work has very little to do with your income in the U.S. I'm not saying that rich people don't work hard, just that their income isn't proportional to how much work they do. That is why I hate the argument that rich people worked so hard for their money. So did the person with two minimum wage jobs who lives in a crappy apartment. I'm not saying it is wrong. That is how capitalism goes. But don't suggest that rich people work hard and anyone who is not rich could be if they just weren't so lazy.