Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For months now, I have heard folks say " I can see November from my house "
Well, here we are.
Last night I cruised around the 24 hour news channels and listened to all the predictions and all the polls, and all the reasons as to why each candidate was ahead or behind in their state.
Are the Republicans really looking at making a sweep because the they are the better candidate, or just the lesser of the two evils ?
Recently I posted about the extent others would go to just to draw attention and cause violence. I used the incident at a Rand Paul event, not to endorse Paul, but just to call attention to the extremes of some of the folks that had different views.
This brought some information to my attention that I did not know about, courtesy of my friend Laryen that I had not read before, and as expected caused some debate with another friend of mine, Jeremy .
My point is, today the theatrics end, the debate ends, and all the analyzing ends.
Will this be a day of hope and change ? Who knows, but a large majority of Americans are not happy with the way the current administration, and the Democratic Congress and Senate have done things.
A lesser of two evils will probably not make anything any better, but at this point, Americans are drowning and they are reaching for for anything that is thrown to them.
That's what makes it sad, that these are the best we could come up with.

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Sandee said...

You've nailed it. This is right on the money. I don't mind the democrats being in charge if they aren't far, far left. That's what we seem to have now. It's just as bad as far, far right. We need to find the middle and stay there.

This administration have not been listening to the people at all. If we don't agree with them then we are bigots. I'm so sick of hearing that. It's so very old.

I'm heading to the polls to do my civic duty.

Have a terrific day. :)