Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Kind Of Decision Did John Make ?

Ever since John McCain has announced his choice for VP, I have seen nothing bad comments about Sarah Palin. Her age, her experience, even an alleged controversy over her ex brother in law's job as a state trooper. Well, before I make a decision about McCains choice, I wanted to find out more about Palin. I found a bio here

Palin took the office of the Governor to Alaska in December 2006, and under her leadership, Alaska invested $5 billion in state savings to overhaul education funding, and implemented the Senior Benefits Program that provides support for low-income older Alaskans. She created Alaska's Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to provide oversight and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, facilities and infrastructure, and the Climate Change Sub cabinet to prepare a climate change strategy for Alaska.

During her first legislative session, Governor Palins administration passed two major pieces of legislation. An overhaul of the states ethics laws and a competitive process to construct a gas pipeline.

Prior to her election as Governor, Palin served two terms on the Wasilla City Council and two terms as the mayor of Wasilla. During her tenure, she reduced property tax levels while increasing services and made Wasilla a business friendly environment, drawing in new industry.

She was elected by her peers to serve as president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. In this role, she worked with local, state and federal officials to promote solutions to the needs of Alaska’s communities.

She is married to Todd Palin, who is a lifelong Alaskan, a production operator on the North Slope and a four-time champion of the Iron Dog, the world’s longest snowmobile race.

Palin is a lifetime member of the NRA and enjoys hunting, fishing, Alaska history, and all that Alaska’s great outdoors has to offer.”

Palin entered, and was 2nd runner up for Ms Alaska in 1984 . Makes me wonder if there is anything she can't do.

As to the controversy involving her former brother in law, I have found no fact pertaining to it, but did find some disgruntled workers who were fired for not doing their job

I see that she was not born into politics, and has honestly worked her way up to where she is today. Everyone is screaming for change, and the loudest screamer out there

chose a running mate that was already in up to his ears in the DC cesspool.

Change ? Get out of here, Biden has his own agenda, and will do what it takes to get the #2 spot.

John McCain has chosen a free thinking, realistic, woman from the real world. She is a wife and mother who has worked for a living to help support her family. She is an avid outdoors person who hunts and fishes. She is not afraid to speak out against things that are wrong, and will stand and fight for her beliefs. I am anxious to hear what she will be saying in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Words Of Others

Caution ! What you say about the Democratic candidate could label you as a racist ! If you are not on the Obama bandwagon, you will be branded as a hater. The first amendment allows me to speak my mind freely without fear of persecution, but does not guarantee me not to be labeled. My credentials, at best, are no more than a spectator with an open mind that is concerned for my countries well being. It would be easy for for the Obama troops to to label me as a racist if I publicly spoke out about him. But what about a man that graduated from The College of New Rochelle with a BA degree, continued on to Union Theological Seminary in N.Y.C. where he was awarded a Master of Divinity Degree and finally received a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Would his opinions have a racial agenda ? Let's see.....

His words are harsh, and are not influenced by the liberal facist media. His words, not mine. What other views can you find that are not influenced by the fear of being labled a racist ?

Once again, their words, not mine. Last night, we heard from Hillary, and we heard her say that she supported the Democratic party, and that it was time to unite.

But what was she saying just a short time ago ?

It just get's better and better.

If the Democrats are unhappy with Obama, why should we be ? Once again, not my words

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eleven More Weeks

With eleven weeks left until the election, I am looking into all the issues, and where the candidates stand on them. Because I am an outdoorsman, and I come from a long line of gun owners, the issue of personal gun ownership and the rights I think I am entitled to are important to me. I am NOT happy with Obamas position

Barack Obama voted against the confirmation of 2 of the 5 Justices that affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms.

Barack Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry.

Barack Obama wants to re-impose the failed and discredited Clinton Gun Ban.

Barack Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.

Barack Obama has endorsed a 500% increase in the federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition.

Barack Obama has endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership.

Barack Obama supports local gun bans in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities.

Barack Obama voted to uphold local gun bans and the criminal prosecution of people who use firearms in self-defense.

Barack Obama refused to sign a friend-of-the-court Brief in support of individual Second Amendment rights in the Heller case.

Barack Obama opposes Right to Carry laws.

Barack Obama was a member of the Board of Directors of the Joyce Foundation, the leading source of funds for anti-gun organizations and "research."

Barack Obama supported a proposal to ban gun stores within 5 miles of a school or park, which would eliminate almost every gun store in America.

Barack Obama voted not to notify gun owners when the state of Illinois did records searches on them.

Barack Obama voted against a measure 2 - 0 to lower the Firearms Owners Identification card age minimum from 21 to 18, a measure designed to assist young people in the military.

Barack Obama favors a ban on standard capacity magazines.

Barack Obama supports mandatory micro-stamping.

Barack Obama supports repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment, which prohibits information on gun traces collected by the BATFE from being used in reckless lawsuits against firearm dealers and manufacturers.FACT: Barack Obama supports one-gun-a-month handgun purchase restrictions.

Barack Obama supports a ban on inexpensive handguns.

Barack Obama supports a ban on the resale of police issued firearms, even if the money is going to police departments for replacement equipment.

Barack Obama supports mandatory firearm training requirements for all gun owners and a ban on gun ownership for persons under the age of 21.

These are facts, look here

Granted, I do not live in a major city and I am not exposed to violent crimes that include guns. I do own many firearms, and after a required safety course, and hunter training course, My 13 year old son is the proud owner of a single shot 20 gauge shotgun, and a 12 gauge pump shotgun. A quote from Obamas book Audacity of Hope, is " I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction " Well, what better place for the Muslims to control our country, than in the office of the President of United States ? Let me say this, I will NOT give up my guns for anyone, and I think that there are many more that stand with me. Yes, before I get hate comments, not everyone should have a firearm, and I agree that there are problems with crimes involving guns, but not at my house.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Race Predictions

Have you seen the cockroach race that pit a McCain roach, and an Obama roach in a race to predict the next president ? It seems McCain won, and the race is said to be 86% accurate

As I write this post, it seems the media is on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of Obama's running mate. We all know that word is coming soon, and I am having a great time listening to every ones prediction

The majority of time spent examining the choices today has been spent on Ridge. I give it a big MAYBE

I have heard Lieberman's name thrown around. Maybe Obama owes him a favor, wink wink

Is Tim a serious contender ? I just don't see it

What deals and agreements were made behind closed doors with Clinton
and Obama ? You know she's getting something for her efforts.

Tim Kaine was on the local news earlier today, and would not make any comment. I wondered what he was smiling at

Maybe the celeb's should stick together. Hey, it could happen

I was reading today that Hillary's name will be added to the convention ballot. Could it be possible that she still has a chance ? I bet that some big chunky dirt is still left to be thrown. Make sure you wear your safety glasses, and remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Fading Star

This video, which can be found at shows Obama's feelings towards the bible. It shows him making fun of the " Sermon On The Mount ". This sermon is said to be the greatest sermon Jesus ever preached, and includes the Lords Prayer, the Beatitudes, and the Golden Rule. You can find more here

Let me give you something else to think about, if you do the math on Obama the Senator. He has only been a Senator for 18 months. But with all the recesses, four day weekends, campaigning and absences, Obama has only spent about 6 weeks of workdays on the Senate floor as one of the most junior Senators. Most of his votes, about 80% when he was not absent, have been "present" or "abstain". He also chairs a committee that has never met. As a trial lawyer he only tried 14 cases in court, and minor ones at that. As a "community organizer" his major cause was getting the asbestos out of a housing project. After 2 years of trying, the asbestos was still there when he left. It is still there even now that he is a Senator and presumably has some pull to get things done. That's it. His entire real world work resume. 6 weeks work in the Senate with nothing to show for it, two years as a lawyer, with only 14 minor trials, and two years as a "community organizer" with nothing accomplished.

I think the sparkle and shine that Obama walks around with is starting to wear thin, and I have a feeling it will only fade more. I'm still waiting for the " October Surprise " that McCain has for us about Obama. I find it hard to give my support to a man who was in the congregation listening to this


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is There Anyone Else To Vote For ?

I have been obsessed with finding out which of our two choices for President will be the lesser of two evils. Searcing for the right combination of give and take on the issues that will affect me in the next four years and beyond. With all the interviews, and attack ads and speeches I have been watching, I had almost forgotten about

Chuck Baldwin. The destroyer of the " New World Order " who wants to stop funding to the United Nations.

Cynthia McKinney, a lifelong Democrat who supported anti-war and human rights legislation

Bob Barr who believes the Bill of Rights is disappearing

It is my understanding that Frank McEnulty and Ted Weill are also running, but their information is pretty scarce. As great as these other candidates may be, They will never see the sheets on the Presidential bed. Is that Democracy ?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Still On The Fence

Did you catch the the Q & A from Rick Warren to McCain and Obama ? I had to search, but I found the transcripts and made note of the positions that the candidates have on some of the topics. I do this not only to get a sense of their ideas for the coming 4 years, but to see if these positions will hold.

On the issue of abortion, Obama is for legalized abortion. McCain believes human rights begin at conception

Both McCain and Obama said marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Obama added that he supports civil unions for gay partners. It sounds as if Obama is not real sure about this issue

Obama was quick to quote scripture, and discuss his faith. McCain was a bit more reluctant, and used anecdotes and humor to answer some of Warrens questions.

I did a little more research on the candidates positions, and found that Obama does not oppose war. Obama voted for a 700 mile fence at the US/Mexico border in 2006, but in 2007, he supported a bill that created the " guest worker " program. Obama also wants to spend 50 to 65 BILLION on his National Health Insurance Exchange that does not offer health care, but would serve as a watchdog on private insurers. His plan also calls for " Large " companies to contribute to insurance costs

McCain states that the threat in Iraq is " abundantly clear " He was also among the first in the GOP to say he had " no confidence " in Donald Rumsfeld. He was also supportive of the troop surge in 2007. McCain also voted for the 700 miles of fence, and also was in favor of the " guest worker" bill, but added to impose tougher sanctions on employers who hire illegals. McCain is offering a $2500 for single, and $5000 for couple tax credit to help pay for health insurance. McCain is opposed to universal health care

I only hit the high points on these issues, and admittedly left some details out, but I am only looking for changes in policy between now and November, not campaining. As of yet, I have not been able to find a clear economic plan for either candidate. I do predict that taxes will go up for everyone, no one can argue that. I did come across a clip from McCain that I thought was interesting. Take a look.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Giving Up The Candy

This trickle down stuff hurts more and more everyday. We all know the high oil prices affect everything, and we all know that the transport cost of products are passed on to the consumers. At my house, we have cut out a few " luxuries " to help us stay within our budget. Things like eating out, McDonald's for lunch, and ordering pizza. It seems now, one of our little pleasure's will be put on that list. The Hersey Co. announced Friday that due to the rising cost of commodities, they will be raising their prices by 11%. This is the second price increase this year.

I did a little investigating on my own today, and bought a Kit Kat bar at a convenience store. It was $0.98 cents plus tax which came to $1.03. This was a regular size bar that sold for $0.69 cents a little over a year ago

After we left the convenience store, we made a stop at the Wall-Mart. While the wife was grabbing a few things, I went to the 10 items or less line and bought some M&Ms. they rung up at $1.09 plus tax which came to $1.14. I remember buying some M&Ms not long ago, same size, same bag, for less than a dollar

The Reese's cups in the same store, same line, was sold to me for $1.14 also. I have done the math, and $0.69 cents to $1.09 does not work up to 11%. I know, 30 or 40 cents is no big deal, but if the little things in life can make a 40% or 50% jump in price without us knowing, What's next? I guess I'll have to buy a bag of the little snack size bars and ration them between my sons and myself. And just for the record, The candy machines that line the exit of the store that had the $0.25 cent gum ball's, all of them were $0.50 cents now. I give up. No more candy for me

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a Short Rant

I would like to start my post today with a little venting. If you have seen my profile, you already know I am at home recovering from an auto accident on May 28th of this year. So since the accident I have suffered from lower back pain, numbness in the legs, arms, and hands. I have neck and shoulder pain, severe headaches, dizziness, and blurry vision. I had all the tests, the X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and been referred to 3 separate doctors to find a fix for all of this. I have used ice packs, heating pads, and about 20 different prescriptions. Well finally, on Tuesday I went to yet another doctor who was responsible for starting me on some physical therapy. He informs me that I cannot do the therapy because it could possibly paralyze me. It seems that 2 of the doctors that have written me many prescriptions had missed the bulging and collapsed discs in my neck.

This new doctor has removed all my medication, and given me a brace to wear, and ordered me to stop all activity, and limit sitting and walking to less than 4 hours a day. Next Monday, I am scheduled for my first round of cortisone shots, and I have to go for more CT scans. My venting goes to the docs that missed this the first time around, because I could have been fixed, or close to it by now.

Anyway, enough of that. I have a laptop in my bedroom, so I can still cruise the blogosphere. In my journey today, I found a site that has pictures from a Russian soldier that is fighting in Georgia. The link is The site is a message board, and it is all in Russian, but the pictures give a horrifying look at the destruction.

If you decide to check these pictures out, be warned, there are many graphic views.

I did read that Condoleezza Rice is working to end the violence, but Russia has not left the country. As close as we are, as allies, to Georgia and Knowing that a major oil pipeline runs through the country, what role will the U.S. play if the fighting continues ?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Award Tradition

I recently got a little reward from a fellow blogger a few days ago, and in keeping with tradition, I am now giving it back to 5 other bloggers who I think deserve a pat on the back for their work

Brazen Teacher, because I love reading about her day to day life.

Fennster. I love reading his comments on news and daily happenings

Downward Spiral. An uncensored look into an exiting life. Very fun to read

The Nothing Report. This site always makes me laugh. He should have his own TV show

Regretful Morning. The ultimate morning after site.
These are some of my favorite sites, and I pass the award on to you . Great job !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Making the Right Choice

If you had to use the ads on tv, who would you be leaning towards ?

I have seen a few good arguments about the ads

But I have a solution for all those who are confused, and undecided

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Saying Thanks

I would like to say THANK YOU today to the Crotchety Old Man for giving me my first award.

Anyone who is still trapped under that big rock, and have missed the writings of the old man, you can find him at



Cheap Gas

Typically in my neck of the woods, gas prices have been between $4.02 to $4.10 for the last month or so. I have gotten lucky and found it for $3.89 a couple of times. Today, while out running some errands, we decided to make a pass through the main drag in town to see who had the cheapest gas. I was shocked when I saw this sign. $3.69 ? Really ? I checked, and the other three stations were selling gas for the same price. Well, I filled up, and wondered how can this be ? I do know oil prices have dropped a little. I also know that the debate on energy, and drilling, and our reserves has stopped for the summer. Could it be that the speculators have made enough money ? Could big oil have run out of room to put all those zero's on their paychecks ? I heard there was a secret that has come out of the Obama camp that could save us all some gas. Take a look.............

That's brilliant ! Why haven't we thought of this sooner ? Yeah, right. We all know about he air in the tires, and the tune ups. What I want to know is what happened in 5 days time that gas prices in my area dropped 30 cents. I'm not complaining, but I want it to continue. Congress is on summer break, Maybe that has something to do with it. Let's see if the gas prices continue to drop while they're gone. YA HEAR THAT GW ? GO AHEAD AND ENJOY THE BREAK

Oh, Sorry to disturb you. Carry on............

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Attack Ads

I knew they were coming. I knew that they would contain everything but the facts that we need to hear. Is this what politics has come down to ? I saw this ad for the first time today and had to share.

Could this be anymore outrageous ?
Do we really need the " Sainted one " image
shoved down our throats anymore ?
I do not want any candidates opinion
of another offered to me as a reason to
give him my one and only vote.
What I need to know is what they will do to
repair our economy ? What are they planning to
do about the waste full spending in government ?
I want to know if there is a way to end the war
and stop the destruction. If we have a real purpose
to be over there fighting, then tell me what it is,
and how you plan to get the job done.
We are not ignorant people, and the "scare tactics "
are not working anymore. I have no intention to
vote based on ghost stories, or tales of monsters
under my bed. I will, however, make my decision
based on who I think will make the decision to put America first, and to the person
who can speak to us as intelligent people, and not sheep. We are the most advanced, intelligent
and informed group of voters to ever go to the polls. Instead of rock videos and Paris Hilton, how about real information. Come on guy's, give it to us. We can handle it

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are You Miserable ?

Have you heard of the Misery Index ? The misery index was initiated by economist Arthur Okun, an adviser to President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960's. It is simply the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate. It is assumed that both a higher rate of unemployment and a worsening of inflation both create economic and social costs for a country. A combination of rising inflation and more people of out of work implies a deterioration in economic performance and a rise in the misery index. We are a level of 10.52%. Compare that to our highest of 21.98% in June, 1980, and our lowest of 2.97% in July 1953. I wondered what made the difference in the high and low points, and if we are doing, or not doing something now in comparison.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter authorized legislation giving 1.5 billion in loans to bail out the Chrylser Corporation.
Israel and Egypt establish diplomatic relations.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini states that Iran's parliament would decide the fate of the American embassy hostages.
The Norwegian oil platform Alexander Kielland collapses in the North Sea, killing 123 of its crew of 212.
Jimmy Carter signs the Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax Act in an effort to help the U.S. economy rebound.
The United States severs diplomatic relations with Iran and imposes economic sanctions following the taking of American hostages on November 4, 1979.
The Cable News Network (CNN) begins broadcasting ( Just in time ? )
Percy Wood, president of United Airlines, is injured by an exploding package sent by the Unabomber.
A commercial DC-9 (Itavia Flight 870) was apparently shot down.
Iraq invades Iran.
U.S. presidential election, 1980: Republican challenger Ronald Reagan defeats incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter by a wide margin.

Any one of these events that occurred in 1980, could be a headline out of tomorrows paper. But what was happening in 1953 ?

President Harry Truman announces that the United States has developed a hydrogen bomb.
The Soviet Union breaks off diplomatic relations with Israel.
Joseph Stalin collapses, having suffered a stroke. He dies four days later
Hussein is crowned King of Jordan.
Nuclear testing: At the Nevada Test Site, the United States conducts its first and only nuclear artillery test.
Workers Uprising: In East Germany, the Soviet Union orders a division of troops into East Berlin to quell a rebellion.
Arizona Governor John Howard Pyle orders a law enforcement crackdown on Short Creek, Arizona, home to a polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Korean War ends: The United States, People's Republic of China, and North Korea, sign an armistice agreement. Syngman Rhee, president of South Korea, refuses to sign but pledges to observe the armistice.
Nuclear testing: The Soviet atomic bomb project proceeded with the detonation of Joe 4, the first Soviet thermonuclear weapon.
Cold War: The CIA helps to overthrow the government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran and reinstate the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
The Qibya massacre was carried out by Israeli troops in a West Bank village.
The Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty between the United States and Republic of China is signed in Washington, DC.
Cold War: US President Dwight D. Eisenhower formally approves the top secret document National Security Council Paper No. 162/2, which states that the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons must be maintained and expanded to counter the communist threat.

Can you spot the differences or similarities in any of the three years ? It seems to me that it's the same game, different players. All three years include war, and all three years include Iran and Iraq. I see a pattern, do you ?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tough Enough ?

This is one of the more colorful characters who have become legends of the Old West. "Hanging Judge Roy Bean," remains one of the most fascinating. Calling himself the "Law West of the Pecos," he is said to have kept a pet bear in his courtroom and sentenced dozens to the gallows, following his motto "Hang 'em first, try 'em later." One of many hanging judges in the days of no lawyers, no insanity defense, no plea deals, and definitely no appeals. It was a tough world back then, and the law was just as tough. Today, the accused are offered every opportunity for defense. True there may be some that are wrongly convicted of something, but when the verdict of guilt has been admitted, what happens then ? Well, let me tell you about a news story I read today. This is a true story, and the headline was " Mother gets 1 year for abuse, neglect " I read further and find that this woman, who was intoxicated with a .26 blood alcohol content, threw her 3 year old daughter into the center of a pool because the little girl had pulled and ripped her shirt. When realizing that the mother was not going to help the child, who had sunk to the bottom, a 7 year old girl dove in and brought the baby to the surface for air. The child was unresponsive, and her lips were purple, so OTHER CHILDREN in the home called 911, and worked to revive the child. Now wait, it gets better. While the 3-year-old was en route to the hospital, the mother sat on the couch, drinking a beer, and, still angry, kicked her 1 year old daughter across the kitchen floor, according to witness statements. In court, the mothers lawyer argued that she was not in her right mind when the incidents occurred and that she has come to realize her mistakes and is ready to get the help she needs. I can only think of one way to help a person like this, but what has outraged me the most, and inspired me to use this story as my topic today, is the fact that she was sentenced to ONE YEAR in prison. WHAT ? Did I miss something ? What was that judge thinking ? I read further and found that the guilty plea was entered because of a deal that was
made between between the defending attorney and the prosecutor. I ask myself why. Was this 3 year old girl not worth the time or money to prosecute this worthless piece of trash ? Is her life worth only a year ? And to make it worse, the judge sat there on his bench and allowed it to happen. I know we have come a long way since the days of the wild west, and I know that we have evolved in the last few decades into a more civilized society, but it is still a cruel world out there, and there are still many uncivilized people. Has the law gone soft ? Can they still dispense justice in a manner that the punishment will fit the crime ? Are the judges tough enough ?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Found in my mail today

I was sent an email today from a friend that really got my attention. I did a little research on the info that was sent, and thought it was worth talking about here today. He sent me to.......
It talks about helping our returning soldiers with getting mental health treatment, and into family support programs. It discusses helping our returning veterans with physical limitations find and keep jobs. It offers them everything they need to return to a normal life. I give a lot of praise to these foundations that offer this kind of support to our servicemen. Our federal government should be ashamed that organizations like this one needs to exist. If you get a chance today, please clink the link and have a look.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What have they done now?

I have been reading the last few days about the mortgage crisis we are now involved in, and came across the three new tax changes that are part of the housing rescue and foreclosure prevention act of 2008, that was signed into law July 30th. The first two are intended to be help full, and the third can be damaging.
The first is a tax credit of up to $7500.00 to qualified buyers of principal residences. The maximum credit is 10% of the purchase price, or $7500.00, whichever is the lesser. The credit is refundable, and that means you can use it to offset your entire federal income tax liability. This credit is only available between April 8, 2008, and July 1, 2009. Sounds good so far,BUT, and there's always a but, you can't use it to reduce the alternative minimum tax
The credit cannot be used by high income singles who's income is
$75,000 or above, or couples with $90.000 or above. Well, that sounds OK. Yeah, that's what I thought, but here is the kick in the pants. You have to REPAY the credit ! If you take the credit, you have to repay the money, minus interest, starting in 2010, at $500 dollars a year. And if you die, or sell the house before it is paid, then you are responsible for the remaining money all at once. This sounds like its adding to the problem to me, and it sounds a lot like what got us in this position in the first place.

The second change is really not a big deal, but you do not have to pay it back. It allows unmarried people to claim up to $500 dollars of their state and local property taxes to their normal standard deduction, and married people can add $1000, as long as it does not exceed what you actually pay. Like I said before, not really a big deal, but is is a little help.

The third change is sort of a punishment. Until now, you could convert a former rental property or vacation home into your principal residence, live in it for at least two years, and then sell it. You would then qualify for the federal home sale gain exclusion. This tax saving loophole is being closed up through the Housing act, and punishing sellers for post-2008 periods when the property is not used as your principal residence. After 2008, if you live in a home that was originally owned, but not your principal residence, and then try to sell for profit, you would have to pay the capitol gains tax. I do not believe the changes will affect the housing market, or make home ownership any easier. The lenders that were giving loans to people they knew that could not afford them seem unaffected by these changes. I wonder, what exactly is Congress thinking ? They offer a $7500 dollar tax break to consumers, but make you pay it back ? Will the banks that are being bailed out have to repay the government ?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

If we lived in TV land

When I got up this morning, I got my coffee together and looked out the kitchen window. It seemed a little dark, so I thought rain is on the way. I walked into my living room and turned on my TV to catch the weather on the morning news. I was instantly smothered with the coverage of the attacks both candidates are guilty of, and said NOT TODAY ! I flipped through the channels until I could find something far away from politics, and let my mind have a little relief. I did find some comfort in some old cartoons, and a stray Andy Griffith show. One of the good ones too, with ole Barney flippin out over something. I sat there most of the morning watching reruns, and flipping back and forth between cop shows, and court shows, and a few talk shows. Isn't TV land great ? Most of the characters problems were solved in 30 minutes, and the good guy always got the bad guy. It was then that I started to think. What if ..............................................

We got one of the tough guy cops to run for President. A no nonsense guy that gets things done. Honest, and up front about everything he says ?

Not only would he have to be tough and honest, but he would have to be smart. Someone that can look at a person while they are speaking, and see the lies coming out, someone that can solve the mysteries in D.C. , and bring out the truth

I am beginning to like that type of candidate. Tough, honest, and not afraid to get to the truth!

And an equally tough running mate who is fearless, and demands respect !

The TV land candidate would also be willing to help people. someone who really understands when people need help, or are just looking for a handout

And a VP that knows what there job is, and is willing to support the president, not do stupid things that could make them look bad

Without a doubt, they would have to know whats happening in our country. Someone who is up to date with current events, and speaks regularly with the big decision makers

But still TOUGH !

They would have to be able to speak to the people. They would need to be able to tell us the truth, no matter how bad it was

Tough, honest, smart, not afraid to find the truth, can speak to the people. Maybe the wrong Law & Order guy stepped up

Oh well, we got who we got, and it's to late for a write in now. Lets all sit back and prepare for the mud slinging, and name calling, and skeletons, That these two men are sure to drag each other through. Hey, they are allowed to act like that. They are running for President . You know, highest job in the land, symbol of democracy.