Friday, August 22, 2008

Race Predictions

Have you seen the cockroach race that pit a McCain roach, and an Obama roach in a race to predict the next president ? It seems McCain won, and the race is said to be 86% accurate

As I write this post, it seems the media is on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of Obama's running mate. We all know that word is coming soon, and I am having a great time listening to every ones prediction

The majority of time spent examining the choices today has been spent on Ridge. I give it a big MAYBE

I have heard Lieberman's name thrown around. Maybe Obama owes him a favor, wink wink

Is Tim a serious contender ? I just don't see it

What deals and agreements were made behind closed doors with Clinton
and Obama ? You know she's getting something for her efforts.

Tim Kaine was on the local news earlier today, and would not make any comment. I wondered what he was smiling at

Maybe the celeb's should stick together. Hey, it could happen

I was reading today that Hillary's name will be added to the convention ballot. Could it be possible that she still has a chance ? I bet that some big chunky dirt is still left to be thrown. Make sure you wear your safety glasses, and remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop


Da Old Man said...

That event was right by my house. How did I miss it?

Don said...

Can't say that Old Hill will put her name in (again) or not, but I do understand that's there's a good chance her supporters are going to raise hell because of what they see as an Obama nix of her as v.p. It ought to be fun!