Saturday, August 2, 2008

If we lived in TV land

When I got up this morning, I got my coffee together and looked out the kitchen window. It seemed a little dark, so I thought rain is on the way. I walked into my living room and turned on my TV to catch the weather on the morning news. I was instantly smothered with the coverage of the attacks both candidates are guilty of, and said NOT TODAY ! I flipped through the channels until I could find something far away from politics, and let my mind have a little relief. I did find some comfort in some old cartoons, and a stray Andy Griffith show. One of the good ones too, with ole Barney flippin out over something. I sat there most of the morning watching reruns, and flipping back and forth between cop shows, and court shows, and a few talk shows. Isn't TV land great ? Most of the characters problems were solved in 30 minutes, and the good guy always got the bad guy. It was then that I started to think. What if ..............................................

We got one of the tough guy cops to run for President. A no nonsense guy that gets things done. Honest, and up front about everything he says ?

Not only would he have to be tough and honest, but he would have to be smart. Someone that can look at a person while they are speaking, and see the lies coming out, someone that can solve the mysteries in D.C. , and bring out the truth

I am beginning to like that type of candidate. Tough, honest, and not afraid to get to the truth!

And an equally tough running mate who is fearless, and demands respect !

The TV land candidate would also be willing to help people. someone who really understands when people need help, or are just looking for a handout

And a VP that knows what there job is, and is willing to support the president, not do stupid things that could make them look bad

Without a doubt, they would have to know whats happening in our country. Someone who is up to date with current events, and speaks regularly with the big decision makers

But still TOUGH !

They would have to be able to speak to the people. They would need to be able to tell us the truth, no matter how bad it was

Tough, honest, smart, not afraid to find the truth, can speak to the people. Maybe the wrong Law & Order guy stepped up

Oh well, we got who we got, and it's to late for a write in now. Lets all sit back and prepare for the mud slinging, and name calling, and skeletons, That these two men are sure to drag each other through. Hey, they are allowed to act like that. They are running for President . You know, highest job in the land, symbol of democracy.


Dual said...

Thank for visiting my Blog!!

Sandra said...

Love the visuals. If we really had that all roiled up in one what a world this would be. :-)

Ryan Garns said...

I think Dirty Harry would make a good president. Granted, his interpretation of the Constitution would be questionable. But I just want to see him at a White House press conference sneering at MSNBC's David Gregory and say, "Yeah? What about the rights of that little girl?"

wornoutwoman said...

Although I'm Republican...I'm not straight party. And although neither candidate thrills me, I have to let it boil down to experience in office/military. That being said I don't have to list who my pick is going to be...but it should be obvious when you compare both with that in mind.

I think Dirty Harry would be a great one too by the way!!

K. Fields said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! The pictures of the actors and actresses matched up perfectly to each descriptive view. Brillant!
Good Job! Keep writing, I will be back!