Friday, August 1, 2008

What would George say ?

Is this the image of our next President ? Would you vote for this man ? Why ? Is it because of how he looks ? It has been said that Americans are afraid of electing someone that "doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills." What message are the Republicans trying send ? Are they trying to tell voters that an older, more experienced person should be in charge of our nation ? Or is it possible that the race card has appeared ? I think both. I am neither an Obama supporter, or a McCain supporter. To be honest, I am still confused as to who will be the worst person to vote for. I do not care about the age, or race of who will be in charge of our country. I am concerned about what they will do to bring us together as a nation, and make us strong again.

Can one of these men bring us together ?

Which one will make the right decision for us

about the war ?

Which one will be able to
make the right decisions

about our economic future ?

Which one will protect our environment, and end the connection between government and big oil ?

This is the most important election our nation will face, and there is no room for smear tactics, dirty laundry, or race cards. It is time to educate ourselves without the use of media bias, scare tactics, or prejudice. Four years is a long time to go with another sellout loser.


Fennster said...

Once again I agree with you we need to be very educated on both canidates this year more than ever. I would say Ralph Nader for my vote, but his chances are so minimal it wouldn't be worth it. The media is making this election a bigger joke, with the Obama being a celebrity and McCain...well just being McCain.

Hillwatcher said...

It's going to be a crazy general election. Of course there are plenty of folks who are know who they are voting for, but I think there are a large number of voters who are still undecided and the poll numbers seemingly change on a daily basis. The general election debates are going to be very telling.

Da Old Man said...

To be honest, I am still confused as to who will be the worst person to vote for.

This is sad and spot on. In the last 25 years, I have voted for 1 person, and against everyone else.
Every election, but one, I have been against one candidate, not for my eventual choice.

Not that I hate everyone, but it seems my favorite always gets eaten up and spit out in the primaries.