Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is There Anyone Else To Vote For ?

I have been obsessed with finding out which of our two choices for President will be the lesser of two evils. Searcing for the right combination of give and take on the issues that will affect me in the next four years and beyond. With all the interviews, and attack ads and speeches I have been watching, I had almost forgotten about

Chuck Baldwin. The destroyer of the " New World Order " who wants to stop funding to the United Nations.

Cynthia McKinney, a lifelong Democrat who supported anti-war and human rights legislation

Bob Barr who believes the Bill of Rights is disappearing

It is my understanding that Frank McEnulty and Ted Weill are also running, but their information is pretty scarce. As great as these other candidates may be, They will never see the sheets on the Presidential bed. Is that Democracy ?


Abby said...

If people can band together, a third party could be formed. But it will take years. And, preferably, someone with more political experience than Nader.

Personally, I'm a knee-jerk liberal and will be going for Obama. But I think we could use a third party in this country (or a fourth, or fifth) to keep the parties lively. I like Israel's version of voting for its Congress (the Knesset): People vote for parties. Then whatever percentage of people vote for a party, that party gets that percentage of seats. This obviously creates other problems, such as needing voting blocs, but it's more representative of the people's will, I think.

Da Old Man said...

I definately think the two party system is to blame. Too much power is concentrated in too small a group. But, it needs to begin at a lower level than President. Imagine a Congress with 40% Dem, 40% Repub, 10% a 3rd, and 10% a 4th party. Nothing would get done except for the really important things. Put a damper on pork barrel issues. That would be wonderful.

Raimo 'RayRay' Pregel said...

As much as I know about your elections, it seems you´re stuck with both pretty bad choices :D
I mean.. well.. both of them are ACTUALLY pretty good compared to Bush - they can´t screw up that much, what will they do? - lie to the people, start a war, raise the prices of products? hehe, done already, it´s only uphill from here

RTS said...

Even though I know that Libertarian Bob Barr has no realistic chance of winning, I will vote for him. I am tried of voting for the "lesser of two evils". The only way a third party can ever win is if people who support them actually vote for them and stop worrying about "throwing away your vote".