Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Award Tradition

I recently got a little reward from a fellow blogger a few days ago, and in keeping with tradition, I am now giving it back to 5 other bloggers who I think deserve a pat on the back for their work

Brazen Teacher, because I love reading about her day to day life.

Fennster. I love reading his comments on news and daily happenings

Downward Spiral. An uncensored look into an exiting life. Very fun to read

The Nothing Report. This site always makes me laugh. He should have his own TV show

Regretful Morning. The ultimate morning after site.
These are some of my favorite sites, and I pass the award on to you . Great job !


Fennster said...

Well thank you!!! I appreciate it keep up on the good blogging!

Beau Horner said...

That's awesome. Sorry, I haven't been around the past few days, but now that I'm not drunk and I can see people's faces, it's most definately an honor to have such a of those good awards.