Saturday, August 16, 2008

Giving Up The Candy

This trickle down stuff hurts more and more everyday. We all know the high oil prices affect everything, and we all know that the transport cost of products are passed on to the consumers. At my house, we have cut out a few " luxuries " to help us stay within our budget. Things like eating out, McDonald's for lunch, and ordering pizza. It seems now, one of our little pleasure's will be put on that list. The Hersey Co. announced Friday that due to the rising cost of commodities, they will be raising their prices by 11%. This is the second price increase this year.

I did a little investigating on my own today, and bought a Kit Kat bar at a convenience store. It was $0.98 cents plus tax which came to $1.03. This was a regular size bar that sold for $0.69 cents a little over a year ago

After we left the convenience store, we made a stop at the Wall-Mart. While the wife was grabbing a few things, I went to the 10 items or less line and bought some M&Ms. they rung up at $1.09 plus tax which came to $1.14. I remember buying some M&Ms not long ago, same size, same bag, for less than a dollar

The Reese's cups in the same store, same line, was sold to me for $1.14 also. I have done the math, and $0.69 cents to $1.09 does not work up to 11%. I know, 30 or 40 cents is no big deal, but if the little things in life can make a 40% or 50% jump in price without us knowing, What's next? I guess I'll have to buy a bag of the little snack size bars and ration them between my sons and myself. And just for the record, The candy machines that line the exit of the store that had the $0.25 cent gum ball's, all of them were $0.50 cents now. I give up. No more candy for me


This Brazen Teacher said...

Some friends of mine in the city have a garden. They grow a ton of stuff and don't need to buy produce this time of year.

Maybe the rising food costs will force something good- sustainable living, and/or buying locally. :-D

Da Old Man said...

I stopped buying Hershey's products when they announced a few months ago that they were moving 10% of their operations to Mexico. This latest price rise is, in my opinion, just a way to prepare us that they will be justified as they move more operations south and put even more Americans out of work.

Abby said...

Don't forget that convenience stores tend to be more expensive. The grocery stores I go to have much cheaper candy bars. It's still more than it used to be. But I believe it's hovering around 60-65 cents.