Monday, March 30, 2009

Overstepping It's Boundries ?

Rick Wagoner got the ax today, but not from the board at GM, Obama kicked him out the door.

GM needs more cash to continue operating, and our leader put it in their hands.
Get rid of him, or no more cash
I do not want to debate if Wagoner was the man that needed the pink slip, I personally could not care less if the whole bunch was thrown out.
What bothers me is the fact that government has that kind of power. It bothers me that the government is growing larger every day, and is granting themselves the power to do as it wishes
The auto companies should have gone into bankruptcy.
If the way they manage and direct a company is not working, it is not my place to send them any money to help them out
The government, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi Took my money and handed it to someone that has a lot more than I do, and I have a problem with that
They took my money and handed it to AIG, another group that willingly took a wrong turn and was on the brink of closing it's doors,
or were they ?
I did find it odd that they were doing well enough to send in contributions to Obama, and Dodd, and even McCain.
They were doing well enough to work a deal with Geithtner and Dodd to make sure they could pass out millions in bonus checks as well
This side show soap opera has been played up tremendously by the Kool-Aid media, and the politicians looking to grab some brownie points with the public that is still in the dark about the big plans our new administration has in store for us
The contracts, and deals in the dark that were made over these bailouts will never reach the light of day, but what the government has done concerning these bonus payments worry me the most
As wrong as the bonuses sound to any of us, it was still part of a contract, a legal binding agreement, yet our government said we don't like the terms now, so give it back or we will tax it from you, and smear your names throughout the country
Tonight on The Glenn Beck Show, Glenn interviewed Richard Blumenthal, who is the Connecticut Attorney General , and I was shocked when Glenn asked him " What law did AIG break ? "

Rick may have some good intentions, but twisting the law to get what you want never works.
Anyone can interpret the law in their own way, lawyers make a fortune doing it every day, But our elected officials are to uphold the constitution, and follow it to the letter, not read it and say to themselves " Hmmm, well this will work for me if I exclude this group " .
Wagoner did pretty good on his way out of the GM office today, he walked away with over 20 million in compensation, so I guess GM will have to write him an IOU until Obama cuts them another check, right ?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is North Korea Up To Now ?

As if we did not have enough on our plates to deal with, Now the bonehead over in North Korea is preparing to fire a missile that is capable of reaching American soil
This type of threat coming from a country where the people are starving to death, and they have total government control
I was not at all impressed with Hilary Clinton's reaction to this threat last night, as she only called it a provocative act
The missile that the N. Koreans are preparing to launch is but one of the problems Obama will be dealing with very soon, because they are also holding to American female reporters

What do you think the N. Koreans want them for ? Are they looking for attention ? Trying to get the international community to look at them again ?

" ... All the processes for the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula ... will be brought back to what used to be before their start and necessary strong measures will be taken," the North's foreign ministry spokesman said in comments carried by the official KCNA news agency.

North Korea tried this before in 2006, and the missile exploded seconds after leaving the launchpad. They have had 3 years to fix the problem, so should we sit back and wait to see how far it gets this time ?
Why not ? We have the capability of blowing it back to where it came from before it even gets to our shores. What point will they make to us here in the United States by firing a missile at us ? That a government controlled country that would rather starve and bankrupt the people that live there can put together 1 missile that can barely make it to our country ?
Or is the point they are trying to make not intended for us, because if then can build one, they know that someone will come.
Someone, some group, some nut job that hates the US, and we all know that there are a few out there, that are willing to pay to build a second, a third, or more with chemical warheads, or nuclear warheads that can be aimed at us

North Korea has a missile, 2 American reporters, and the balls to use them for something.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What A Funny Guy

Yeah, lets all just have a laugh

Throw money at the auto companies that refuse to repair the way they run their business so that they can make a profit

Dump bags of cash on AIG because they are doing such a great job, and make sure they are able to send those campaign dollars back to you

Print another 10 or 20 billion, China loves owning or kids futures

Spend, spend, spend, we can't be broke, we still have checks, right

It's time to come together, RIGHT NOW

Glenn Beck may sound crazy, but no more crazy than the direction our country is heading in.

More and more folks are waking up to the truth

Let's not forget, the Government works for us, they are our servants, elected by us.

When you get poor service, or low quality work, you find someone else that can do the job

It's time to clean house friends

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Obama Army

You have surely seen this video before

For those of you that are still under the spell of our Democratic led government and the superstar Obama, this post may not be for you

Lets take a moment to discuss HR 1388, otherwise known as the " Gift Act "
This is the act that Obama is using to create many new corps " volunteers " to do his bidding
Not only is it a way for Obama to create groups that will influence health care, energy, education, environmental advocacy, and anywhere else he seems fit to apply some pressure, but could be used against what he may consider " civil unrest "

This can't happen, can it ?
Well, the house passed it today at a 320 to 105 vote
Now you think " come on now, volunteers are here to help us "
Did I mention these volunteers will be paid ?
Yup, and as if we are not already in debt to our ears, here comes something else we have to pay for.
Once this gets through, and our paid " volunteers " get to work, don't you think that will lead to mandatory service ?

The government knows that many of us are mad, and they fear civil unrest,

Because you have come this far in reading my blog, you could be considered an " enemy of the state"

Glenn Beck describes it here.....

Makes you wonder what's next

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Did Nothing

This guy is incredible, and is worth 6 minutes of your time

I agree with him on his points of the people being ignored, and I also agree that the biggest traitors among us hold elected office
We all just watched Madoff go to prison for robbing people, why is it that people like Dodd, and Geitner, and Barney Frank not on trial for their actions ?
The grand leader Obama was the third largest recipient of contributions from AIG, yet the people turn a blind eye to it ?
Why is it that there are still people that defend Obama, and stand behind his deceptive ways ?
Has he not lied to you enough ? The folks that still blindly follow him, and our corrupt government deserve what they get

If you have not run away screaming and cursing my words yet, have a look at this clip from a Obama documentary

And if your still here, check out the 912 Project

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Some Random Thoughts

I enjoyed watching the Madoff coverage today. I was impressed that the judge sent him to jail and did not let him stay out on bond until sentencing

What I do not understand is why Ruth was allowed to go to their high dollar home. Strip them now. Take everything they have, and then turn Bernie lose and let him and Ruth live in the streets.

Could that be too cold and heartless for them ?

Well then make a deal that for every name they give of who was involved, everyone that took a bribe to get the SEC audits through, everyone that turned a blind eye as a friend for Bernie, that they get 5 bucks to live on.

Just my opinion

Sheriff Joe is on my mind tonight. A modern day John Wayne. He is doing his job, and has my full support,

So Charley,

and Murtha,

STFU !!!! Better yet, just pack your shit and go home

And Pelosi, Who the hell do you think you are ? You know what, you will be the one in the front of the line when the blame gets passed around for the fall of Obama. I don't know what you have on him, but it must be bad. Why didn't you just run for President ?.

Oh well, it's doubtful, with your crackpot ideas, that you even have a chance to be re-elected, so enjoy it now I guess

Bill Ayers has turned into a rock star around the college campus circuit. And this jackass,

Ward Churchill. I don't want to go on a rant about these two. But I would comment that why are they still here ? Cant we find a nice little leaky rowboat and give them a good strong push towards Cuba, or France, or something ?

The biggest thing running through my mind tonight is the one sided humor I see on blogs, and sites like Craigslist, and some newspapers. GW was always compared to a monkey

Some jokes put McCain just a little ahead of a caveman in the evolutionary map

But this pic is sure to get me some hate mail. Is it funny ? Does it cross the line and show disrespect for Obama ?

Well guess what. It is as near a true depiction of the evolutionary chain as you can get for some people.

Why ?

Well, for those people that want to take God out of school, and leave out the parts that say " In God We Trust " and like the pledge of allegiance that goes " One Nation, Under God,...."

The masses that do not want nativity displays, and want evolution taught in schools, and stood behind the groups that advertised on buses and billboards that proclaimed " There is no God ! "

This is what they believe

You cant have it both ways.

Either you believe that man was created by God, or you were evolved from apes

I looked up the numbers tonight for what has been spent, and what is planned to be spent.

I did run across the Biden site that was supposed to help explain where all this money is going. That was no help at all.

On one of the news shows tonight, someone that was being interviewed was trying to defend the Obama plans and spending. They finished off a long response that had no fact or content to add that " Hey, it's only been a few weeks. Give it time "

I just wonder how much time we have.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Your Fingers Still Crossed ?

I watched Obama give a speech about allowing federal funding for stem cell research this morning. I watched him sign the papers and saw all the happy people smile and clap

You know what ? I could care less.

Why should I ? I am sure this type of research could help a lot of folks, and I am sure that it comes with a price. The reason I don't care is because if I had an opposing view it would not make any difference

The stimulus was not even discussed or debated, but it was walked on through and it is done.

The nomination and appointment of tax cheats and lobbyists went through without a second thought, because it is what Obama wanted

The earmarks that we were promised that would be eliminated are still attached, and not just a few, but over 8,000.

I saw a post this weekend on a new blog I came across that was titled " Obama style communism ". I read a little about what the communist lifestyle is like, and I saw a so called " recipe " for communism.

The first thing that one would need to do is gain control of the money.

The next thing is to gain control of the media.

Well in Obama's case, that was not to hard

Then one would have to gain control over peoples health care and medicine

Once all of those things were accomplished, all that is left to do is take away the ability for people to defend themselves against you.

"We can't expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they wake up to find that they have Communism." -Nikita Krushev (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

Let me ask again, you people still have your fingers crossed ?

Friday, March 6, 2009

He Was Right About The Change

Transparency ! No earmarks ! Going through the bills line by line !
Yeah, right
Money for pig stink, money for catfish research, and send more money to AIG and Citibank.
Yup, America has lost it's mind.
I got an email the other day that told me I could get $12,000 from this stimulus package

WTF ? Like the title says, Did I miss something ?
Obama told us all yesterday to go out and buy stock, well hell yeah. It's like a 2 for 1 sale right now. GM was trading at near a dollar a share this morning, and Citibank dipped to 0.93 cents yesterday
Did anyone notice that crude oil prices went up ? I guess the Arabs need some cash to get a few more gold toilets
What is this fascination with Obama ? Why is it that people are blind to where we are headed ?
Could we be headed to Socialism and Communism ?

The best part of this Glen Beck interview is when he asked to name one Communist country that had succeeded.
I am sure you know that he could not name one
You know what ? Let them spend every dollar. Let them go into debt, let them sit inside the beltway and lie to each other until the walls that surround them come crashing down
I give up
Really, you cant convince a heroin addict to put the needle down just by telling him it is going to kill him.
We will never convince the Kool-Aid crowd that their " Chosen one " is leading them down a path to the destruction we all know will happen
Soon, we will enter the days of survival of the fittest
Soon, survival will be Government regulated for those that become dependant on Obama to care for them
I hope the Obama crowd gets what they deserve