Friday, January 29, 2010

Change In Virginia

A message was sent out to the White House back in November, and I was proud to be part of that message.
Bob McDonnell has just got started here in my state of Virginia and has set out to make some changes.
I got the update Email with his proposals and was impressed with them, but the one that has my attention is HB 18.
This provides that goods and services made, sold, and retained in Virginia shall be the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth and not the Federal Government .
I think this is the first step to eliminating federal intrusion into the states, and another step to eliminating big government.
I was also happy to see that McDonnell signed on with HJ 88, which is the resolution asking congress to require a balanced federal budget.
For 2 days, I have been prepared to scream here over the State Of The Union address the other night, and to vent over the outright lack of respect that the President cares to show the American people.
I am open to all views and ideas, and open minded enough to read an opposing view, but the bloggers that I visit that have attached themselves to Obama have just gone completely off the deep end.
When the truth, and the facts are in plain view, and the obvious is still ignored shows that these supporters must be in favor of a government run, welfare state.
In my opinion, the Obama argument is dead. The mistake has been made, and now I think we should just label him as a lame duck and look ahead to cleaning up this Democrat mess

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Backing The Saints

I heard on talk radio today that Obama is backing the Saints in the Superbowl.
With his wonderful record of getting behind the last few people in some hot contest's. I think I know who I am betting on now.
All kidding aside, we have one day left until the first state of the union address.
Where will Obama go ?
Will he stay far to the left, or start to move closer to the center now ?
It may be his only hope.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Matthews Has Lost It

This is where the left wing media has gone.

Beat Howard dean to death because they lost in Mass.

They all bet the wrong horse on this one, and they should have known that America would not put up with the " transformation " that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid wants.

Forget it Matthews, your done. No one is even watching you embarrass yourself anymore.

Even Howard Dean thinks your an idiot

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What They Are Thinking

They really do have a serious problem.

The left never thought that we would catch on to what they were trying to do so fast. They wanted to shove all these new laws past us, and then cross their arms and look down their nose at us all and tell us it is for our own good.

Let me give a wave to all those tea-bagging rednecks up in Mass., and let them know that we are all glad they took a stand

I have missed a lot over the last few days, but plan to be caught up ASAP

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Palin On Fox News

Palin made her debut tonight on Fox News, and started with none other than Bill O'Riley.
He went right into the Sixty Minutes piece where they did their best to cast the idiot light on her, and have people make claims that she did not know the difference between North and South Korea, and that Saddam Hussain was the mastermind behind 9/11.
I think entering the stage on Fox News is a great idea for Sarah because now we will get to see her as she really is, without the McCain handlers holding her back.
The few words she has left on her social network pages have caused controversy right up to the White House doors, just think of the impact she will have now with a megaphone as large as Fox.
When word got out about Sarah joining Fox News, the left wing news media had a field day.
They made jokes, and claimed another stupid right winger misinforming the people, and said that she had nothing to say because she didn't know anything.
It is a shame those " news " people, and those " news " programs made the comments with no one listening.
Well, maybe a couple,
like maybe less than 1/5 of the total viewing audience ?

That's sad,
but when all you can do is spew crap.............................

Friday, January 8, 2010


I have seen this clip a number of times

And I still cant stand her

Fail !

What else could Obama say but Fail ?
One more time he had to come out and explain another screw up from his people, and from His own decisions.
Why are there no people packing their bags ? Why are there no people at least being demoted down to cleaning the bathrooms ?
It's not like they messed up a lunch order, or parked in the handicapped spot.
These people had the information that could have saved American lives and did nothing
Obama said " The buck stops with me "
Well I got news for ya buddy, It has been stoppin with you for a long while now, and you have a big mess in front you.
This incident is just another example of the Loony Tune administration he has got going up there.

Bill O'Riley got it right tonight, have a look

I can't believe anyone is still sticking behind this nonsense.
And one more thing, as far a people getting fired goes.
The first one that needs to clean out his desk is Michael Leiter, NCTC Director.
Our country comes before a ski trip and a birthday party.
Don't like it ?
Resign and get another job, our security should be a 24/7 kind of job

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Democrat Downsizing

I have been watching with great interest over the last couple days as the Democrats start to back away from the fire.
Byron Dorgan, Bill Ritter, and today I watched Chris Dodd unload a line of crap onto the media

I do not believe a word of what he said.
There is no way that someone that clawed his way into power the way Dodd has done, with all the inside deals he had, and the hook-ups he was getting, why would he just walk away from some easy money and all that glorious power ?
Why would any of these people just step away from what they have worked for, and why so many this close together ?
My thoughts are that they did not make this decision, this is what they were told to do.
Someone else told them this is what they were going to do.
They were pressured, and maybe even bribed with something, but they were put in a position that they had to do what they were told.
But we will never really know, because whatever happened, went on behind closed doors, in some back room, away from the cameras and out of the light of day.
Much like the health care sham

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Money Went For This ?

Direct from NPR is this little gem slapping anyone in the face that took a stand against bigger government, and allowing them more control in our lives

This is what our tax money paid for, and this is the Obama administration's opinion of anyone that does not fall in line with their current path of transformation

And while we rub the red mark on our face from that slap, let's take a look at another slap from the world of Obama

Gibbs should have played some football, because he is dodging and running around those reporters so fast and smooth.

A true con man

How much longer until we all head to D.C. and clean this mess up ?

Still Watching

I am back from the holidays, and hunting, and some wheeling and dealing and just have to say one thing.


As most of you know, because of an auto accident, I am kinda stuck here at the house most of the time because I can't get around like I did before the crash.
These last couple weeks I have had to suck it up and grit my teeth so my boy's could get out in the woods.
It was totally worth it, and as I sit here medicated and my heating pad on high with no chance of getting any rest because of the pain, I will still smile because I know what my son's and I shared over the last few weeks will be with them forever
Now we begin a new year dragging with us the problems that just seem to keep getting bigger.
Health care, terrorism, jobs, and the unknown that Obama wants to drag us into.
It seems hard to start off with a clean slate when nothing on the to-do list got done. Our biggest problem in this country is that we have lost common ground.
No matter how far out of the box people want to think, they should remember that the contents of that box is what got us here in the first place.