Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Democrat Downsizing

I have been watching with great interest over the last couple days as the Democrats start to back away from the fire.
Byron Dorgan, Bill Ritter, and today I watched Chris Dodd unload a line of crap onto the media

I do not believe a word of what he said.
There is no way that someone that clawed his way into power the way Dodd has done, with all the inside deals he had, and the hook-ups he was getting, why would he just walk away from some easy money and all that glorious power ?
Why would any of these people just step away from what they have worked for, and why so many this close together ?
My thoughts are that they did not make this decision, this is what they were told to do.
Someone else told them this is what they were going to do.
They were pressured, and maybe even bribed with something, but they were put in a position that they had to do what they were told.
But we will never really know, because whatever happened, went on behind closed doors, in some back room, away from the cameras and out of the light of day.
Much like the health care sham


Sandee said...

Bye-Bye. Let them all leave. Bye-Bye. :)

LaurAyn said...


Tracy said...

The problem is that they left AFTER casting their vote in favor of the healthcare bill

The Hawg! said...

Hmm. Seems like a lot of apparently shady things are coming out of the "way most ethical administration, like, ever" huh? Hopefully we've got a Dem senator and congressman in this state who are about to find out what it means to vote in opposition to the will of voters.

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