Friday, January 8, 2010

Fail !

What else could Obama say but Fail ?
One more time he had to come out and explain another screw up from his people, and from His own decisions.
Why are there no people packing their bags ? Why are there no people at least being demoted down to cleaning the bathrooms ?
It's not like they messed up a lunch order, or parked in the handicapped spot.
These people had the information that could have saved American lives and did nothing
Obama said " The buck stops with me "
Well I got news for ya buddy, It has been stoppin with you for a long while now, and you have a big mess in front you.
This incident is just another example of the Loony Tune administration he has got going up there.

Bill O'Riley got it right tonight, have a look

I can't believe anyone is still sticking behind this nonsense.
And one more thing, as far a people getting fired goes.
The first one that needs to clean out his desk is Michael Leiter, NCTC Director.
Our country comes before a ski trip and a birthday party.
Don't like it ?
Resign and get another job, our security should be a 24/7 kind of job

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Sandee said...

There will never be anything new in his presentation. Ever. It's all he knows. It's all he's got.

Have a terrific day. :)