Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Backing The Saints

I heard on talk radio today that Obama is backing the Saints in the Superbowl.
With his wonderful record of getting behind the last few people in some hot contest's. I think I know who I am betting on now.
All kidding aside, we have one day left until the first state of the union address.
Where will Obama go ?
Will he stay far to the left, or start to move closer to the center now ?
It may be his only hope.


Sandee said...

I'm hoping he wakes up at some point. That arrogance has gotten him nowhere. We can indeed hope.

Have a terrific day. :)

motorcycle said...

Drop back...thx..:)

Tracy said...

I think he tried to take a more centrist approach, but didn't come off like the charming Clinton; more like an irritated grad student who's annoyed that no one is recognizing his self-thought brilliance. Although he claimed he was "not interested in re-litigating the past" and repeatedly spoke about moving past partisan politics toward creating solutions together, he continued to blame Bush for everything.

I did appreciate what he had to say about giving small business tax breaks and on education.

He didn't offer any new approach to health care reform since the American people have made it clear they aren't backing his current program. Instead I heard him basically say, if you don't like my plan, show me something different.

I got all excited when he spoke of fiscal sobriety and spending freezes; but then he says he's not gonna start it to 2011.