Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Palin On Fox News

Palin made her debut tonight on Fox News, and started with none other than Bill O'Riley.
He went right into the Sixty Minutes piece where they did their best to cast the idiot light on her, and have people make claims that she did not know the difference between North and South Korea, and that Saddam Hussain was the mastermind behind 9/11.
I think entering the stage on Fox News is a great idea for Sarah because now we will get to see her as she really is, without the McCain handlers holding her back.
The few words she has left on her social network pages have caused controversy right up to the White House doors, just think of the impact she will have now with a megaphone as large as Fox.
When word got out about Sarah joining Fox News, the left wing news media had a field day.
They made jokes, and claimed another stupid right winger misinforming the people, and said that she had nothing to say because she didn't know anything.
It is a shame those " news " people, and those " news " programs made the comments with no one listening.
Well, maybe a couple,
like maybe less than 1/5 of the total viewing audience ?

That's sad,
but when all you can do is spew crap.............................


Sandee said...

I love Sarah. I hope she does well. I'm sure you saw the McCain interview. The left thinks he did awful and I think he did great. He didn't get sucked into a stupid question.

Have a terrific day. :)

Harrison said...

It will drive the Libs crazy and raise Palin's popularity higher. Should be a good show.

SANDY said...

OMG how pathetic can they be? Doesn't anyone who actually voted for her wonder, question or get pissed off that she flipped them the bird and said...I want to be popular, you know like a beauty queen and a cheerleader. I don't want to work and finish the job I was elected to do when people see through me..........really see through me. I want to have fun and like well you know.

She is now, and has always been a total and complete idiot and an embarrassment to educated women everywhere...even those that don't claim to know about Russia cause they can see it through their window.

Go away Sarah, far far away; go hunting with Dickey boy.


oyz said...

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Tina T said...

I like Sarah Palin, and I agree that it will be nice for her to have a platform where she can show what she is really all about. It floored me to find out how long some of the interviews were that were then edited down to make her look dumb. No one can do a two hour interview without saying a few things that can be construed as "dumb." She should never have been put in that position. Live and unedited is definitely her forte.

Jrodius said...

If no one was listening to those news programs, then how do you know about them and what they had to say?

Careful with the over-generalizations.

Josh said...

Palin is the PERFECT person for liberals.

They can't hate on minorities anymore. They've adopted them for a voting block. Logically, they grabbed up every other "victim" they could find, too, to play heroes.

But they're separtists by nature, needing an enemy. What a perfect time for a white, Christian woman to come along. And now she's on Fox! OMG! Let the bashing begin. Well... intensify.

I find it extremely amusing to see the self-proclaimed monopoly holders of compassion, common sense and social justice bash Palin for no other reason than she isn't like them.

There's not even a point to rant about the hypocrisy anymore. Mainstream America is wising up to it a lot more quickly than I had hoped.

But on a side note: Can you just imagine the fire storm around Palin if she would have blurted out what Reid did about Obama? L-M-A-O!!!!! I want her to say that. Please, Sarah, please!

Tracy said...

You make a point Josh that continues to strike me as well - those, as you put it: "self-proclaimed monopoly holders of compassion, common sense and social justice bash"...you go on to say Palin. I continually notice that anyone who does not agree with their line gets bashed. So on the one hand we hear rhetoric about the need to let everyone have a voice; but I supposed what is really meant is everyone EXCEPT conservative Christians.

Rob said...

I think that Fox news is the perfect place for Palin.