Friday, January 29, 2010

Change In Virginia

A message was sent out to the White House back in November, and I was proud to be part of that message.
Bob McDonnell has just got started here in my state of Virginia and has set out to make some changes.
I got the update Email with his proposals and was impressed with them, but the one that has my attention is HB 18.
This provides that goods and services made, sold, and retained in Virginia shall be the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth and not the Federal Government .
I think this is the first step to eliminating federal intrusion into the states, and another step to eliminating big government.
I was also happy to see that McDonnell signed on with HJ 88, which is the resolution asking congress to require a balanced federal budget.
For 2 days, I have been prepared to scream here over the State Of The Union address the other night, and to vent over the outright lack of respect that the President cares to show the American people.
I am open to all views and ideas, and open minded enough to read an opposing view, but the bloggers that I visit that have attached themselves to Obama have just gone completely off the deep end.
When the truth, and the facts are in plain view, and the obvious is still ignored shows that these supporters must be in favor of a government run, welfare state.
In my opinion, the Obama argument is dead. The mistake has been made, and now I think we should just label him as a lame duck and look ahead to cleaning up this Democrat mess


Sandee said...

He's been a lame duck to me all along. Well Pelosi and Reid helped me form that opinion. Backroom deals just turn me off.

I think there are some very big changes coming, and they are starting this year. We need to be looking for a new president now. This one is a 4 year one and at a very huge expense to the American people.

Have a terrific day. :)

Don said...

Thumbs up to your new gov- Obama is sickening. I only though that Clinton was difficult for me to listen to.
I'm waiting and watching for the Fed to crash and burn...and while it may hurt for a while, it's going to be a good thing!

Don E. Chute said...

I agree with Sandee and Don, I have a lot to say on the subject...It's going to be a bumpy ride...The Fed, yea', Ron Paul is Right!...Lame duck, after just a year.

Barry is not Carter Light, He's Carter with a bite!

Progressivism, We have to "stab it with a steely knife", and kill the beast!


Forgotten Liberty said...

Obama is becoming the President of NO! The American people keep telling him to stop and he keeps telling them "NO".

Jeremy Janson said...

This is more of a reply to the comments then the original post, but I remember a discussion I had with a lady from Massacheutsets over the internet. She said that she frankly wasn't that surprised Brown had won, that there's an old joke in MA that they send so many liberals to DC to exile them from Boston. Having lived in the PNW for about 19 years before going to Georgia Tech, I can tell you that WA and, yes, even much of Seattle are the same way, especially when it comes to love of family, guns, America, and a very conservative attitude towards hard-work, entrepeneurship, et cetera. They may be very environmentalist, just as MA is very do-goodish, but even liberal places tend to not be as liberals as they're viewed or stereotyped, including by the Democrat Party.

What the Democrats seem to have forgotten is that they are a left-wing party in a right-wing country. They've been elected for one reason: they have a good public image, and have since FDR, TR and Kennedy, or at least did, prior to this past year. They're constituents don't agree with them, and never have, and now that they are trying to become a party of substance instead of a party of image, like a Roman Emperor at his assasination ("Et Tu New England?"), they are finding that their friends are not quite as friendly as they thought.