Thursday, February 4, 2010

Propaganda War

First off, why would those idiots walk out of DC and talk to us common folk ?

They have not heard a word we have said yet. It seems that Washington is on their own channel, and the people are just static in the background.

Here in the real world, where we have not been blinded by the Obama light, we see our country going broke, we see Pelosi and Reid working in back rooms making deals that should be criminal, and we watch the sheep Representatives that are supposed to be our voice follow along as if in a trance

I do not live in front of Fox News Channel, but I do read and watch some selected programs, and I think that there is a reason that there is a clear bias between how the other news channels relay what is going on, and the way Fox News presents the days events.

I do hope that those elected officials do turn off their TV and take a walk outside to talk to some real people. I hope that they do it soon


Sandee said...

They are afraid to after all the yelling about the health care bill. They are watching the seats being taken by republicans. They are afraid. And Reid and Pelosi are still determined to get a health care bill passed.

Have a terrific day. :)

Chickenista said...

It makes me literally sick to my stomach to see the crap they want to shove at us. When did it stop being for the people by the people. Because we the people are not being heard! And it's just getting worse and worse.

-->How appropriate the word verification is "SHLIES" *lol*

Anonymous said...

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Don E. Chute said...

Obama-Nation, is putting, his Buddie, Sauls Rules, in action.

When the going gets tough, put your foot on the accelerator.

God, won't even help them when this is said and done. 2010&2012, Go Freedom Fighters!


Jrodius said...

Come on let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. This piece is dreadfully one sided.

The truth is politicians on both sides need to take this advice. To say it is just the democrats or just the republicans is to deny yourself the evidence of perception.

As long as there are news agencies that cater solely to demographics on either side (Fox News, MSNBC) there is no need for politicians or even us as voters to challenge our beliefs and open up to any new ideas outside our comfy little bubbles.

Thanks for writing the piece, but let's not build one side so far up that it is farcical is stature.