Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coming To An End

I could not have said it better myself.

A ruinous tactic.

The out of touch people in D.C. are going against what the people say, and they refuse to listen.

The argument over Democrats and Republicans getting anything right is just wasted breath. Both sides are are unaware of what the majority request.

I did say majority, meaning more are against what Obama is pushing than those that are for it. The majority of the people are not being heard, and are being shoved aside like trash.

This is why I can agree with George Will, and think that we will soon see the decline of this administration.

The actions of our President and our elected representatives will leave a scar on the left that will never heal, and those that follow the herd and allow these tactics to succeed will also branded, and sent home by the majority.

This is what the leaders in D.C. think about the majority, and this is a perfect example of why big government is bad.

They choose not to hear us now, then listen to what we have to say in November


Sandee said...

Nancy the witch said it all. That's exactly what they intend to do. Exactly. They don't care, they are going to do it. :(

C.C. Mitchell said...

With any luck the voters will get mad enough to vote Nazi Pelosi and the rest of the Democrapps out of office and pull the plug on the health care bill before it goes into effect in 2013.

Wapatu said...

I'm pretty sure we don't need "luck" for the voters to get made enough. I think people are totally angry and frustrated and realize that we need to take a stand in any and all elections because that seems to be the only way anyone will actually pay attention.