Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Health Care Summit

Starting over.

Whats the problem ? Over 50% of Americans have expressed the fact that this monster bill is not right.

Eric Cantor read right out of Obama's plan and told him what the problem was.

How did Obama respond ? He called his own bill a prop, and reminded everyone that they were there to talk, not use theatrics.

Then, after he got some advice from his advisers decided it was time for lunch.

I was against the Republicans going to the summit because I thought it was some kind of trick being played by the left, but so far I am glad they went

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Don E. Chute said...

Synonyms: top, pinnacle, apex, acme, zenith, brow, hilltop, crest, crown, tip, peak
Antonyms: base

It's not a summit. It's a plummet. As in the peeps, if it passes. Hopefully, Obama and the Progressives, regardless...

Peace, your, THE DUDE! right on top of everything. Thanks.