Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why The Left Attacks

Sticks and stone can break your bones, but words can never hurt you ?

You think so ?

It seems to me that the left wing has gone down to the 5 year old mentality now, and all they want to do is tell each other how stupid everyone that disagrees with them is.

Rosie and Janeane talk about being limited, but all the while they are stuck in the Kool-Aid pitcher.

Bill Maher said we were not bright enough to understand the issues of the day. He thinks we don't care what issue a politician takes as long as they stick with one.

As far as the Family Guy thing goes, I am not really a big fan, so I could care less about a cartoon, but it is a little funny that the left would go that far as to keep bashing Sarah Palin.

I see a difference between these people, and the ones in the center and to the right. They don't need to attack. They do not need to call names, or make jokes, or call people less than intelligent.

When you put the facts up, you do not need to resort to name calling and insults, but when your wrong, and you got nothing, well.......

Did you get that ?

Right at the end, facts or feelings ?

Lets deal with the facts please.


Sandee said...

Let them attack. It's working for our side quite nicely. I'm loving it. We all should be loving it. People (American people) aren't stupid like Bill thinks they are. Not at all.

Have a terrific day. :)

Matt said...

The left can't debate facts. If they do, they lose. Hence, the attacks. If they can discredit the messenger, they can ignore the message.

Forgotten Liberty said...

"Facts or feelings" illustrates the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives base political opinions and policies on facts while liberals base them on feelings. This is why liberals do not attack the policies of someone like Palin. Instead they attack her as a person calling her stupid, limited, crazy, or nut job. They do this because their emotions tell them that they don't like her. They don't examine the facts and make an educated decision on an issue or a candidate, but rely on emotions and how someone makes them feel.