Thursday, January 21, 2010

Matthews Has Lost It

This is where the left wing media has gone.

Beat Howard dean to death because they lost in Mass.

They all bet the wrong horse on this one, and they should have known that America would not put up with the " transformation " that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid wants.

Forget it Matthews, your done. No one is even watching you embarrass yourself anymore.

Even Howard Dean thinks your an idiot


Sandee said...

I actually watched all 9:44 minutes of this. A comedy routine if you ask me.

Have a terrific day. :)


I think you're being hard on Chris, he needed to do the bashing, but I think Howard Dean looked like the real MORON on tape; His polls were way off, he said people wanted the public option, HD is the real idiot.

New after election polls out of Mass:

"Voter discontent with the direction of the government, economy and the health care overhaul helped send Republican Scott Brown to his Senate victory in Massachusetts, a poll says.

About 63 percent of Massachusetts voters in Tuesday's election said the country is seriously off track."

As we've been saying all the time.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!

The Fearless Blog said...

I was actually very surprised with Matthews questions. For once, I really felt like he was tired of the lies from his own party. He just couldn't take the lunacy and ineptness anymore.... Dean did not expect the clobbering and was in fact taken aback... Even Matthews could not deny the liberal defeat at the hands of "the people." I now have hope for Matthews and many more Americans in this country who have awakened from their sleep... 2010 will definitely be a year of change....

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VH said...

Wow. I don't like Matthews but he was right on with his questioning: Howard Dean is delusional.