Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Watching

I am back from the holidays, and hunting, and some wheeling and dealing and just have to say one thing.


As most of you know, because of an auto accident, I am kinda stuck here at the house most of the time because I can't get around like I did before the crash.
These last couple weeks I have had to suck it up and grit my teeth so my boy's could get out in the woods.
It was totally worth it, and as I sit here medicated and my heating pad on high with no chance of getting any rest because of the pain, I will still smile because I know what my son's and I shared over the last few weeks will be with them forever
Now we begin a new year dragging with us the problems that just seem to keep getting bigger.
Health care, terrorism, jobs, and the unknown that Obama wants to drag us into.
It seems hard to start off with a clean slate when nothing on the to-do list got done. Our biggest problem in this country is that we have lost common ground.
No matter how far out of the box people want to think, they should remember that the contents of that box is what got us here in the first place.


Sandee said...

Keep thinking November 2010. The tide will turn then.

Have a terrific day and feel better. :)

Diane said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, but special moments with your son's are irreplaceable. Enjoy while you can, they grow up quick. Hoping you feel well soon.
As far as a clean slate, I'm pretty sure that the only one we'll find will be within ourselves. I've decided that despite everything going on in this country, that I will start this year thinking more positively and achieve my personal goals without giving much mind to how the government is screwing us. I don't have much confidence that "the powers that be" are trying to help us or are looking to make critical changes. We need to help ourselves. I recently tried to initiate a loan modification. Talk about a runaround! Not much help for those of us that need it. We're on our own and need to take control of our own lives. Good luck to all!