Monday, August 10, 2009

Is That all You Got ?

Cruising around the blogs today, I noticed a new trend.
I really hate to beat a dead horse again, but a few are screaming racism.
Without pointing fingers, I read today that some bloggers really believe that the reason people are becoming outraged at the cap and trade, and health care reform, and the out of control spending is simply because Obama is black.
I have to say, is that all you got ?

I would like to see some shred of proof that the current town hall outbursts, and the tea parties, and and the large numbers of people yelling 'Hear our voice " are racially motivated.
Why not read the health care bill, or read more on the affects of cap and trade, or investigate where the stimulus money is.
If the best you can do is cry that Obama is being resisted because he is black, well then....

Opposition to these new spending bills, and calling the protesters right wing fringe mobs, and turning his back on the United States and the American people are the reason that Obama is having trouble.
That and bringing in a tax cheat to run the IRS,
Appointing a self proclaimed communist as a czar
Appointing another czar that has pushed involuntary sterilization
Should I go on ?


Josh said...

The racism thing is sexier. It's easier. It gains more attention.

For example, you could call someone a "bigot" in the context that radical liberals and brainwashed minnions are using the word "racist," but it would never do.

The word "racist" has evolved so drastically. It doesn't have to mean anything close to what it used to, but simply labeling someone makes it mean so much more than it ever did.

When you label someone a racist, it's a jaw-dropping, oh-no-he-didn't, did-you-hear-that kind of statement. It backs the accused into a corner and it allows the labeler to avoid any debate or any logic.

Simply put, as we're ALL well aware, it's a smear. Pure and simple. "Racist" has lost its meaning. It's like calling someone fat boy, only the societal ramifications are infinitely worse.

Notice how much some people want others to be racists. It's astounding!

For example, if someone is accused of racism, they're automatically guilty until proven not-so-guilty. To fight off these smears, that person might say, "I'm not racist, I have black friends, my girlfriend is Latino," etc.

I mean, what else can you say when labeled racist? "FU$K YOU!"? Some might. Others are hurt and literally scared. They go on the defensive immediately. It's a tactic that's worked for the left for nearly 50 years.

All defenses have become laughable excuses to labelers. They smugly throw out there rhetoric, "Yeah, another one with 'black friends'" as if to REALLY say, "You're a racist and there's no denying it because I called you a racist! Friends don't matter! I know what's in your heart more than you do, because YOU'RE the racist!"

It's so friggin' pitiful. People should be ashamed of themselves loosely throwing the word around. We're the society that cried wolf!

While these fake racists, without a shred of supporting evidence, are being forcefully smeared in order to keep silent, real racists get a free pass.

Lauren said...

I dunno...maybe we should own the term racist. I believe in humans. I follow people of all races based on their beliefs and thoughts that match mine. Since I'm all inclusive, then I guess I'm RACE -ist, no? I'm taking back the word. Join me.

Don said...

Yeah, if socialism were a race then you can bet your butt I'd be a racist.

Sandee said...

It's all they got alright. All they want to do is push their programs down our throats. Take care of all those that voted him in. That's what this is all about. Power and money. Power and money.

Have a terrific day. :)

vange said...

Good golly, do I love me some Johnny Cash!

The Hawg! said...

I'm sick of all the racism crap, too. I've grown more annoyed at the notion that resisting what Obama is trying to do is somehow un-American.

Apparently, dissent was patriotic when Bush was in office but it's un-American now.

Make sense to you?

Me either...

Hitesh said...

agree with Josh.......

those......ppl are attracting attention cause of this stupid content.....

lets not even mention them...because by writing abt them like this....we are promoting them

lot 2 learn said...

@ Josh
You are so right. Calling someone a racist has become a crutch for some, and for Obama it has become a shield

@ Lauren
Great idea, I stand with you

@ Don
Me too

@ Sandee
I could not have said it better.
Power and money

@ Vange
Me too, second only to John Wayne

@ The Hawg
Makes no sense to me either

lot 2 learn said...

@ Hitesh
Was not trying to promote, just vent

MegaManthemadman said...

The thing is that the government is steadily growing larger and our liberties are getting squashed as in your first picture..LOL..irregardless of which party is in office..We are losing the race..We The people need to speak louder and clearer..