Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Get Mad At Me Bob

I stopped on a blog that is written by someone that is an Obama supporter the other day.
I do read him regularly and do leave comments on occasion.
In his last post, I read again about how he believes that the Republicans are twisting the truth, and are greedy, propaganda spreading, right wing wackos
The typical comments I see on many left wing sites, but this post ended in a dangerous comment

" They are all about money, greed, and deceit and when you try to take a little from them, watch out for them, because they will stop at nothing to save their precious money. If there is ever an organized effort to start a civil war against Republicans, sign me up! "

I had left a comment that questioned his need for a war on Republicans, which was deleted, and then later received a message from him that said
" to Lot2learn, your an idiot, stop visiting my site. "

I guess his " war " effort is a secret, or maybe the realization that what the Republicans have been saying is true, and is leaving him a little ashamed

Putting the blame on Bush has exceeded it's time limit, and it is time to realize that this administration is wrong

It's OK over there in leftie-land, we can still save this Country

Put the Kool-Aid down and take a step back
Open your eyes and see for yourself that we do not want to bankrupt our nation, we do not want communist czars, we do not want tax cheats managing the IRS, and we do not want big government or socialism
A war with the Republicans ?
A civil war ?
Is that what we really need ?


Sandee said...

I don't visit liberal sites. They piss me off so I just don't go. I haven't a clue how they come to their conclusions on anything.

You darned right we are angry about the do nothing folks that always have their hand out. God helps those who help themselves. I'm willing to bet we both pay a ton of taxes. The problem? The government spends more than it has. I live in California. Enough said.

Have a terrific day. :)

Tricia said...

I honestly think that Obama came into power at a time when America need a lot of help and good leadership. A lot happened under Bush, He got the bad stick with 9/11 and then the housing market crash. Which in part, came into pass because Clinton deregulation right before he left office.

Unfortunately, too many people bought into Obama's propaganda and he is now your president. Obama will be your downfall. Unless, something drastic happens.

Doctor Faustroll said...

I hate voters. I think they are the stupidest people in the world, if you don't include people who need people.

Politics remains poopadoodle. Dan O'Neill clearly nailed that one nearly half a century ago.

My own opinion is that bringing on the bomb is the best option on the table for all the niggling problems in the world.

Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, anarchists, communists — they all bore me except to provide material that I can mock.

It's obvious that representative democracy is a crock of shit and that humans are not even really good for barbecue, so how about providing some leadership instead of simply tearing things down, mofo?

Rob said...

That's pretty extreme when someone suggests a civil war against republicans, and sort of silly, too, considering that republicans are the ones who support the second ammendment... :)

The Hawg! said...

Oh, I know exactly the site you're talking about. That guy is a dyed in the wool nut and an angry, conspiracy-minded fool.

Think about this -- how on earth did a fellow who makes such outlandish suggestions as waging a civil war against Republicans become so thin-skinned?

The Fearless Blog said...

As an educator, I work with many liberal thinkers. Some are even my good friends. We agree and disagree often but we respect each other. I have visited blogs where it is obvious to me that the owner wants 1)traffic 2)comments 3)debate but only if the reader "agrees with him." Unfortunately, I do not have the patience or desire to babysit anyone or make him or her "feel good" so they "can be my loving friend." I am too old for that and perhaps, just perhaps I too have grown a little wiser. In the end I actually feel sorry for these folks with tunnel vision; there is so much they will never see...

Always enjoy my visits here.

MegaMan The Madman said...

When you go either to far to the left or the right, people think that they should begin suppressing opinions or deleting them in your case...Debate is at the heart of any Democracy and I think we are losing the battle their..We are losing the battle with Big government and Biig corporations of course in my opinion they both feed each other...I'd be curious to know who is waging a war against Republicans...Most Liberal Democrats don't even want to defend their own country

Josh said...

"I'd be curious to know who is waging a war against Republicans...Most Liberal Democrats don't even want to defend their own country"


It's endlessly ironic to be against war, violence, oppression, bigotry, big business, corruption, immortality, etc, and to exercise it so regularly and never have to answer for it.

Hell no liberal democrats won't defend their country. I've never been able to find a liberal democrat that could even admit to being proud of their country (prior to Obama. Now they're suddenly 'patriotic').

All government bends me out of shape. I think they're all hacks. But liberal loons are a special breed.

They do exactly what they claim conservatives do, only worse. And they get away with it by becoming nannies to brainwashed loons who think their American dream was stolen by the people who've already accomplished it or those still chasing it.

Robert said...

I wish you had included an url to the liberal blog you mentioned....I'd love to read it.