Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mob ?

Here we go.
Did I not say Obama would remove his mask ?

Obama has led actions like this for his entire career

Here is the change you idiots voted for

This is what you idiots wanted

People have every right to be angry, and every right to speak out.
Obama has crossed the line sending his union goons to these meetings to keep people quiet.
It is actions like this that will start violence
Yeah, here is your change


Don said...

I couldn't agree more, and it's only going to get worse. The problem is not where to start taking care of this mess. That's to vote the Obama worshiping morons out. The problem is how to end it. I can think of a couple of ways to do that.

Josh said...

Apparently, loving your country and wanting the best for it is a sure sign of being on the right-wing fringe.

You have to want drastic change on every conceivable level (or kneel at Obama's feet, which amounts to the same thing) to be considered a patriot on the left.

To think that those guys would jump on that man for selling his buttons is disgusting.

I beg for a town hall meeting to come here. That big SOB isn't that big to me.

I'm not big on violence, especially Internet-tough-guy hogwash, but I'll be damned if one of those brainwashed loons strongarm me.

I don't do much on that thug crap. I'm a tried-and-true Virginia country boy. Bring it. ... Just don't mess up the hair!


lot 2 learn said...

@ Don
I can think of a few as well

@ Josh
Va boy ?
Me too !
NNK here

Josh said...

I'm tucked between the mountains and DC in NE VA.

It's a very mixed setting, mostly broken down into your basic American neighborhoods. But everyone here--everyone!--gets along.

Some of my neighbors voted Obama and stand behind him. Some have their "Don't Tread" signs up. But no one disrespects anyone based on their views.