Friday, August 21, 2009

Lets All Laugh

Tell me how funny this is

The left loves this clip, it is like gold to them

That's right, all the crazy people against Obama's plans are racist, we do not know what we are talking about

No, no racism there

Why don't we all have a laugh at the people, the Americans, the taxpayers that disagree with the so called Obama " transformation of this country.

Lets all be afraid of being called racist's, and zealots, and mobs, and dining room tables because the left is in control and are going to spend us into oblivion

Let's all sit back on the porch and watch as the left bankrupts our children, bow down to foreign countries, send billions to other nations to drill for oil, and pay for illegal immigrants health care.

Sounds great right ?

Not while I am still breathing


Sandee said...

Somehow I can't seem to work up a laugh here. It's really pathetic actually.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Josh said...

I seen clips of the Frank video before. If that woman really brought out an Obama sign with the Hitler 'stache, then she probably deserved that sort of attitude.

I didn't agree when the left called Bush Hitler for 6 of his 8 years, and I don't think people should be calling Obama Hitler. However, this is something that the left made popular. The gander will just have to suck it up.

As far as this nonsensical "racist" crap being slung around, I'm having trouble understanding it.

Some of these people aren't afraid to speak back, to yell, to protest, to bring signs, or even bring guns in some cases. They're out in the open! But they're masking racism with code words like "socialism." Huh?

lot 2 learn said...

@ Sandee
It is very pathetic, thanks for stopping by : )

@ Josh

I searched for proof that she did have a Hitler/Obama but no luck.
The racist, and hitler names are out of touch, why not call them what they are ?
Greedy, power hungry, corrupt, liars, etc ?

Lin said...

Good post. I love that anytime you disagree with Obama or don't like his politics, you are automatically called a racist. But his preacher has the right to say those words at the inauguration?? Double standard all the time.

Josh said...

Yeah, I don't know if she did either. Pelosi was mentioning that every protestor was bringing out those types of signs, and I think it turned out 1 person at 1 rally did.

Frank's entire career is built on the same sort of conservatives-are-evil hyperbole, so I wouldn't be surprised if he just said it for effect as a way to demean her stance in opposition.

He's a pissy SOB. I know that much. For a guy who can have a male prostitution ring running out of his apt. and still be elected like clockwork, you'd think he wouldn't take things so seriously. Then again, if you can get elected under that, you wil never NOT be elected. May as well stop pretending and start acting real.

We see the real Barney on a daily basis. Has he EVER done anything good that's worthy of note? All I know is he blames others a whole lot.

Greedy? Insanely. Power-hungry? Indiscriminately. Corrupt? Wholly. Liars? Habitually.

Steve said...

You sound like a "typical white person". lol. Good post man.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

i don't usually comment on political issues. I prefer to keep my political choices private and personal.

But, it wasn't just extreme left winged liberals who voted for O'bama.

The polls showed that he gathered votes from a varied range of voters including Republicans.

To put all of the blame at his feet for our current economic woes is just not fair.

The Bush administration, who by the way, I voted for both times left a terrific mess behind.

I am not taking sides here either way. But, to blame the economic crises on O'bama is not only unfair it is also not a true fact.

Our country got into this fix economically while Bush was in office.

He allowed the huge corporations to have a free reign during his entire 8 years in office.

It is going to take a very very long time to turn it around again no matter who is in office.

The reports show that in July our economy did not drop for the first time in months and appears to be stabilizing.

Also I just read where Wall Street is once again starting to rally again due to the fact that the numbers are slowly changing and the economic landslide appears to be slowing.

Whether we like him or not, he is still our President and I believe every American should respect our president whether we voted him in or not.

I hope you have great day and wonderful week!:-)

MyThoughtsMyLife said...

Bravo - well said!