Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Miss This One

Great tune

OK, enough singing and dancing for one day
Have any of you caught the Glenn Beck show this week ?
He is shining a spotlight on some of the people that are shaping America now, and it is very disturbing.
So far, I have been looking into the green jobs guy Van Jones

He says " We need to be about the whup ass, somebody's F-ing up somewhere "

He goes on to say " They have names and job descriptions, you have to be creative about how you engage the enemy, because if you do it on his terms, the outcome is already known"

First off, who is we and they ? What group is he talking about ?

And who is his enemy ?

Is it capitalist's ? The rich ?

Maybe white folks ?

He says in another quote " I met all young radical people of color, I mean really radical, communists and anarchists, and it was like this is what I need to be a part of "

Lets remember something people, the United States is not a communist country, and we have fought communism in the past

Why does someone like this have any influence in our government ?

He later says " People often say to me, your black, how can you be an environmentalist ? " he then says " no no, I'm African, how can I not love the earth "

African ?

What about American ?

Simple questions here folks, why is a communist making policies in the United States ?

Why is someone with ties to radicals involved with decisions that affect Americans ?

Why does he say he is African ? Why not American ?

Does he mean that Americans do not love the earth ?

Who are " they " and who is the "enemy " he speaks of ?

Simple questions


Sandee said...

Yep, this doesn't surprise me one bit.

Have a terrific day while you can. :)

Josh said...

I find it very telling that people don't dispute any of the evidence; they just boycott Beck.

I guess calling the President a racist makes him a racist. I guess stating F-A-C-T-S about guys with commie ties makes you a racist.

Shit, I give up. I guess being white is enough to make you a racist.

No in-depth jibberish from me today. I'm tired and the agita is picking up.

I'm printing my "I'm a Racist" t-shirt and driving 20 minutes down to Arlington to disrupt the Lion's service. Maybe I can get on TV and legitimize liberal news for ONCE.

Not to disrespect Kennedy, though. RIP. :)

lot 2 learn said...

@ Sandee
The key phrase is while you can.
Thanks for stopping dear : )

@ Josh
I will be watching for you on TV.
Any chance you are coming down for the 9/12 thing ?

Lauren said...

What can i add to your great post? Hmmmm

The Petty Pundit said...

Gotta love that "White Guilt"...

Josh said...

My brother and I have semi plans to go down if work doesn't rear its head.

I might wear a pro Obama shirt just to see if people beat me up. I'm thinking no. But if so, maybe they'll throw me on MSNBC and I can tell Olbermann and Matthews where to shove it! :D

Damn, all this planning to stick it to the other side makes me feel like a liberal.

Jason said...

This is a great site that you have here. I have a site myself where anyone can freely express their opinions on controversial debate topics.

Please check out my site when you get the chance, and if you can provide us with some insight, feel free, because is where anyone can have their voice heard, 24/7.

tashabud said...

Great post. Makes you wonder where this country is heading, eh? Not the original intent of the forefathers, for sure. Scary.


da patriot said...

Van Joes is qualified to be the 'green jobs' czar because he is African! Van Jones is not even qualified to be 'lemonaid stand' czar.

You know, I do not have enough fingers and toes upon which to count the number of Obama czars who have Marxist backgrounds, but Obama is not a Marxist, right?

It is a good thing that I have my bible and my AR-15 to comfort me!

(I just threw that that last part in so that if any moonbat might read this comment, they can say....'AH HA, he is one of those!')

Josh said...

I don't think Van Jones being "African" has anything to do with it. (I thought he was American?) But I'm assuming you mean "black" by that...

It's just enough to have that particular radical communist background. That seems to be the only prerequisite.

I imagine most supporting hardcore liberals are biting their tongues here. You know that they just want to scream out, "FInaly!!!"

After all, it's no secret that they agree with terrorist acts like Ayers, churches like Wrights, and selective media, selective breeding and one-sided speaking like the newest czars do.

They think it's is the "revolution" that some have been going on about for decades. Many are absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.

It's kinda like a no-hitter at this point. Mums'.

Rob said...

What is this guy talking about, and who exactly is he attacking?