Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Does GE Own Obama ?

Bill O'Riley had an interesting talking points tonight

Seems the American taxpayer gave GE a lot of money.
It also seems they are first in line to get a lot more.
Remember what Bill said to us just a few months ago ?

Did you get that last part ?
GE stands to make a lot of money if cap and trade passes.

Oh, GE is in the health care business too.
That's great, right ?
And he tells us that the future for GE health care is very bright.
Well, I guess it is as long as they have Obama and the loony left shaking us down for money.

Left wingers, Democrats, ACORN, General Electric, General Motors, the banks, SEIU, and God knows who else all have an agenda
Obama has all of these radical groups working together to transform this nation into something no one wants.

When we speak out, what happens ?

What the heck ?
The Mob ?
Can you say Loony Left ?
This from Obama, the " Great uniter "
These kind of tactics are what Obama is good at.
We saw his true nature with Gates gate, and now we are going to see him completely remove his mask when he takes action over people talking " fishy "
Who in the hell voted for this ?
Does anyone remember the words Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ?
Does anyone remember the right to free speech ?
This is nothing more than treason against our country, and against the Americans that live by the Constitution.


Sandee said...

Business as usual if you ask me. This will probably be the most corrupt administration ever.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee said...

The fleecing of America!

Josh said...

Obama is somewhat of a miracle.

No, not because he is a racially mixed man who got elected to the world's highest position. No, not because he manages to remain personally popular despite unpopular policies.

But because he single handedly smashes the tried-and-true, worldwide-accepted wisdom of a person's only as good as the company they keep.

Break it down to any variation you want: A man can be judged by the friends he chooses; a person's only as reliable as their most unreliable confidant, etc.

Nothing sticks to this guy. Nothing. As I've said a thousand times over, people use an extremely selective process to judge President Obama. And that will bite us all in the backside one day.

Whether you're proud Obama's in and refuse to pay attention because he's "black," because he's a far-left liberal, because you enjoy celebrity, or because he's just not Bush, you're doing yourself a disservice, unabashed Obama supporter (whoever you may be), by not judging this guy by the same standard you've judged others.

One 100th of this six-degrees-to-neo-socialist-fascism crap woulda had 200 million Americans screaming to impeach Bush -- or worse.

The BoBo said...

Given his poll numbers are plummeting, I'm really hoping this means that enough people out there are waking up and none of this socialist crap and power grab will get through. Those politicians are spineless - they want the power to so they will ultimately follow the will of the people or risk losing their lifelong careers as politicians - which brings up another thing - mandatory term limits on congress.