Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Fishing Trip

I think Chris Matthews crossed the line working to label this guy as a radical

Chris did his best to rattle this guy, but it did not work.
He was asked what he was advocating and he said " an informed society, an armed society, and a polite society "
Chris asked if there were a thousand people in the crowd that were armed, would it be a safer crowd.
I carry a gun.
I do not take one everywhere, but I do carry.
Would I have carried at a Obama town hall ?
Why would I not ? I had one on my side today when my sons and I went to breakfast at our local place.
I sat around maybe a dozen or so others that were armed.
We discussed health care, and the town hall violence, and had a heated debate over the sausage gravy having a little to much pepper.
No one got shot.
Chris Matthews did nothing more than fish for a reason to call the guy a nut.
This is the media that praises anything Obama does.

Thomas Jefferson said " Those that hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who do not "

Hey Chris, why not take another look at the bill, and check out where our money is being spent, and maybe take a peek into the lives of some of the communist czars that have been appointed before you try to trash an honest, red blooded American that legally carries a gun


OM said...

I think you and I can be on the two sides of the health care debate and still agree that the country will not survive a political assassination.

I don't know if Matthews tried to label this guy as a nut as much as he tried to label his action dangerous. Neither Obama nor Matthews want to stop people from carrying guns to diners and to meetings, but if you care about your country, you try to reduce the violent imagery, not add to the fire.

Josh said...

You only associate guns with violence and force if you want to make the conclusion. Police and security people carry. Do they scare people? Do they stir the pot and create a violent atmosphere?

It's a bit odd to hear Matthews on the wagon for the "President of the United States." Let's be real about this; he is NOT worried about the President -- he's worried about President Obama.

I think Matthews would be on the other side of the debate, the libertarian's side, had it been Bush.

It was funny to watch Matthews try to run down his radical checklist and label this guy.

"Are you a birther?" No.
"Do you advocate violence?" No.
"You trying to force opinion?" No.
"But you DID carry a GUN!?" Yes.

That said, I'm not sure I agree with the guy carrying, although I'm 100% for his RIGHT to do so. I think I have to view it in the context that the carrier gave: This wasn't NY or LA... very violent places which are ironically far more progressive liberal...

lot 2 learn said...

@ OM
Political Assassination ?
Where do you get that from ? What is so violent about having a sidearm ? I do care about my country, and I see no reason why exercising my rights would cause it harm

@ Josh
Matthews would have been on the other side.
NY and LA are very violent places, and the ones that carry guns there are the bad guys.
Here in the NNK, the good guys carry, and have a lot less crime.
While having breakfast this AM, I left my windows down and the keys in the ignition with no worries.
Heck, my front door is unlocked right now.
Being armed can deter violence as well

Josh said...

Yes! Even though I'm aboard the stricter gun control (black market purchases) bandwagon, I'm also on the right to carry EVERYWHERE wagon -- the deterrent factor being one of the main reasons.

Criminals are not victims. Although they're treated as such by bleeding-hearts, that's just not the case. Criminals prey on the weak and unprotected. Most commit crimes where they're likely to get away with it.

It all boils down to logic: Who would you rather rob, beat up, etc if you were a criminal? The person that doesn't have a gun or the person with a gun?

Melissa said...

I think that is an unfair statement. Why is it OK for those who love to carry guns, and see nothing wrong with it, to criticize those of us as nuts who want fair, and honest health care for all. I do not agree with everything Obama does, I did not even vote for him. But I do agree that everyone should have affordable health care. Did you read the bill?

lot 2 learn said...

@ Josh
We are on the same page my friend

@ Melissa
No one is claiming that the people for Obama are nuts, some of us think that there has to be a better way

The Fearless Blog said...

This gentleman was exercising his constitutional rights. Period! Chris forgot all about "freedom of speech" "freedom to assemble" and "the right to bear arms." Too many in the media and in the US for that matter have forgotten this. Calling the town hall protesters "radical" clearly shows the fear, ignorance and desperation of many on the left. If the folks who are shouting, protesting, speaking or complaining- use any adjective you want- at these meetings are "American citizens" then I don't need any more information. Maybe we should start requiring "passports" from now on and kick out any "illegals" that show up? Otherwise ANY HUMAN AMERICAN CITIZEN who wishes to exercise his or her rights should by all means do so without the FEAR of PERSECUTION. There is another word -PERSECUTION- to add to our list of offenses.

Josh said...

The healthcare issue and the gun issue are truly apples and oranges.

For starters, I doubt you'll find ANYONE who disagrees with the concept of fair, honest and affordable healthcare.

I'd love it! I want it! I need some of that in MY life, in my family's life.

However, is what Obama proposes really that fair, honest and affordable coverage? Is it?

He can't even explain the system he proposes. No one can. Instead, they feed people the talking points: fair, honest, affordable.

Yeah, it sounds awesome to say it. But to make it work--government-run--would truly be a miracle.

At this point, Obama can't even sell it to any clear thinker without getting industries confused. He doesn't seem the know the difference between FedEx and UPS and the US Postal Service in his quasi-analogies.

If the plan was so incredibly good, he wouldn't have to sell it. Shit. America has been on a liberal kick, electing them left and right. Why would they reject him now without good reason?

Not for nothing, but maybe, just maybe, you supporters are on the wrong side of the debate this go 'round.


Sandee said...

We carry. Legally. I loved the quote. Right on the money. Excellent.

Have a terrific day. :)

Tricia said...

All Chris proved was again he is an idiot. If the laws of the state say you can carry a gun, what is the big deal? If I am correct here (let me know if I am mistaken), but when there were assassinations and attempted assassinations the assailants were carry concealed weapons so they would go unnoticed. It is very doubtful to me that someone would carry a gun in a proper holster on their leg and carry a large sign while protesting and then shoot someone. They wouldn't draw so much attention to themselves. This man makes excellent points and is harmless. Fantastic post yet again!

Citizen Shelly said...

This man carried a gun to an event where the President of the US was to appear. If it had been George Bush you'd be screaming bloody murder about it. This man should have been arrested and thrown in jail, IMO. He's a terrorist.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Fearless
Ignorance and desperation is exactly right.

@ Josh
It's got to be the Kool-Aid

@ Sandee
Jefferson was a smart man

@ Tricia
You are correct

@ Citizen Shelly
That is what a lot of left wing radicals would love to see happen.
Throw the gun owners, and those that choose to carry legally in jail, then throw all the protesters of the Obama plan in jail, and then go after groups that assemble and organize in jail, need I say more ?
I hope Josh does not see your comment unless he is sitting down

Josh said...


I'm done ranting for the day.

Well, truthfully, there's just not much I can say to someone so far gone.

I went over to give her blog a look-see. It's like Janeane Garofalo squared!

All protestors are racists, all non-liberals are stupid, the planet is melting, etc.

Probably posters of Olbermann and Maher on the wall to boot.

Enough said.