Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yeah right !
People are taking a stand, and they have had it with the left wing Dem's, and the corruption, and the run away spending, and most of all, Obama
The DNC are calling us " mobs " and " astroturf "
People are mad, and the DNC is scared.
Before you ask, yes I am a FOX NEWS fan, but Bill O hit a home run again tonight

What gets me about these town hall meetings is the fact that they are open to everyone.
Anyone is allowed to enter and voice their opinion, BUT.............
I do not see anyone standing up for health care.
I see no one commenting on how great this plan is.
Where are the Obama supporters ?
Where are the Kool-Aid drinkers ?

Oh, that's right, they are still in a daze.

I do not endorse bad behavior at these meetings, but you have to admit that you can only push people so far and then sooner or later they will push back

Take an educated stand, and let these people know they work for us.

Remind them that they are representing us, and not the administrations agendas

By the way,

anyone heard from Bob ? : )


Harrison said...

The Simpson's cartoon is a good one.

Steve said...

Classic. I love the Simpsons cartoon.

Josh said...

That's about the size of it. Hypocrisy. Well, you can't even really call it hypocrisy. It's no longer a secret that the left holds itself up to be America and everyone else is a loon at best and a country-destroying bigot at worst.

It's what they truly and honestly believe.

Protests are rarely spontaneous. There's always something or someone behind them. That being said, nothing else the zealots say holds weight when it comes to the "astroturf" nonsense.

I noticed most at all of those town hall meetings were older people. (I'm only 29, so 40 would qualify as 'older' to me).

They're the ones most worried. They're the ones showing up.

The left seems mad that they can't find support among the public. The ONLY people backing the government these days are members of the press and unabashed far-left liberals and Obama Kool-Aid drinkers.

You have it right. Where were they? The doors were open to everyone. Supporters not choosing to show up says far more about these "supporters" than it does the naysayers.

Just like the Tea Party protests. I believe it was Malcolm who asked me, paraphrased, "Why do you a think a substantial number of minorities chose not to show up?"

Umm, that would be on them. No one is excluded from these gatherings.

Outside of this small yet seemingly indestructible bubble of likeminded support the far-left people live in, the AMERICAN PUBLIC seems to disagree with progressive policy.

As Bill O will tell ya: You can't spin that. It doesn't mean they won't try.

lina yuliana said...

I love the Simpsons cartoon

The Hawg! said...

Amen. Imagine that -- people in office working for us rather than slavishly following an agenda set forth by a charismatic leader.

What a novel concept!

Mike Golch said...

Oh yeh and the radical right did not help the banking system almost drive america into a second depression?

Lauren said...

You're so funny asking where's Bob? I don't even let my Bob's comments up because it's just a tactical distraction. You're too nice. As for the commenter who was questioned by Malcom, beware...he plays nice to a point, he's a phoney and a race baiter. Who cares what color a person is that shows up to express their dissent and concerns. It's the WRONG question. But if it MUST be asked, then I put it back upon him. What is going on in some of the black community, just what is being said to them to keep them away because this plan is going to make things much much worse for them as well as the rest of the people in this nation. It's a ruse. Perhaps too much Rev. Wright crapola going on in HIS community!! If you want to see blacks protesting I have some on my site, sadly because of the bullshit that Malcom and his cronies pull, I purposely post these things to show there is diversity. Also James T Harris has a great site and achem happens to be black. So stuff it Malcom!

lot 2 learn said...

I thought Bart Simpson was a perfect example of what the left thinks of us.
Those of us that do not support the transformation of our country are branded as nut jobs, rednecks, teabaggers, racists, and whatever else they can think of.
@ Mike
you would have to ask Barney Frank and Tim Geitner about the banking industry, you know, the Dems ?
As far as Malcom is concerned, he is allowed to his opinion, and if he has to live in the past when it comes to race, then so be it.
I choose not to kiss anyones ass that feels less than human because of their skin color

Harrison said...

Bob has gone into hiding it seems.

Malcolm said...

Since I haven’t commented on this post until now, I’m not sure why my name was dragged into it. Ah, Lauren, it’s been a long time! I know I can always count on you to provide me with some free, unintentional humor. When are you going to learn you shouldn’t poke the proverbial bear with a stick when he’s asleep? It’s bad enough when you attack visitors to your own blog (aka your desperate plea for attention and support) who respectfully disagree with you, now you have to take your tired act on the road and throw unprovoked jabs at me. Why is that? Are you so insecure that you need the safety net of other conservative/Republican bloggers to back you up? One thing I love about the Internet is that it allows people like you the opportunity to hide behind your keyboard and type up bile you wouldn’t have the nerve to say face-to-face. If the Internet didn’t exist, I can only imagine what you’d do to unleash your rage, bitterness and frustration.

Although I disagree with much of what Lot 2 Learn says, I give him credit for visiting my blog about race matters (Diversity Ink) and voicing his opinions even if a majority of the other readers may not feel as he does. Lauren, you have an invitation to visit Diversity Ink and share your thoughts on any of the topics posted. Do you have the guts and the intellect to debate topics in a venue where your views are in the minority? Can you do it without resorting to childish name calling or your old standby, yelling by typing words in all caps? I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Lot 2 Learn: Since I’m not sure what you mean when you say I live in the past when it comes to race, I’m hoping you can explain. Because this blog post isn’t the forum for such a debate, you can send me an email (

By the way, I do think it’s unfortunate that some wish we were still living in the so-called good old days when minorities knew their place and kept their mouths shut about the injustices they face.

pjazzypar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pjazzypar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pjazzypar said...

Malcolm, While I do not agree with Lot 2 Learn's opinion on some topics, he has a right to speak his piece in the blogsphere. I am assuming from past experience with this gentleman that you will be able to voice your opinion on his blog without having what you express deleted because it opposes his view. The same cannot be said about Lauren. The the thing about this woman is that she feels the only valid opinion is her own and when you disagree she comes full force with the yelling, screaming and insults. She calls it being "snarky", while I and others refer to it as disrespect, rudeness, ignorance, and being down right mean.

Lauren is the worse type of bully, who is able to remain anonymous for the most part, make her rude comments, and remain untouchable. She does not have the guts to come over to Diversity Ink (or anywhere else for that matter) and debate a topic with any intelligence. She is certifiable and as You said, "you should not poke a sleeping bear with a stick". Now you are awake and Lauren knows from past experience what that can be like :-D

*Note to Lot 2 Learn: Sorry about the repeated deletions. I was trying to preview and edit, but my computer kept posting the comment.

Josh said...


If I knew it would start a fight, I would have rephrased my comment and left Malcolm's name out. But since the point tied into this discussion, and the conversation I had with Malcolm isn't a private matter and can be found in view on my blog, I figured I'd mention it.


I should have come back sooner, though. I missed some comments that are now deleted.


Malcolm said...

I doubt that Bob is hiding. He probably got tired of some of the foolishness being passed off as political debate in the comments section by some over here.