Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clunker Cash

So how did that ' cash for clunkers " deal go ?
I saw this posted at another site today and thought I would share

" Yep, took an old 1993 Jeep Cherokee in (still running good) and bought a Toyota (of course Japanese, I ain't buy shit from GM Gobberment Motors).
That was July 30.
I paid cash. Got $4,500 off the price.
Now where's my title?
Turns out the dealer is keeping it till he gets paid that $4,500 by da gobberment....Its been 32 days now.... Dealer says he made 126 deals...but has only had 1 approved so far; he said he had to submit that one six times with identical language before the government approved it.
He is now owed about $500,000 by the gobberment.
The "clunker" cars engines have been destroyed. They're sitting on the lot.
He has equity tied up in the cars. If he doesn't get paid, I have to pony up the $4,500 and don't get my Cherokee back.
He has the title to the Cherokee...he keeps my title till he gets paid...if ever.
Oh boy....I can't wait till government runs health care.
Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Murtha the Haji Fullahbullah...those managerial capitalist titans of efficiency!!
You Socialist guys are really funny...you and Ariana and Fonda and Da funny man socialist from Minnesota who never had a job in his life but loves socialism, and Michael Moore...you are really funny.
No...I guess you aren't. I guess you really are full of bullshit...
I want my Cherokee back. "

Another satisfied customer ?
In my opinion, anyone that got involved with C4C was an idiot.
As well as the government has handled the economy these last few years, and the last few months, People should have known
The C4C program will create many new jobs, because the majority of the people that bought these cars will eventually stop making their payments, and then we will need repo-men, and impound lot attendants, and auctioneers.

another check in Obama's win column ?

I think not


Josh said...

It was easy to tell that the Cash for Clunkers program was BS. All they had to do is look at the green movement. That's total BS.

If anyone wants to know just how BS the green movement is, try a simple statistic on for size.

Forget about what you believe when told and who you vote for. Forget about party affiliation and whether or not polar bears are dying due to no ice or w/e.

Just pay attention to this! I mean it!

If every car manufacturer switched from gas to diesel, we could cut our oil consumption by almost 25% and cut back on emissions released from automobiles by nearly 10%! (Give or take... most like GIVE.)

Diesel engines are FAR more fuel efficient. Regular engines use oxidized air and a spark to ignite gasoline which then causes combustion. This wastes MUCH gas. Diesel uses compressed, superheated air and wastes far less fuel.

The process to make diesel (which is a thicker, not-so-refined fuel) will generate less emissions.

Diesel loses no power. Diesel can fit into ANY car. There's even less maintenance and the engines are cheaper to build.

I'm not advocating for the widespread use of diesel, but why aren't they?

If it was about the planet and not control, don't you think they would be?

What a joke of a country this has become.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Josh
Agreed, diesels are a great alternative.
As far as control goes, why are we not tapping our resources here in the U.S. ?
I would think that the money spent overseas for oil would be better spent here. Just ask California.
As far as C4C goes, I am not happy that my tax dollars went to buy someone else a new car

Sandee said...

Democrats have always been laughable to me. Well until this administration. Now they are plain scary. Everything is about power and nothing else. Power. Full control of all of us. That's their plan. I'm not thinking it's going to work though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Josh said...

Exactly. The fact that we won't even use our own resources is just another piece of evidence in a long, long line that suggests the hoax behind it all.

One Creative Queen said...

Very rarely do I find a political post *this* appealing. This was the best post I've read in a very long time - both the part you borrowed, and your part at the end. WAY TO GO! I love your assessment of yet another "brilliant" idea by our government. And I also agree that I can't *wait* for the health care crises coming our way.

Right on!! xx

Megaman The Madman said...

This should be an indication of how our public health program will run..

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I am not getting involved in the politics here!! but, oh my I had a Jeep Cherokee too and I loved it!!

Why on earth did you get rid of it? I miss mine too!! It got great fuel mileage and I never once got stuck anywhere!!

I want my Cherokee back too!! Good luck to us both...right?

I hope you have a great day!!