Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Response

Obama had his chance tonight.
He opted to lie, call names, and try to scare people into a government run plan.
Obama said in his speech that our founders taught us that the Government could not, and would not solve all our problems.
Maybe Barry should think about what he said.

Many bloggers will display Obama's speech, and have many clips from the wasted hour he was on.
I would like to provide the Republican side of things

I will not preach that the Republicans have all the answers, but there are two sides to every debate
More people should take their blinders off and have a listen to all sides.


Vicki said...


Josh said...

I wouldn't say that the Republicans have all the answers, either, because, well, they don't!

I'm a guy who thinks that Republicans are hacks as well! I only give them the benefit of the doubt more than liberals (uber progressives) because I cannot stand liberals or their policies or their smug faces or ... UGG! lol Moving on...

I do feel, however, Republicans are bringing more common sense options to the table.

Anyone who's ever had so much a lemonade stand knows this about business:

If you have a stand set up on a store's property and you're selling it for 50-cent a cup, dropping your prices won't matter in the least if the store is charging rent, taxing you, taxing your sales and then giving lemonade away for 20-cent to everyone and for free to thirsty people without change.

This is NOT creating choice and competition. It's forcing private industry to go extinct.

Then where does the money for affordable and free lemonade come from? lol We know!

Private industry CANNOT compete with government. Private companies need to profit to stay alive; government can always tax more.

This is why A) any government-run healthcare is a bad idea, and 2) it's proof that government IS NOT trying to create choice and competition.

If that were the case, they'd open up choice and competition in the private industry by allowing the nationwide sale of policies, as stated by Boustany.

Sandee said...

It's the 'have nots' that don't care about the costs that want this so badly. That 15% of folks. Majority doesn't matter anymore. It's a crazy time and there is a crazy bunch driving the country right now. God help us.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lauren said...

Wish I could be in DC on Saturday but I have to work. Happy to have work right now. Will be meeting with some like-minded folks though. Josh's lemonade stand reminds me of the women in my industry. So sadly true and makes me running my own biz much much harder.
my veri is ironic is that.

Jeremy Janson said...

"More people should take their blinders off and have a listen to all sides."

"The first one to plead his cause seems right,

Until his neighbor comes and examines him..." (Proverbs 18: 19, NKJV)