Monday, September 21, 2009

A Liberal ?

Saw this at another site while I was cruising the blog world.

It was titled " A liberal shoots a gun "

Got a kick out of it


Sandee said...

Moron is right. What an idiot. They procreate too. That's the sad part.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lauren said...

Even I who has never shot a gun knew that was coming. What a dummy.

RE Ausetkmt said...

this is hillarious. he has never handled a firearm before, obviously. but didn't he realize that there was a recoil, since it's a projectile ?


politicus said...

Moron for sure. At least he didn't seem to shoot somebody, or himself for that matter.

Just curious. How do you you know it was a liberal?

I have seen my share of conservative morons too.

Malcolm said...

I second what "Politicus" said. It looks as if the blog where you found this called the clip "A liberal shoots a gun" because the clip itself is clearly titled "Moron Shooting A Gun".

Harrison said...

Looks staged.

Erik said...

That's gonna leave a mark.

Matt said...

Funny is funny, left or right.

Actually, a liberal would have run screaming from the gun, being convinced that the gun would grow legs and start randomly killing people.

Jude said...

That's got to be one of the stupidest things I've seen. I'm surprised it didn't bust his face in.I'd certainly hate to live around someone that dumb.

Mahalia said...

LOL! Ha he not seen any action films? even the old ones can show him how to shoot right!

Rob said...

He definitely got a kick out of it! LOL!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You flatter me with your link to my YouTube video ... Thanks

da patriot said...

'You' got a kick out of it! Yeah, so do he! That is way too funny!

Mike Golch said...

Moron is right or a stupid jackass.

Josh said...

@ Politicus and Malcolm...

You'd try to strip the paint from a clown. Goodness gracious.

Let a joke be a joke. lmao

Combine your brains -- that might help!


Malcolm said...

Josh: I have no problem with a joke. After all, my dealings w/ you keep me in practice. To me it's pointless to attribute the stupidity of the person in the clip to a political viewpoint. Just let the clip stand on it's own and leave it at that.

Josh said...

"To me it's pointless to attribute the stupidity of the person in the clip to a political viewpoint."

Aren't most jokes pointless on some level? Humor, however, isn't. If you can't laugh then it's a cold, cold world.

Ask Barney Frank.

I can see if it was nasty -- something Maher-like.

Most liberals, at least the more outspoken ones, seem to be anti-guns. Hence, a liberal might not know that it would kick back on his smug liberal face!

POW! Right in the kisser!


Erik said...

(Note...I'm not a liberal or a conservative)

Ok. I tried to go with you were being funny. I suppose you are trying to be funny again?

Your statement, "Most liberals, at least the more outspoken ones, seem to be anti-guns. Hence, a liberal might not know that it would kick back on his smug liberal face!" is not founded in reality.

Maybe it's that liberals don't feel the need to wave their guns around like an appendage or drive trucks that make up for their manhood. (Now that's funny!)
My understanding is that there are a lot of liberals that are Christians, but you don't see as many of them swinging their Bibles around either.

Maybe conservatives are just exhibitionists and feel they need to wave something around.

It's difficult to disguise hate as humor, but keep trying.

Again. I think the right-left paradigm is a false dichotomy. We should call a bowl of poo a bowl of matter who is holding it.

Josh said...

Erik, some (not much) of that stuff might actually make sense if it wasn't just an attempt--weak at that--to turn innocent humor into friggin' HATE SPEECH.


There is enough legitimate hate speech to choose from a variety of blogs to keep a man busy for the rest of his natural life.

Instead, you're trying to inject some blend of hypocritical generalizations into this dissusion, while being dead serious, in order to show that my joke and the joking tone of this post is something more sinister in disguise.


Erik said...

Josh. An attempt to turn humor into hate speech? If you will check your comments, you will notice that my first response was, "That's gonna leave a mark.". I even thought your initial response to Politicus and Malcolm was kinda funny:

You'd try to strip the paint from a clown. Goodness gracious. Let a joke be a joke. lmao"

I did not accuse you of hate speech. I accused you of hate disguised as humor. I would believe that an apt definition of someone who would take such pleasure in the physical harm done to a human to whom you have assigned the label, "liberal".

I also did not even open the can of worms until your 2nd response to Malcom (Who makes a good point). It was your response that I was speaking to, not your video or its title.

I believe I was quite specific as to what I was speaking to. I put it in quotations so that you might identify what I was addressing.

I obviously hit a nerve with you. Don't tell me...You drive a big 4 wheel drive truck?

See, I can do humor.

Malcolm said...

Josh: If calling the person in the clip a liberal makes some conservatives feel good about themselves, so be it. I guess some have to take their little victories any way they can.

I'd love to see your reaction if the clip was titled "typical white conservative". Because I know your stance on the mythical war you feel is being waged against your demo, your tear ducts would likely get a nice workout.

As for me stripping paint from a clown, cover your face... you might be next. :-)

Josh said...

Ah, "hate disguised as humor."

We're going through "what 'is' is" again? That never gets old.

I'm damn near impossible to strike a nerve with as far as back-and-forth ramblings go. Although it has been done before.

From our quick conservation, I'm willing to assume you flatter yourself often, so I won't say don't. Knock yourself out... with that guy's gun if at all possible.


As far as anything else goes, I don't know what to tell you besides lighten up. Not for me, though; for whoever you drive to the brink of off-the-roof nosedives with your morose slant and hulking sense of self-worth as the free world's denizen polemicist.

I enjoy the stretching and pulling and my mock comeuppance at the hands of an overtly sensitive itinerant.

You want to hear the Dubya joke I made earlier for shits and giggles?

Though, I'm sure you wouldn't get to flex on that one. I don't making JOKING generalizations about conservatives in it. (But it is funny as hell, I shit you not!)

BTW, they're not my comments. I must have glossed over your first. Or perhaps it didn't stick with me because they're not my comments.

Anything else?

Oh, I drive a Stratus. And since we're spilling political affiliations and other personal details (I guess we're best buddies!), I have no use for the bible; I'm agnostic. I also don't own a gun. And I have no love for Republicans.

I'm just anti-uber-liberal. And I would seriously laugh if Barney got a stock to the grill.

HEY! Oh, shit. That's TOO easy!

Josh said...

"I'd love to see your reaction if the clip was titled "typical white conservative".

A "typical white conservative" busting his face with a gun? I'd laugh my ass off. He shoulda learned to shoot.

One of my favorite shows is that one on CMT Bill Engvall hosts. I laugh at those guys all day. They make fun of themselves. I guess that's something that passed you by.

Now the "they're all racists and hatemongers" stuff is what gets me going.

Other than that, like I told the other dude, you may want to think about lightening up.

In all the many posts and comments I've seen from you, I don't believe I've seen ONE TIME where you haven't been anything but 110% bland and serious. I haven't been to your other blog, though, so I won't say that you can't be, umm -- normal?

Do I think it's funny that the guy busted himself in the face with a gun? Yes. Do I think it's funny that someone would say, "Oh, that's a liberal for ya"? Hell to the yes! That's what makes it even funnier.

I don't understand the jump from humor to hate. I really don't. Humor is still accepted in my book. Context counts for a whole hell of a lot.

I understand why you're arguing, Malcolm. This is par for the course for you. I could have agreed with you and you woulda come with, "Wow, that's a change for you, Josh" or something to that effect just to have a go.

Been there and done that.

Malcolm said...

As for my other blog (Pop Culture Dish), feel free to check it out. Several months ago, I invited you to do just that. I was curious to see if light/fun topics might bring out another side to you other than the angry tight-ass I often see from you when it comes to posts of a political/social nature. Since you never did check out my other blog, I wasn't sure if it meant you were busy or if you were only interested in reading/writing posts which talk about how messed up the world is these days.

"I don't understand the jump from humor to hate".

What are you talking about?! I hope you don't think that I consider it hate speech if someone calls the guy in the clip a liberal. The last thing I want to do again is go round and round with you as to what constitutes hate speech like we did over at Diversity Ink. I'm stifling a yawn just thinking about it.

As for you understanding why I'm arguing, no you don't (which is no surprise). What you should ask yourself is why you felt compelled to start this "back and forth" when:

a. this isn't your blog


b. my comments (nor those by Politicus) weren't even directed at you

Erik said...

Just because I used the word hate, doesn't mean I was speaking of hate speech. I think that's all a load, anyway. Just another way to control people.

Hell...I thought I was sensitive. You guys are sumpin'. :D

Josh said...

Nope, not my blog. But as I know you, although I do know you don't like me in the slightest, I figured I'd chime in and tell you to lighten up some about a joke...

...ONLY because we've been through some serious topics and discussed what you just brought up: hate and the whole generalization thing, etc.

You and Erik or whoever else can take it anyway you want, and it's definitely your right to react any way you see fit, but I was seriously just trying to say one thing: lighten up when something's meant to be a joke. Lighthearted humor doesn't need examination.

It's not cruel; it certainly isn't nasty. It's not even inappropriate. It's about as innocent a joke as I've heard/seen in a long time! (But that's probably because I watch Bill Maher and my favorite comedians are Redd Foxx (rip!) and now Ron White.)

And seriously, Malcolm. Are you playing the "not your blog" card on me? lmao ... You want to browse through older posts here and see where you've done the same? It happens when people like to engage in discussion.

Smile sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, your face won't get stuck that way!

I do lean more toward content I can ramble about.

It's a vice.

Malcolm said...

Josh: The assumption you seem to be making is that I was upset that the person in the clip was called a liberal. That couldn't be further from the truth. I just thought the label was pointless because the clip was funny enough on its own.

I don't have an issue with anyone commenting on my comments here or on any other blogs that I visit. What I should have said was you should ask yourself why you initiated this back and forth over such a minor topic. It sounds as if you are taking this way more seriously than I am.

Josh said...

Point taken on what you meant.

My comments came across more general to the tone I was getting from Erik. I should have separated them. So that's my bad.

But like I said, I was just leaving a jokingly innocent comment. I didn't start it to be an argument -- just a comment.

This is what makes me think you don't do humor well. You seem to have taken it as a slight, like I was trying to start an argument about it.

I said let a joke be a joke. You could have just as easily let it slide and not began to pick it (liberal label) apart for some deep-rooted meaning.

It's a punchline of a joke. Your guess is as good as mine as to the actual "point" of it. But it's funny nonetheless. (Notice I didn't even touch the whole thing about you bringing race into it either. My goal was not to argue over a joke.)

So that aspect isn't on my shoulders alone. The whole two to tango thing.

Malcolm said...

Josh: If your "combine your brains" comment directed at me and Politicus was meant to be jokingly innocent, it failed. It came off as an unnecessary jab, but one that wasn't out of character. Again, it goes back to your communication skills... which I think could use some work.

As for me "bringing race into it", the only reason I used the analogy I did is because of the mythical war you think is being waged against the white conservative.