Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

On Thursday, I was invited to attend a memorial service for some of people who died in the attack of the pentagon 8 years ago.
My invitation came due to the fact that I know my way around the streets of Northern Virginia, and two of the women that were going needed a driver.
Besides the fact that I had become a chauffeur, I felt honored that I could attend the gathering and have a chance to talk to some people that were in the building when the attack happened.
Hearing for myself some of their own personal stories, and actually being at the Pentagon just hours after then plane had struck the side of the building brought back some terrible feelings

On Saturday, my driving skills were put to good use again as I was volunteered as a commuter van driver to shuttle people into D.C. from Stafford Virginia, just a short 45 minutes away.
On my last trip, I had parked the van and joined the group of Americans that had assembled to send a message to government.

As I made my way through the crowd, I found that different streets contained different feelings of the march.
I had no sign, and no shirt expressing my views, but because of the crowd I was with, I was called racist, redneck, hillbilly, and right wing nut.
As I got closer to the platform that was assembled for the Freedomworks people, I was handed a wallet sized copy of the constitution, and the woman that handed it to me said " This is a gift for you, don't lose it "
Out of all the speakers I heard, out of all the speeches, out of all the signs and t-shirts that had clever slogans on them, that one comment hit me the hardest.
............" Don't lose it "
Why would anyone want to lose their freedom, their rights, or liberties ?
Why would anyone just hand them over ?
Her words were the most power full to me that day
On Sunday, I shared what I had seen and heard the last few days with some folks over breakfast at our local gathering place, and everyone there said with the same breath " How did we get this far ? "
Out of control government did not start with Obama, and it did not start with Bush
This greed and corruption has been building for years.
I have spent the morning reading left wing blogs that make fun, and ridicule what the people stood for on Saturday, and read a few that scream 9/11 was an inside job.
The people came together Saturday and made one voice, loud and clear, that our representatives are not doing what is right.
They came out in plain view and let America know that they are ready to make a stand.
Where were the left wing supporters ?
Where were the ones that criticize, and write names about those that are willing to put a stop to big government ?
I will tell you where,
In the shadows,
In the darkness,
Hiding behind their keyboards.
They are too ashamed to let others know they are content in having the government take care of them.
They are ashamed to let real Americans know that they are nothing more than sheep.
They are ashamed to let us know that they cannot think for themselves.
Our current situation will not be solved by blaming Bush, or believing that opposition against Obama is racially motivated.
It will be solved by stepping forward and calling out corruption, pointing out the waste, and punishing those that break the rules.
If you break the law, if you cheat the people, if you lie,
It's that simple


Sandee said...

AMEN! When this is what everyone demands we will indeed fix this country. Absolutely spot-on.

Have a terrific day. :)

mArNeLLe said...

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Lauren said...

You're so lucky to have been there.

Mike said...

"Don't Loose it" - Hang on to it and hang on to it dearly - we are not loosing "it", "it" is being stolen from us! Excellent post and I enjoy this blog

Don said...

Hopefully, this nationalist fervor carries into the mid terms, but I have concerns about that. We're known for very short memories...if it doesn't happen in '10, don't look for it to happen again for decades.

MegaMan The Madman said...

I'd like to comment on a phrase you used with a quote..."A men of sheep will be ruled by pigs" These people that came out are tired of being sheep and being ruled by pigs..

Although I have a conservative ideology..I think many of our Republican leaders have let us down as much as the Liberals have..

Smaller government is better government..

Don I agree with you on the short memories..we need to keep the pressure on..

The BoBo said...

Excellent post! Gotta love that the progressive far left have gotten to the point they have nothing to offer any longer that they have to call anybody who opposes big government and Obama as racists. They're all morally bankrupt now.

Jeremy Janson said...

A lot of people really don't appreciate freedom. They don't understand it. It's not among their values because they have nothing inside of them. They want someone to run their lives for them because they're spoiled, they're lazy, and they have no idea what they want to do with the next 40 years.