Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here They Come !!

It's safe now ! you all can come out into the light of day. America will hold your hand and tell you that you are a good person, and that you deserve more.
Did you people see this crap last night ? It is Ayers speaking at a Georgetown Lawyers function talking about this new book he has written.
I was relaxing for a while, working on getting healthy again so that I can be released from my medical leave of absence from work. I had decided that I would refrain from voicing my opinion for a little while, and then here comes Ayres out of the shadows to tell us it was wrong to portray him as a monster. What a piece of crap.
And I see that the big 3 automakers are screaming for a few billion because they might go under, well BOO HOO, that's how business works. Maybe if your plant workers did not make 50 or 75 bucks an hour to put in some screws or plug a harness in, you could reduce your cost's, sell your product a little cheaper, and thrive
I also read that some of these investment companies that are in line for some bailout cash are considering not giving out the year end bonuses, the ones that average up to 80% of their yearly wage, to their people. Wait a minute, they have to think about it ? What ?
It is day's like this that I realize I have the perfect name for my blog, Did I Miss Something, because we really did miss a lot
OK democrats and Kool-Aid drinkers, you got me up, and the blood is flowing again. What kind of stupid crap are you going to throw at us next ?


Lauren said...

I will never understand how this stuff is ok to most people. And not just in politics. In real life, in career...good people who want to do their job honestly are constantly thrown out as trouble makers and more and more corrupt people work and hire more and more corrupt people who will put up with and join in on this. This world is upside down.

PaulsHealthblog.com said...

NOW Ayers is coming out of the woodwork.

How convenient.

I wonder what cabinet position he'll get in the Obama administration?

pamibe said...

You're not alone; many of us feel the same... but until more people wake up it's going to get worse.

Josh said...

I was working on my post that includes Billy "I'm not a terrorist - I just kill people with bombs" Ayers, and a few other clueless flamers, but I was deterred by this auto industry nonsense.

I have to agree 100%: It's nobody's fault but yours (auto industry) that you're going broke! People won't buy enough cars for you to make a profit? Hey, when Cheeseburger Inn can't sell enough horse meat to compete, they give way to McDonald's and the dollar menu. Have you ever thought about cutting your salaries, selling AFFORDABLE cars, and being millionaires instead of billionaires? No, I didn't think so.

There's too many Donald Trumps and not enough earth-inheriting meek in this country at the top levels.

Liberals, please, if you do anything for the sake humanity in your lifetime, please stop pushing for more bailouts. You spit in the face of capitalism and greed, yet continue to keep it alive. And not only alive, but the greed thrives when you reward mismanagement and utter failure. I don't get the dueling ironies here... help me!

JR said...

I think the oil industry should bail out the car industry. You can't have one without the other.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Un-bleeping-believable. This guy is a TERRORIST.

Don said...

...and on a lighter note, have a great Thanksgiving Rob.

Clay Bowler said...

Bill Ayres has a book to sell, so he has to make himself a victim. Time to reinvent himself, join the mainstream, and celebrate the new definition of patriotism according to Obama/Biden. The bottom line is, he is still a piece of crap.

I am hoping all of his radical friends come out of the woodwork, so the Americans who fell for Obama's rhetoric and still have some sense to them can ask themselves what the hell have I done.