Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Happens Now ?

Great job there America, well at least 51 % of you.
I will let anyone reading this know that I am heading into a a very heated, and politically incorrect post.
Let that be the first topic, The " political correctness " of what we hear on the radio, see on the TV, and read on sites like this one. Get your fill of it now because it will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine.
Yes it will happen, so do not leave me links in my comment section that show Obama having no interest in doing it. He already has, for months his " truth squad " has been going after the press for negative stories about him and his campaign.
When it came to an issue that could damage him, instead of confront it he would throw some lawyers at the problem, make a joke about it, or send the squad to deal with it. I have said before on many of my posts that I will fight for my right to free speech, and will stick to my beliefs.

Yeah, sure, laugh it off. Obama is going to bring us together, he will bring us peace and prosperity, and you need another hit of that Kool-Aid too
How did Obama get elected ? Could it be the legislation he has passed to help the working guy.
Maybe all the times he voted down the programs that cost us more than they were worth
What has he done to earn the right to become the leader of our nation ? Oh yeah, that's right, he did a little dance on the Ellen show
No people, Obama did not win the election for any past actions, the LEFT won it for him. They made sure he had the connections, and the money, and the votes to put him in office
And now what do you think the left wants ? Everything. They are entitled. Obama is their child, and he will do as they please.
And hey, lets not forget who else is standing to the left with him, you know, Ried and Pelosi ?
Yeah, it will be like a big reunion when the all get to sit down together and start their agendas.
But lets ice the cake, shall we ? They can do as they please without question because the left wing media will never say a negative thing about what they do, and if they get out of line, they will get smacked on the nose with the paper that the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is written on

What about our economy ? What are your plans as a middle class worker in the United States ? Well let me help you get started in your plan to prepare for our new economy, find your unemployment office.

The big companies that pass out the work to the contractors go for the lowest bid, they have no choice. That means cuts in pay, and cuts in labor, otherwise known as the middle class. Yeah, raise the taxes to help pay for the welfare checks you want to send out, put us all out of work

It makes me effin sick that my friends and coworkers are on unemployment or having to work at wal-mart for $6.00 an hour because the government is taxing these large companies into bankruptcy

What about the big test Joe Biden was talking about ? Well, do I need to tell you about Russia moving their missiles to their borders ? Should I remind everyone about Obama's anti-gun stance ? Do we really need to discuss the fact that leaving the war on terrorism will only bring it here to our shores ?
And last but not least, what will happen to our constitution ? Obama has said that is is " flawed and outdated " Will he write us a new one ? It should go along great with the new one he will rip us.
I can only hope that you Obama supporters get what you think you deserve, and I hope you take it without complaint
No, I am not convinced that Obama will fix the economy, I am not convinced that he can create a health care plan that will benefit anyone, and I am not convinced that he can keep our country safe, and I think that when the honeymoon with him is over, and that should be around March or April, It will be a bad breakup
As long as I am able, I will remind you Kool-Aid drinkers just what a great choice you have made,


Lauren said...

Did you hear the Chris Matthews audio clip yet? The one where he said on TV that he will do whatever to help Obama and the newscaster with him basically said WTH to him. The media is no longer the media. They were always supposed to be the watch dogs. NO MORE!

Josh said...

It's really heartbreaking. You feel as if the wind's out of your lungs; like your head's going to explode. It feels so much like a dream. It really is a fleeting reality. It's so painfully aggravating to have common sense fall on deaf ears.

People don't believe that Obama can do any harm. No one is willing to believe that the Democrats have historically ALWAYS been the bad guys. Other than Kennedy, whose martyrdom is second only to Jesus, Democrats have always attempted to overthrow our government and change the constitution.

The same things that make you laugh make you cry: The young people with whom race couldn't matter less -- politics and truth also couldn't matter less. They would have voted for Lindsay Lohan. And as far as the media goes, every network (save FOX news) has lost the little remnants of credibility they had left.

And for the love of Mike, people, let Oprah stick to picking your books in the future, not your President.

When we're in times of war and utter turmoil, it's always the conservative, constitutional, country-minded, flag-waving brothers and sisters of America who stand for her honor. The turn-tail liberals hide until the coast is clear, then proceed to call the very people fighting for THEM "hate-filled war mongers".

This shit is despicable.

Da Old Man said...

You do know he has already said that he can't fix everything in 4 years, right?
And the Sheeple are bleating right along because Bush is so darn evil. He did everything.
Of course Congress has been Democratically controlled for the last 2 years in which things have gotten worse, but that is irrelevant, of course. It's all Bush's fault.
The President does not make laws, and, in fact, can do nothing without Congressional approval, yet somehow this entire mess must be Bush's fault.
Democrats like Barney Frank said Fannie Mae was fine when Republicans said it wasn't. Fannie Mae crashed. That was Bush's fault.
They will be blaming Bush forever. It's the Democratic way.

Don said...

I follow the U.S. Constitution and Constitutional law. Every time he, Obama, strays from those two entities he strays from me. He is not, nor will he ever be my president. My president cannot be a socialist and/or a Marxist.

Autorotate said...

Its been three days and I'm still paying for my mortgage and gas...somethings gone drastically wrong.

Trukindog said...

I really hoped the American people were smarter than what they have shown themselves to sad.

Osama Obama can have my guns when I'm dead and not before.

I agree with Don, he's not my president he's just the dickhead who's gonna hand America over to the Muslims.

Productive Slacker said...

Lot 2 learn, you sound as frustrated as I am. I don't think my friends get me anymore because this is almost all I ever talk about. I am very concerned about our country now that we have elected Obama as our commander-in-chief. :(

Right Click said...

We're in BIG trouble. If we had a president-elect that we could trust, we'd still be in for a rough ride. But with Obama, anything could happen. said...

Obama campaigned for almost two years.

Throughout that time, he said he had a plan to fix everything,
including our economy.

Now that he is president-elect, he says he may not be able to fix it
all, even in one term.

At his first press conference, he said, "Well, I gotta formulate a plan."

It's all smoke and mirrors, like a lot of campaigns are.

The difference is so many of the voters fell for the messiah stuff.

So when things begin to fall apart, when the people do not see results fast enough, they'll go back to blaming Bush again.

I think the Democrats are going to be able to get a lot of mileage out
of blaming Bush for all kinds of things for the next foreseeable future.

And so it begins...

The BoBo said...

Great post. Obama is nothing more than the puppet and butt-boy to the socialist left loonies in D.C. and at MoveOn.Whore.