Saturday, November 1, 2008

How Could I Be So Wrong !

Steve, Overland Park KS said...
Interesting, that you preach for people to think for themselves, yet I only see talking points from Free Republic, Fox, and the Drudge Report in your posts.The world is much too big a place for the same old playbook with the same old's not working. anonymity...I'll gladly back it all up.

This is a comment I got on my last post, and I have to say, Steve is brilliant. I am so glad he left me a link to his site so that I could read great post's about how Obama is the chosen one.
Thank God I was able to see his Bill Maher clip before Youtube took it down
Where was this information at months ago ?
Yeah, right. Steve, I hate to say it, but you are a Kool-Aid drunk First off, you tell me that I rely on the Free Republic, Fox, and the Drudge Report for my information, well where else am I going to find the truth ? MSNBC ? You do not see the bias these other news organizations are showing in this election ?
When Joe the plumber asked his now famous question, within hours, he had news trucks surrounding his home, he was hounded by the press, and an appointed official in Ohio went through his personal files that contained tax records, child support, and other private information.
We knew all there was to know about Joe in just a few days, but we can not even get a legal birth record for Obama. Here it is, just 3 days until the election and we do not know who he is.
You tell me about the same old playbook, and the same old smears, well there is a connection between Obama and people like Bill Ayers, Tony Rezco, Rashid Khalidi, Khalid al Monsuier, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and God knows who else. That's not the same old stuff, This is fact that the mainstream media refuse to report on
But wait just a minute, let's see what you wrote about people like me who support McCain
" In case you hadn’t noticed, the right is becoming increasingly more desperate. This election is one giant character attack, and it flows down to every man, woman, and child with the courage to stand up to the GOP. But 40 years of failure is a bad example, and these school-yard bullies and mental midgets can’t compete with the universal message of change. So they fight back with the only thing they have left: hate. They hate us for our candidate. They hate us for our ideals. They hate us for our individuality. They hate us for our intellect. And most importantly, they hate us for our freedom."
Mental Midgets. Yeah, I like that, and we hate you for your freedom, that's even better. Well smartass, how much freedom are you brainiacs going to have with a bigger government ? You Obama supporters do not even know what you are supporting.
You speak of hate, well where ? Where in my post did I say I hate you, or the other Obama supporters ? The only thing I hate is the fact that Obama is looking to take this country in a direction I feel that is wrong for us, and many more agree with me. We do not hate you, but we do feel sorry for you.

Wake the hell up over there in Democrat land, Obama is hoping to lead us into a broke, defenseless, socialist era, and with a democrat congress, and a left leaning media, He can do it without question, and do it before we know what happened to us.
With day's left until we all stand in the booth and vote, I feel I have to make it known that Obama means disaster.
Steve, do not take it the wrong way, but since you are prepared to back up what you say, Show me how you and the democrats have an intelligence that surpasses mine and the GOP supporters, show me that Obama is not for socialism, show me how he has worked to make our lives better in the short 100 or so days that he was in congress, show me that the money he got from Fannie and Freddie was some kind of mistake, tell me why he will not release his personal records / birth records / college transcripts etc so that we can see who he really is.
Steve, tell me why are you supporting someone who has done nothing for us at all, and please, do not use Bill Maher to do it, time is running out !


Lauren said...

@Steve - Show me the math that will allow your candidate to do the things he is promising to do.

Theresa said...

I agree with you. There are a lot of extremely questionable "facts" and stones left unturned regarding this David Karesh-like narcissist with an incredible propaganda machine blowing his horn. The media itself reports "news" about Obama 7-1 over McCain. How can it be said that this is a fair campaign? The world is watching the sheep throw themselves to slaughter.

Josh said...

Getting your facts from Bill Maher is like getting your car repaired at Chuck E Cheese.

Bill's already been thrown off of a network for feeding hate-driven falsehoods to unsuspecting people without common sense enough to know that, occasionally, people might lie to you.

GOP - 40 years - nothing good from Republicans... at all? Reagan didn't create 20 million new jobs; 20 million new tax payers for liberals to feed off of?

Republicans haven't historically decreased the tax rate and helped the economy thrive?

Yeah, attribute our economic troubles to Bush; that's what Maher wants. That way, people aren't forced to look for facts or think for themselves. You can't dispute Lot2Learns logic; it isn't anything he's made up -- it's truth that is available to all who seek it.

I like the green kool-aid, I don't know about anyone else lol said...

Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing for this country and in my opinion will do more harm to our country than good.

Why anyone would think it’s a good thing to vote for someone who attended a black liberation theology church and associated himself with it’s radical minister for 20 years, who has a relationship with a non-repentant former American terrorist and a Palestinian activist/terrorist, is way beyond me.

Not to mention the fact that Obama doesn’t honor the American flag, he voted against funding for the troops, he was against the troop surge, he was against taking action against Russia’s oppression over Georgia, he believes in spreading the wealth around, he believes our founding fathers made a mistake writing the Constitution as a charter of negative liberties (what the states/federal government can’t do to you.

Obama thinks it tragic that the Constitution doesn’t say what the states/federal government MUST do on your behalf).

It’s obvious Obama has socialist beliefs.

The media is in the tank for Obama and won’t report the facts about him. Did you read the article about the L.A. Times suppressing the release of a video tape that shows Obama along with Bill Ayers at a farewell party for Palestinian activist/terrorist Rashid Khalidi?

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs as far as the press is concerned.

The Hawg! said...

I absolutely love it. Honestly, I do. Listening to the Dems howl about preaching hate and character assassination is the very definition of irony.

Here's a party that has used the media, the courts and everything else it can find to simply destroy opponents. They've smeared Sarah Palin for getting people interested in McCain's campaign and even Joe the Plumber for daring to challenge Obama's wealth distribution nonsense.

As for how much Democrats hate the opposition, remember that a huge component of Obama's candidacy revolves around the time-tested leftie mantra of class envy. Bear in mind, too, that more than a few left-leaning columnists have declared that not putting Obama in office will demonstrate that America isn't the nation the world hopes it to be and that racism is alive and well.

We won't even get into the idea that liberals seem to love the idea of what America can be and absolutely hate the country as it is.

If you want to see some real hate, by the way, just wait until Obama's supporters start rioting and setting fires throughout the country if their lad loses on Tuesday.

And, I take exception to anyone claiming the Republicans have largely failed over the past 40 years. Ronald Reagan, for example, was no failure and the economic expansion during his presidency is undeniable. If you want to point to failure, however, let's take a look at Johnson's "Great Society," the pending doom of that pyramid scheme known as Social Security and Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, where lie the roots of the subprime mortgage mess we're in the middle of now.

Finally, I've not seen a whole lot in the way of "independent thought" form the left lately. No, they chatter on about "change" and other such rot, but few seem to question whether Obama's tax plans will work or even what kind of change, exactly, we're in for with Obama in the White House.

Take none of this as a defense of Bush. He's rotten. However, it does seem like a major component of the Obama campaign is spite -- "You made us put up with Bush for eight years and you're going to get it now, folks." That's absolutely insane.