Monday, November 3, 2008

2.3 Million Illegals Will Vote Tuesday

You read it right, at least 2.3 million people who are not Americans will help to decide who will run our nation for the next four years
12 million illegals are hoping for an Obama win because he has promised driver's licenses and social security benefits for them
Obama is planning to spend at least 4 trillion dollars of our tax dollars, and has no realistic way of accounting where he is getting the money
Obama has a dark past, and much of it has been kept from us, so we really do not know who he is
Obama is surrounded by hate, and people who hate America, and people who hate races other than their own
Obama supporters are either brainwashed, blind, or be just as anti-American as his associates
What else can I say ?
Please, think before you give your vote on Tuesday, and remember what it took for you to have the right to stand there and cast your ballot.

God help us


Josh said...

Just one of the reasons I'm nervous about today. I've already heard some news that one of those North East blue states are banning GOP officials from checking operations out at the polls.

There was a report that the Black Panthers were out in Philly, locked and loaded. I seen a report last night about a group of flamers -- the kind that want Joe the Plumber to die -- who are hoping to block Republicans from voting (This one's a tabloid piece, so I'm not sure it has weight).

I'll never give up hope as long as I live -- but I must say things are not looking overly good in the neighborhood. If Ohio, WVA, VA, and PA fail to come through for McCain, I don't want to hear a word out of anyone when millions lose jobs because Barack has extorted the coal plants into closing.

An all liberal-leaning country. Our forefathers would rather us still be under British rule. Lord help us all.

Get ready to ban Santa Clause because he's offensive. His replacement will be the spokesman for the Gay Pride parade. Merry Lispmas.

Go McCain! I'm voting twice lol

Anonymous said...


RuKsaK said...

It should have been more. The US President affects us all in the world - let some more of the world vote anyway.

stefaddink said...

Oh for fuck's sake.

OBAMA '08!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the funniest things I've read. Well done. I'm sure many will miss your sarcasm but I know no one could really ever think this.

Patricia Lanchester said...

That was the strangest post! Are you saying that illegals are voting? Now I know you're smokin' the ganja.

Shea said...

well, since Obama had more than that in his majority, it's ok,
the voting is always screwed up one way or another and the only way that it is overlooked is when there is a clear winner such as Obama, which hasn't happened in decades

SpkTRUTH2Pwr said...

Your blog concerns me because it depicts an image of "fear politics". Everything that you said was sensational. Just like it would be sensational for me to have spoken about John McCain believes in only the strong survive and if you are poor or struggling you better watch out because McCain would rather keep you poor than "spread wealth".
What you say about illegals voting does nothing more than earn you blog views - if that is your only goal, then you should feel happy. However the sensationalism does nothing but feed into the division of our country.

Give me examples of Obama's dark past, and I could name a rumor about any person of interest to you.
Give me an example of a brainwashed Obama supporter, and I can show you a rally full of McCain supporters that are bigoted and blinded by inflamed misconceptions.
Show me Obama's anti-Americanism. What does "Pro-America" even mean? If you mean patriotism, then that is defined as love and loyalty for one's country.
Does any of this mean that the country would go to hell under the purview of either camp? My argument would be no, but it seems your answer would be yes, even though your facts are as empty as Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience (and yes I can back this up if you want to get into it.)
The only thing I agree with in your post was in this idea that you should think before casting your vote in ANY election and be informed.
I think it is great when there is many different ways and views of social and political issues in our country - because that encourages pragmatism, and maintains a balance where the country does not begin to dictate or set policy without representation. This is what our forefathers envisioned. Our founding fathers were not wholly conservative, nor wholly liberal. They had many interests, and set up our U.S. Constitution to allows give the interests of the people a voice. They did not write the Constitution with the intent of implying how the country should look. The country should always look the way the majority of the country deems it. If the majority of this country wants a big government, with many social programs, universal healthcare, legalized drugs, gay marriage, abortion, gun bans and no war, then that is America for the people, of the people, and by the people. If the majority of America wants deregulation, smaller government, privatized healthcare, social conservatism, closer union of church and state, etc, then that is also America of the people for the people and by the people.
I find it troublesome when the basis of someone's logic such as your own is that you use unproven or controversial statements to make your case.

I am not posting anonymous., You are more than welcome to respond or check out my blog and deconstruct or invalidate my reasoning in my blogs as you see fit.

If anyone is brainwashed it is those people that allow themselves to succumb to fear politics without stepping back to think logically, or shift the burden on these fear promoters to prove the claims.

P.S.-how much sense does it make that "illegals vote in the election"? While we can all attest that the system is not full proof and nothing is 100 percent effect, where would you get the number that 2.3 million Americans will be able to effectively register, then show up at the polls and be able to prove that they are who they say they are, since you are required in most cases to show a form of ID as a new voter. This is another example of your hyperbole. Taking a low probability assumption, and converting it into truth by sensationalism.

You are very right - God Help us - if people process information provided by "tabloid tactics" that you have demonstrated in your posting.