Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Feel Sorry For Sarah

Sarah has been beaten on for weeks now, and it seems that it just never stops. The blame for McCain losing the election has been placed on her shoulders, and she will carry that for quite some time.
But now, people from her own party are speaking out about her, and claiming things that are outrageous. It is just unbelievable
Did Sarah scare people so bad that they would sink to such low levels to make her look bad ? No matter who you voted for, people wanted " change " they wanted something done with our economy. The conflict overseas and energy seemed to take a backseat to what was going to be done to repair our economic crisis
People knew that Sarah is a no nonsense woman, and her record in Alaska proved that she would be true to her word about the economy, as well as energy and the war.
That scared many Washington types. They knew that she would work to expose the criminal acts that occur in D.C. on a daily basis.
The people from her own camp may have been afraid of what she could accomplish as well, so they do what they can to make sure she stays up north
In my opinion, these people that are " leaking " these stories should be run out of the party, they should be cast out and branded for what they are doing
Oh well, the majority got what they wanted, and they have some high expectations for their future based on Obama's promises. I'm sure the rainbows and unicorns will look great when he gets sworn in. Yes, there will be dancing in the streets, and people will unite. It will be a joyfull couple of weeks until the storm clouds roll in


Robert said...

McCain lost the election because the votes he received were from people voting against Obama, not for McCain. We didn't Obama more than we didn't want McCain and that's not how to win an election.
This slamming of Palin reminds me of the really @#$%#@^ treatment Dan Quayle received.

Da Old Man said...

This entire election had more lies and misrepresentations than any I have ever witnessed in the 30 + years that I have been a voter.

I'm not surprised that it continues. The media, in particular, I am disgusted with as they pounded Sarah Palin on every little thing, and conveniently overlooked every dumb thing Biden said (and there were plenty.)
Saturday Night Live turned from an unfunny sketch comedy show into an unfunny and mean political show with overtly Democratic leanings.

Lauren said...

He lost because he is not black and people wanted to prove they weren't racist. They didn't care that the man had NO proper experience. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

The Hawg! said...

I am particularly disappointed in my own party's treatment of Palin. The Republican party is a damned mess right now.

These folks had better get their act together. I'm starting to think it'll take a strong third party to bring conservatism back to the U.S. The Republicans are all about big government and spending money like maniacs these days.

And they ought to leave Palin the hell alone, too!

Productive Slacker said...

I feel sorry for Sarah, too. I went to a rally and saw her. She's intelligent, honest and a true conservative. Just what our country needs. And instead, we got Obama. :(

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The Listener said...

I agree with you 100%, leave her alone. She did her best in an impossible sitution. You talk to most of the black voters and they don't tell you they put him in office because of the issues..what's he going to do for all of's like yeah, we have a black man in office now. We sure showed all you white folk.

Both parties are a mess. Hillary was thrown under the bus to put Obama on the ticket and now that McCain lost their party is throwing Sarah under the bus. They should have shown better support for McCain and his choice of running mates.

I place part of the blame on the Republican party for McCain losing. I admit neither one were my choice for President but I did vote for the better man to lead our country, he lost. said...

The fact they're still taking about Palin almost two weeks after the election shows that she is relevant.

manoballs said...

If you clck on mine.....I'll clck on yours (done)

Stunatra said...

Sarah Palin should go back to Alaska and do her job as Governor. The Alaskan people need a leader, and where is she? She's out parading around the US making a fool of herself.

Malcolm said...

I've heard members of the right-wing come up with various theories as to why McCain lost the election. I have yet to hear any of them blame McCain himself. The biggest mistake he made was picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. He had to know that selecting her was a roll of the dice. Too bad for him they came up snake eyes.

As for members of the Republican party speaking out against Sarah Palin, I have to wonder about that. Although I don't believe the stories about Sarah not knowing that Africa is a continent, there may be some truth to the reports of her diva-like behavior. As childish as it is, maybe Sarah's conduct during the campaign is the reason members of the McCain camp tossed her ass under the Greyhound.

An earlier poster mentioned that Palin is still relevant because people are still talking about her. Well it's hard not to talk about her when every time you turn around, she's giving a speech or an interview.

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

Prove that they aren't racist? I doubt it. Perhaps they voted that way because they wanted to get over the last 8 years of crap and reinstating the same administration didn't seem like a good idea. But what do I know I'm Canadian eh? Where gays run free and guns are illegal.