Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anon Is Preaching To Me Now

I love the anonymous people who comment at my site. I love how they make their statements defending Obama, and then run away. I post my views and my feelings and you all know who I am.
Why be afraid, Obama supporter ? Why wont you be proud of who you support ? If he is not worth putting your name behind what he thinks, than why support him ?
I do not wish to keep people from adding their views and comments to my site, but say it to me, do not yell it from behind a veil of secrecy. If your man is so great, be proud of him
Anonymous said...
It's gonna be great on Nov.5th when you all have to deal with it.If you take something as complex as coming to terms with your mixed race and rip from that a few sentences and take away all the context then you can make it look like anything.Keep on feeding your own hate, Jesus would be proud.
October 31, 2008 11:50 PM
Jesus would be proud ? I think that he is proud of me, and the way I hope to keep our nation safe from a socialist, baby killing, extremist.
We were founded on our beliefs, and came to these shores to escape religious persecution. To have the right to be free from tyranny and live our lives the way we choose.
Obama, on the other hand, has a much different view...

The hate that Jesus is frowning on is in Obama's own church, and do not tell me about him removing himself from this man who preached hate from the pulpit. Obama sat there and yelled AMEN for 20 years.
Feeding my own hate. SCREW YOU ! How much hate does it take to allow the killing of a child ?

And another thing, You think I am calling Obama a racist because of a few sentences from his book ?

I do not care how much Kool-Aid you bring to this site, I WILL NOT DRINK IT ! I will not become a sheep and be led to my own cultural slaughter by a man who wants to change the fabric that our country is built on

I will continue to believe in democracy, freedom, capitalism, and the American dream that allows me to go as far as I can and be as successful as I wish, and not have to support someone else who does not have the drive and the determination to go any farther than the welfare check that Obama would hand him.

The polls are are getting closer, and John McCain is closing the gap. People are waking up and are really looking at what Obama is.

Put down the Kool-Aid and think for yourself. Make your own way in this world and stop holding your hand out expecting the government to take care of you


Steve, Overland Park KS said...

Interesting, that you preach for people to think for themselves, yet I only see talking points from Free Republic, Fox, and the Drudge Report in your posts.

The world is much too big a place for the same old playbook with the same old's not working.

Screw anonymity...I'll gladly back it all up.

Don said...

I had an "anonymous" comment recently saying that I was a racist even though not once did I use a slur or pick on any one etnicity. In fact, the only picture I used to represent the post was of some white kid. It was about shoplifting candy.
They said they knew I would call them some bad name. I just blew that dipshit off. What fucking morons!

Lauren said...

Good for you Rob. BTW I do not support your argument on abortion you put forth here. For me there is no debate that allows anyone to impose their beliefs over mine, which is why I can never support Obama. I think the decision over that situation is a personal one each woman has to decide for herself between she and her god and that even if you feel it is a life that decision came from your right given to you being born in this country to have your own religious beliefs that led you to that choice/stance and that in the same token another person may come to a very different religous and personal decision and must be given that right and freedom. I know you will be fair with me even though we disagree because I have read you for a while now and never saw you shout anyone down thus far.

Da Old Man said...

Could not have said it any better myself.
I do find it interesting that the loudmouths are afraid to sign their name. Next, they will blame it on blogger. I've seen that excuse. Anon, just sign your name and drop a link, if you can't sign in any other way.
I've seen some of the most idiotic things said by Anon (maybe it's the same one?) all over the place. One in particular demanded proof of a claim the blogger made. It took me seconds (and not a lot of them) to find it. But then, sheep bleat, they don't think or look.
And, by the way, you chose the right word, "preach," as if they are the enlightened one, and you a heathen, uneducated and unbelieving.

lot 2 learn said...

@ don, da old man and Lauren. Thank you for your comments and support. Lauren, I could never be hard on you, although we share some different beliefs, I am proud of the fact that we are able to voice our feelings and speak our minds. You are all great friends.

@ steve, I am looking into your site as soon as I finish this comment, and will continue my response ASAP. Thanks for stopping by : )