Monday, December 8, 2008

It Just Get's Better And Better

I am happy tonight as I sit here and try to write. Happy for one, because I am able to do so, but even more, I am so happy that we are getting close to the " I told you so's "
Yup, it won't be much longer now. The good Rev. Wright was in church Sunday and gave us all a view into the next four years

Hey, the bailout mess is going great. I am glad to see all the money that our people in DC decided to pass around is going to good use. I chose to use this video because at the end of the clip, a question was asked that should the workers get the money that they have worked for, or should they be punished
Do we really have to text an answer in to that question ?

More troops heading off to war. In case you missed the numbers, it was 3,000 in January, and another 20,000 more in the next 12 months
I am not against the war, and I think that we should have hit them even harder than we did.
I am proud of what Bush has done to keep any more attacks from happening here in the US
I am also happy that all the idiots that voted with a big cup of Kool-Aid in their hands will not see Obama bring the troops home in a year
He won't do it because he can't
He won't save your house, he won't send you big fat government checks in the mail, he will not even give you the peace, love and prosperity you wish for because he can't.
Don't get me wrong, McCain would not end the war, and probably not be able to save your home.
But he told you that
He told you these things in the beginning, and it was not what a larger percentage of the voting public wanted to hear.
Guess what ?
You people are going to hear it now. You are going to see it. Go back and take a good look at those factory workers. any of us could be next.
I do not lay the blame for what is happening on Obama's doorstep, and the debate as to who is to blame could last for years.
Obama said he had a better plan and I did not agree, but he is who we are stuck with
God Help Us

5 comments: said...

Merry Christmas?

Da Old Man said...

He is backpedaling before even taking office. Most politicians at least wait until they are in to do that.

Josh said...

Miller made a good point on O'Reilly tonight:

Obama's supposed to be "smarter" than the rest of us, right? Well, how in the hell does he miss this stuff?

Oblogadude's under his radar, Ayers' terrorist past was 'never brought up,' the Rev. never made comments like those in 20 years... it's getting ridiculous.

Miller's absolutely right, and I wish I would have worded it this way long ago: Obama's either the most oblivious person on the planet, or the most disingenuous. Either way, that's not very becoming of a president.

I wonder if that Kool-Aid has started to taste bitter to anyone yet?

Lauren said...

@Da Old Man -- He didn't take office yet?

It's Time to Live... said...

Hey, I like your thinking. I hope we are wrong and at the end of four years things are better because of the Pres. I would rather be wrong and eat crow than be even worse off and the country worse off in four years. Thanks for the post.