Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What does Blogo Know ?

It's a rough group up there in Chicago, and it seems like it should take the slogan " The city that never sleeps " I would imagine that it would be hard to get any rest in Chicago because everyone is in bed with each other
Could Blogo be the guy that exposes us to the fire that is creating all the smoke that surrounds Obama ? I would hope so, To be honest with everyone, I thought it would take a lot longer for something like this to happen
Now let me say that I did see the press conference after Blogo was arrested, and what I heard when asked about a connection between the charges against Blogo and Obama was " not at this time ". Well no one knows what connection Obama had, and Obama said that he has no connection with the man
OK, yeah, I hear ya, Mr Clean, the Senator representing Illinois not meeting with the Governor. That makes a lot of sense to me. They both come from the same dismal pool of people that should have been looked at closer during the election.
Even if Obama did not sit down with Blogo, he could have got his message to him, I am sure that he has enough sense to distance himself from the dirt
What do we do know ? Corruption in DC is rampant, and I see no repair. Now we are weeks away from a different class of criminal, and weeks away from the hands of someone we know nothing about.
Can we rely on the FBI to bring it all out ? Its possible.
But they better do it before January 20th.


Lauren said...

Righto! Change. He was going to be the change in DC. Some change. Here's the change...he's gonna bring MORE corruption with him.

Josh said...

The Chicago-Four has nothing to worry about. If they all end up in prison, Ayers will blast them out with a dynamite cake.

I've never seen a man so "smart" surround himself with so many crooks. That famous saying that you're a reflection of the company you keep seems to apply.

It doesn't matter how Democrats, hard liberals, and/or any far-left person talks around this, the fact is that this can not be good. You see all these "bad guys" from the area, and Obama is the common denominator.

I ask myself "Why is Bush hated so much" on a daily basis. Katrina? Okay, I can see that. The War on Terror? Okay, opposers simply take our safety for granted, so there's no sense in arguing with children who refuse to admit facts.

Then it hits me! He's hated for the same reason Christmas is hated; the same reason all residents of middle-America are consider "lesser" - it's about what you're "allowed" to do. People need to vent simply because they're whiners, and Bush-like people are good, safe targets. That's why "they'll" never complain about NObama.

Got a bit longwinded there, but it's the holiday season and I haven't had a vent in 5 days!

Keep up the good posts. :)

April said...

LOL, I love the bottom picture.