Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lot 2 Learn

If you have been keeping up with the post's and comments between a fellow blogger and myself, you would know that no grey area exists between the views of the left and right
In a few comments, I have been once again called racist, and in so many words, just plain stupid.
Am I the only one that has a lot to learn ?
Could I be completely wrong in thinking that this Obama government is making some very bad decisions ?
Where is the transparency that we were promised, and why are we only hearing one side of all the issues that face us ?

An "open forum " that was to have unsolicited questions, right ?
I really want to know all sides of the debate, not just what our government wants us to hear
And the health care infomercial, what the heck was that ?

I may have a lot to learn, but I do know that there is more than one side to any debate, especially to one that would give the government the ability to deny treatment to some people because of the cost. The idea of pick and choose for treatment sounds extremely biased, and Obama said out of his own mouth that maybe a pill would be better than surgery.
You can't take that out of context

This is shocking to me, with all I read about " disgruntled Republicans " out there doing everything they can to block all the good that the Democrats are trying to do for us.
Many would call it grandstanding, but how many of these people that voted for this even read it ?
And was it not to be posted on the web for the American people to read for 5 days ?
What happened to that ?
This one project that Obama wants for us would mean more taxes and more job loss

Wait a minute, what did Obama tell everyone on the campaign trail ?????

It seems that Obama lied about the taxes

It seems that we are not being told all there is about his health care plan
The security of our nation is important to me, and I believe that we should stay on the defensive at all times.
Protests in Iran, and threats from North Korea are troubling to all of us

Could it be that Obama does not really know what to do ?
Is his lack of experience starting to show ?
Remember this from last year ?

One comment was made that I really did not have anything to say, and that I was misinformed.
Let me tell you what I know

Our government has gotten to big, and it is completely out of control

Selling out to China and other countries is a mistake

I do not believe in global warming theories

I believe Americans should be armed, and have the ability to protect themselves from any threat

I believe that God does exist

I believe that it is time to drill for oil and gas in our own country

I believe I will be called names, and branded many things for saying these things, but will never be afraid to do so


JDS said...

In the current political climate, being vilified by the politically correct, pro-Obama crowd is a badge of honor because it proves that you're telling the truth.

Lauren said...

If you are misinformed it was that person's obligation to give the facts. What were the facts they gave? I'm willing to bet nothing. LAME!

nipsy said...

As much as I can either agree with many of your posts, or disagree, is that not the whole point of a debate?

There are always three sides to a coin: my side, your side, and the truth in between.

Keep going as you are, most of us honestly enjoy it.

Grandma Betty said...

You are right on! Go! Go! Go! with the truth! If it gets thru to just one left winger it will have been worth it!

Sandee said...

The media will learn to not like him and it looks like sooner than I thought. He can't run everything, but he's right...government can't run anything very well or at all.

Have a terrific day. :)

Matt said...

I liked your take on these issues. This is a power grab with well written rhetoric! Keep on pointing out the hypocrisy. Others will attempt to abuse you, but as JDS said, wear it like a badge of honor.

Mike said...

Great posts here - a source of good information that regular media streams leave untouched. The Obama government is not to be trusted. The government breaks everything that it gets into.

Casey Brown-Myers said...

There is no transparency in this administration. I will go as far in saying that this is the most controlled administration in a very long time. This man called Obama is all hat and not cattle. He is not allowed to be questioned by real people with tough questions. Without his teleprompter, this man would stumble while ordering breakfast. Without his controlled "town halls" and without his teleprompter, he might make Biden sound like a member of mensa.

Josh said...

There's one quasi-"law" that I think everyone in the world can agree with: if what you're selling cannot hold up to any scrutiny, it's not worth buying.

I don't care if you're Obama's biggest supporter, to essentially drown out ANY opposing view has to make you cringe. After all, how long is it before it's something that directly affects YOU!?

Not to mention that we DO NOT live in a fascist state.

Most of the "news" that I watch or read states that Republicans have become the "Party of No." It's said that they offer NO alternatives, NO helpful input -- only NO to whatever Obama wants.

But when I look for the truth myself, I constantly see that both Republicans and the few Democrats opposing the massive spending are the ones being told NO.

What Waxman was doing is what the media basically accuses Republicans of doing: obstruction.

Why are tax-and-spend, uber-progressive liberals afraid of, not only debate, but any legitimate questions? How great can these ideas be if they want to keep them a secret and want them rushed through?

Damn! Even Keith Olbermann should be going crazy over this! Oh, he was? That's right. He and his "type" accused Bush of the same and held his feet to the fire.

Not giving Obama a free pass is not racism. I honestly blame this all on white liberal guilt.

Harrison said...

Obama has broken some very core promises. The Left will stand behind him whereas if he were a Republican they'd be on him like a hot sauce.

Sandee said...

I've been thinking about this post. There are two issues used to shut the conservatives down (or try). These were used during the campaign as well as now. Those two issues were we were either a racist or uneducated, or both. That's all they have. Those two defenses. It's getting really old isn't it? Yes, it is. :)

The Fearless Blog said...

Excellent collage of information!

Thank you for NOT being afraid to write your opinions and present the facts to support those opinions.

Too many men and women have sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy the freedom to speak our minds...the day we no longer enjoy that right (regardless of the attacks which our purely immature and emotionally charged)is the day we no longer live in the land of the brave and the free!

Ed said...

It has been swell BUT there are just too many U tube Videos in your posts.
I have limited download capability and can not enjoy your full blog presentation.

I'm more of for the written word, not visual - do not own a TV where these clips came from originaly.

Good luck to you!