Thursday, July 30, 2009

White House Beer Bash

This is simple.
There was Gates

There was Crowley

There was beer

And a few ref's

I am sure this is what the left wanted

I don't think it's what they got
You want to know how to end racism ?
Become Americans
Not African-American
Not Indian-American
Not Italian-American
Or any other variation.
And another thing, stop thinking you are a victim because of what you look like.
If you are wrong, then admit it.
Giving respect gets respect back no matter what color you are


Josh said...

Sounds simple enough to me.

It will never happen, but it sounds great.

American culture feeds victimhood. And that's not to say that there aren't enough true victims out there. It's just by the time a REAL victim flashes on our radar, our hearts are bled dry due to the thousand previous feigners of victimhoom who've cried and bellowed and got their movie projects green-lit.

America only has room for two types of people: The elitist and the downtrodden.

The poor downtrodden can't do for themselves, so the elitist must step in.

Everyone else is in the way.

Labels won't leave because labels are identifiers. It's a brilliant strategy, really.

If you keep people separated and in groups, they're easier to control.

The Democrats never really changed from their southern days. They just adopted "community" principles as a way to expand and layed the blame off on white citizens instead of white, blue government. They're still managing to keep everyone separate.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Josh
You know, people really do not know the history of the democrats.
Their involvements, and how they kept people down.
That would make a great post

Don said...

Obama started this whole mess and now he's going to come out of it looking like the peacemaker. Oh brother! I think it's about time for a political "cleansing".

Sandee said...

I'm so with you on this. So with you. :)

The BoBo said...

Exactly! Spot on Rob. Now - if only I could get my Irish-American ass off the couch and out of the beer keg - I might actually be able to join in this great "American" non-other racial stuff, thingy thing you're talking about! :)

Actually, one of the very first posts I did on my blog is titled "Why" - which details the history of the Dems and their being behind the origination of the KKK and the way the prevented the first Civil Rights Act in the 1800's and then again tried to stop it in 1964.

If you're interested, drop me an e-mail - I'll send you the link rather than use your blog to promote mine. :)

See ya

Lauren said...

If only people valued common sense.

Mike Golch said...

I agree with you no more -Americans!

Now here is the part that just pissed me off,when Dr Gates Idenified himself as the homeowner.that is where Sgt.Crowley should have stopped.

Josh said...

@ Lot2Learn

Yes. It would make a great post on someone's blog that's actually read. lol ... I've broached the topic on mine, but since I work online already, writing sales content and webpages, I've never even bothered monetizing my blog, much less trafficking it. So, a post from me would be wasted.

I watched Penn and Teller's latest Bullshit episode, exposing the myth about organic foods. It plays into what you're saying and what a lot of people--not nearly enough--do realize about today's government and media.

The democrats became an uber-large propaganda and handout machine. They say, "Well do this for you," while simultaneously saying, "But they're the ones who've been holding you back."

A lot of downtrodden people of all races have bought into the myth that the actual American people were behind the atrocities, when, in fact, people have always been following government's (the powers that be) lead.

Now, that doesn't make the citizens any less guilty. But it does show that, regardless of how "progressive" today's democrats are, they have ALWAYS dictated the terms of hate to the American public.

Before, it was minorities to be viewed as second-class citizens. It was "okay" to hate them. Today, the roles are just reversed, thought not exactly, obviously, and it's "okay" to hate another group of people: white, Christian conservatives.

It's a different kind of hate. It has ironically "progressed." But they're STILL pulling the strings of the hate puppets, and far too many people either don't realize it, or they're far too happy to play along now.

My dad used to beat the hell out of me and apologize with a candy bar. I'd forgive and forget. It's amazing how many Americans are the same way.

MtnGrl said...

dig it!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I agree with Mike on this one. When Dr. Gates showed his identification, proved he was at his own home, then it should have stopped there.

No matter gender,race,color, or whoever you are, it is scary to think that the police had the right to invade his privacy, at his home.

This act should scare all of us Americans. Just suppose you were locked out, accosted and harassed by the police, at your own home, even after you have proved you are the home owner.

Wouldn't you also be a little irritated and angry? The simple fact is, that in this instance, the police were in the wrong.

Left or right, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or Republican, this is scary!

lot 2 learn said...

The facts are there for everyone to read.
Is it so hard to believe that a white cop was doing his job, and a black teacher broke the law ?

NeoRepublica said...

Yes Obama is a racist... he admits it readily in his writings. Libs think it is ok because racism against the majority is cool nowadays.

The officer was simply doing his job and instead of simply cooperating, Gates berated the officer non-stop. Personally, I am of Cuban descent, colored if you will... and I have been stopped by police of all types and I have never caused an incident nor have I experienced any racial 'slight' against me, I cooperate as much as possible so I can get on with my day. People there witnessed what happened and know that Gates went off the deep end... after all, Gates is the director of African-American studies, a subject based on being an 'oppressed minority'... I wonder who the director of Caucasian-American studies is?

The answer is becoming Americans just like you said... imagine if a headline said "American was arrested unjustly," every American regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, or creed would respond to this injustice... America has so many enemies already, it is grossly counterproductive to divide ourselves according to class or race or whatever... but this is what the Left thrives off.

Doctor Faustroll said...

The solution has been simple: bring on the bomb. That's been my proposed solution since 1956. I paid for them WMD. I want to use my share.

Fuck the rest of you.

Matt said...

Great post. I also agree with Josh and many of the others. The Democrats are racists. I've been writing bit about that as well. It's as if the core beliefs have not changed, just the rhetoric.

Tina said...

i agree very well said. if only people would listen. its becoming worse every day :(