Friday, July 17, 2009

Bush Didn't Do this

What the hell is this ?
Its a freaking joke that's what it is.
I can't believe the Dem's would roll this garbage out and expect anyone to think it is a solution

What a waste.
Admit it Dem's, you people are looking more stupid every day.
You know what I am waiting for ? Someone to say " George Bush caused this ! He made us all stupid ! It's his fault ! "
Anyone, and I mean anyone that can get on a blog and defend this mess is an absolute idiot.

This is what we have leading this mess. The grand and wonderful pair.
Yeah right, not a brain between them
Its a good thing they are on the way out, no one will vote for these two idiots next election cycle

And this waste of breath.
Come on, we all know she got the job from Obama so she would keep her mouth shut about something Obama did not want told
There is your argument there Dem's. Get on here and tell everyone I am wearing a tinfoil hat and trying to start a conspiracy.
You poor blind Kool-Aid zombies would hold hands and jump off a bridge if Obama told you too

One more blast before I go take a pill for the headache I have from all this stupidity
This one here should be put on a rail and run right out of DC and dropped in the Potomac. Let him float out to the bay and into the ocean. Maybe Gilligan will pick him up and take him somewhere because he has no business making decisions and spending money that will affect my life.
None of the idiots should be allowed to spend another dime, or make another decision.
No one voted for this, you voted for an empty box from a bunch of snake oil salesmen.
Obama lied to you, he lied to me, and is forcing his agenda on us.
You know what Dem's ?
I am tired of telling you people to wake up.
Stay in your Kool-Aid stupor and continue follow Obama, hoping to get a whiff of the gas that comes from the crap he is full of. continue to become weak, lose your freedoms, and become dependant on the government
We will remain strong, self reliant, prepared to defend, and completely unforgiving of what you voted in, and what you caused to happen to our Country
2010 can't get here soon enough


Bob said...

Before you start ranting and raving, Why don't you tell us what that is? It looks like the source for that chart came from Republican Staff Congressman Kevin Brady.

lot 2 learn said...

You know what the hell it is Bob, it is the government route to healthcare. It is a joke and the Democrats stand behind it and smile.
I am not even sure why I would respond to your comment because you would defend witch doctors and magic spells if thats what Obama and his left wing bunch offered us

Rob said...

Notice in the chart how marginalized the role of the States are.

Bob said...

What I would like to know is who made this chart? Is this the Republicans view of the Democrats plan? or is it actually a chart the Democrats made? Try to be honest.

lot 2 learn said...

Why are you so stuck on the chart ? All it represents is the beaurocracy. The number of people that need to approve your visit and care, and the different departments that will get a chance to increase your wait time.
Just look at Social Security and disability, people pay into it all their lives, and when it is needed, some wait 2,or 3, or even 5 years to get approval.
I see you have a family, would you want your wife or child to wait months, or even years for treatment that could save their life ?

Matt said...

@ Bob, apparently, someone actually tried to read the bill, which is over 1000 pages long. Then, they charted out the structure of it. Instead of trying to discredit the messenger, try to debate the facts, if you can.

Bob said...

The reason I'm stuck on the chart is because it was purposely made by Republicans to make it look so confusing, it would take a genius to figure it out. You could do this with any bill that has ever gone through Congress and been passed by the Senate.

Josh said...

The chart, though it may be 100% accurate, has no credibility in mainstream America.

Bob is the 5000 pound elephant in the room.

He and every other obvious decrier of all things non-liberal will insist it's all smoke and mirrors.

Unfortunately, Bob has the stamina to rally hope and an unusually long blame-pointing finger that never points in the right direction.

Bob is large and in charge in America today. Bob speaks the words that every other Bob wants to hear. Bob fuels the fire with blame and propaganda and misdirection and every other Bob is all too happy to play along.

Bob is in the populous, and when you're in the populous, every Bob works to give credibility to the next. Team Bob!

There are only two ways to kill the Bob overrun: One, Bob turns on Bob when the groupthink devolves to the selfishness that led Bob to the Bob pack in the first place. Two, show everyone who isn't Bob just how faulty, cocky and reckless Team Bob has been in every area.

Telling the truth about Bob, no matter how poignant, doesn't cut the mustard.

The only way for Team Bob to take an L is for the Bob-induced and Bob-controlled measures like this healthcare jibberish to fail mightily and for the fallout to actually directly affect a Bob or few!

Until then, Bob has his day. But like always, Bob will F it up.


Tricia said...

I don't like Obama at all (I'm being really nice). It has nothing to do with colour. It's him and his agendas. Have you even noticed how much he is on television? It's PROPAGANDA! That is why he is on TV so much. I am tired of seeing his face all the time on TV. I am tired of him and his party blaming everything on Bush. The Democrats would have gone into Iraq too. They are liars. It's really easy to look back on things with information you didn't have at the time and say you could have done a better job. Back to Obama's heath care plan... it's rushed and not going to work. Well, not going to work for the people in a good way. It will however to good for business though. The Heath Care Industry and Insurance Companies. It will be exploited just like everything else.

Fantastic blog. Keep it up.