Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cap & Trade Disgrace

Cap & trade.
Another power grab by the Obama group, and another plan to send more people into unemployment and line the pockets of the Obama supporters.

Democrat Senator Byron Dorgan

Democrat Senator John Dingel

Democrat and President B.H. Obama

Lets see now.
Cap & trade just a big tax.
Cap & trade will raise our utility bills.
Obama says our electric bills would skyrocket.
We do not even know for sure if global warming is even real.
This is just another way to shake he American public down for more money.
Here is a simple explanation of what all this Cap & Trade is

A fellow blogger that I visit, The Obamanation of America recently ran this post....

Sign The Cap And Trade Petition
Senator Jim Webb and Senator Mark Warner,We the people of the State of Virginia and the United States of America are opposed to the implementation of Cap and Trade. We believe that if passed, this bill will raise our energy costs by as much as $3000 dollars. We as citizens believe that this bill has nothing in it to preserve/help the environment and instead uses false science to advance big government. We are not fooled by this secret tax upon us and wish for it to be struck down immediately. Please vote NO on the Cap and Trade Senate Bill and support the people who vastly oppose this bill.Here is the link to sign it: http://www.aktnow.com/petition/citizens-against-cap-and-trade

You can find his blog here


I have signed, and also have spoken directly to my state representatives and found that we share the same views on the Cap & Trade bill.

My friends, we must make the people in DC remember that they work for us, and that they need to listen to what we say, or they can start looking for another job.
The 2010 elections will prove it


Josh said...

Even though I think climate change is a hoax, I'll approach it rationally, as if I'm the biggest Al Gore supporter in the world.

This is what I've found from my own research. Everyone else can make a nonpartisan call.

In total, mankind--the industrialized world--contributes 3% of all emissions into the atmosphere. This 3%, some say, is causing the atmosphere to retain heat and causing the Earth to act as a giant greenhouse.


3% for ALL of mankind. The other 97% is from volcanoes, forest fires, and other naturally occuring events.

America, although a top producer, releases less than 1% of that 3% (let's just say 1% for shits and giggles).

So, the absolute best-case scenario the world is faced with: Cut carbon emissions by 3%. And that's only (ONLY) if every single emission put out by all of mankind stops.

Let's say 100 megatons of carbon are dumped into the atmosphere per year (just for a guage). With a best-case 3% reduction, that means we're looking at 97 megatons.

So, if carbon emissions are causing the planet to heat and will subsequently cause our extinction (or whatever gloom and doom), what does a 3% decrease do? Buy us 5, 10, maybe 15 years?

Not to mention that America will be the only new industrialized nation forced to come aboard, so that means, best-case, we're looking at a 1% total deduction and 99 megatons. What does that buy us in Gore's scenario? 2 years tops?

Then you have Goldman, GE, Pelosi, Gore, and others INVESTED into the green energy business, standing to make billions of dollars.

It smells like a hoax to me. Ideology aside, a person should be able to smell a rat.

Sandee said...

More taxes is all it is. More taxes.

I love what Josh said. Right on the money. It's a get rich scheme that a bunch of politicos will get rich with. Just like Al Gore did. Plain and simple. As the sheep keep following along with their heads up their behinds.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jordan Hixon said...

The fact is that the Democrats do not care about the environment and are just looking for a way to raise YOUR taxes. The whole notion of controlling how much CO2 is just as ridiculous as controlling how much Oxygen we are allowed to breath. This will help absolutely nothing and hurt millions. Thank you Sir for featuring my petition on your website. I appreciate it greatly. Again thanks.

Tricia said...

Fantastic post. I'm glad to know that I am not the only person who has been seeing this coming for a long time.

lot 2 learn said...

Josh, you nailed it

Sandee, yup, I think this bill, and all the other stuff our new prez is throwing at us involves taking something away from us

Jordon, glad I could help, and thanks to you for taking a stand

Tricia, you are not alone dear