Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Flow Chart

For those of you that do not know, this is a flow chart that the Republicans have released concerning the lefts health care program.
This was put together to show people how the plan would work, to help people understand how the administration wants to manage health care.

The Dem's are crying foul, claiming that the process is not nearly as complicated as this.
Republicans are claiming that the chart mirrors the plan exactly, and has been " dumbed down " a little to keep it from being so cluttered
Hopefully you took the time to watch the video, and saw the " health choices commission " in the lower center of the chart
These are the appointed group that will play God and decide life or death
Dem's say this is a better alternative to what we have now.
Who in their right mind would think that this is a better plan ?
And who wants to rely on a left wing appointed group to determine if you can have the medicine or treatment you need to live ?
I call and email daily to voice my opinion that this plan is not right, and I tell whoever answers when I do that the left wing should be ashamed.
There has got to be a better way to handle health care, and before anyone says it, yes, the Republicans and Independents offered ideas but the left would not listen.
Go ahead, anyone, tell me this is not the biggest mistake in health care ever done.


Bob said...

With that confusing chart that Republicans made, you state "who in their right mind would approve this bill"? But the only bad thing you can say about it is that you don't want to rely a on group appointed by the left wing to determine if you can have the medicine or treatment you need to live. That's total BULLSHIT! Nobody is determining if someone can have medicine or treatment to live. They are only want to determine if other treatment is necessary for people who are terminally ill. Why don't try not lying and come up with an legitimate truthful argument before you call Dems a bunch of koolaid drinking zombies. Anyone who believes the Bullshit you write must not only be drinking kool-aide but smoking some wacky tubacky as well.

lot 2 learn said...

Yeah Bob, the bad Republicans made a fake chart to discredit the Dem's, and lie about the " health czar " that just wants to be sure that you get the right treatment or medicine.
This corrupt Government, that has gone completely broke and owes its soul to China, That fires Inspector Generals for not saying what they want to hear, that repeatedly hands our money to corrupt groups like ACORN, that would rather spend money on catfish reasearch and skateboard parks, will allow money to be spent to treat someone that has a short time to live.
Come on now, this plan is another power grab with the ability to pick and choose life

Lauren said...

It's too late for Bob. He lost he brain a long time ago Rob.

My mother has CLL and is now 64. If she lived in Canada she would have been denied this drug because of the cost. It saved her life for more than 10 years.

How's that for reality BOB!? Are you going to also call my mother a liar? Are you going to deny her the right to a drug that saved her life and more that are about to come out that will work better for her so that I can continue to have my mother, the woman who gave me life in my life, to watch me get married and have a family?

Rob said so much more than what you badly tried to lambaste. You have no information so you just try to discredit his. You are pathetic. You should go to Canada and live there, they will take you according to their laws, if you feel it has the better system. Go and see what happens to you when you try to get a doctor. Go see how it's like to wait in a lottery for a doctor and then what happens after that when you are sick. You stupid shmuck!

The BoBo said...

Hey Rob - I saw that chart on Glenn the other night. Glad you pulled it over!

Bob - "They are only want to determine if other treatment is necessary for people who are terminally ill." Really - you are still carrying the water aren't ya? Wake the f*ck up before more ignoramuses like yourself decide to destroy this country once and for all.

Apparently, you have not actually read the bill yet. I'm about 200 pages through myself right now - and what Rob has stated, and what that chart is showing - is so far showing the truth.

In case you don't understand what nationalized healthcare means - and what this bill is actually proposing - that alternative treatment you are talking about ....if this bill gets through it means that the terminally ill get no treatment. If they are under the Obamacare plan they won't even qualify for Hospice - you nimrod. They will fall outside of the cost basis that has been set. Everyone will be placed in a category based on age, general health, and productivity in the workforce. The elderly will no longer receive the same kind of care their used to under Medicare and the private health system.

Wake up, Bob. You're part of the problem if you won't even take time to read the bill.

Bob said...

There you go putting words in my mouth again. Is that the only way you can win an argument is by lying and putting words in other peoples mouth? Where did I say that the flow chart was fake? I believe I referred to it as that confusing chart. Anyone can make a confusing flow chart about any bill that has gone through congress. What is the point of making a confusing flow chart? The answer is easy, Republicans can't come up with anything bad about the bill, so they try to confuse people by making it look too complicated to work. The rest of your comment is full of lies also, especially the one about Acorn being corrupt. Some employees of Acorn turned in some fake voter registrations to try and make a few extra dollars, but Acorn executives caught these fake registrations and fired those employees. No fake voter registrations were ever processed so where is the corruption? The reason we are broke and owe money to China is because the Recession that Bush started. Try telling the truth, it will set you free.

Lauren said...

Bob, You're weak minded and feable. You're not even good at playing the exhausting game that all your kool aid buds play as they throw in useless other topics to throw or attempt to throw us off topic.

You wrote "Nobody is determining if someone can have medicine or treatment to live. They are only want to determine if other treatment is necessary for people who are terminally ill"


Stick to and fight for your original point. COme on Bob show us you have half a brain!

You are a loser Bob. And BTW you look like an obese man. So guess what Bob? You're out! You will not qualify for the doctor you want because you are a health risk. You RISK OUT! When your heart starts to show signs of an attack because of your lack of will power to stop shoveling that McDonalds down your throat and you are more and more winded and you need your arteries cleared, guess what Bob, you die. Tough shit! BYE BYE. Say goodbye to your wife and child in your icon picture. You're not worthy, You are too old, cost too much and they can give you a pill to slow down the process which will be cheaper than paying the doctor who has way too many patients on his roster so he can't even take you as one of his patients. Oh are you having chest pain. Too bad, take a number.
That's what happens when you let someone else, anyone else, insurance companies or the GOVERNMENT make health choices for you, based on MONEY and someone else's value system make healthcare choices, MEDICAL choices for you.

BYE FAT BOY! You are unworthy.

Josh said...

I see Bob has designated his time to repeatedly trash legitimate concern with hostility. lol

Nothing much I can add on that front.

Oh, the world's great minds. No wonder we're doing so well!


I'm more moderate these days, and honestly wouldn't mind a universal healthcare plan if the approach wasn't so dictator-like.

Anyone who denies that Obama Co just wants to grab up every conceivable industry and run it must have trouble sleeping at night.

Lying to other people is one thing. Lying to yourself is a whole other matter.

Whether it's Obama now or Bush before him or even Clinton before him, I have NO faith in the government controlling people's lives--literally in this case--and think they all need to back the hell off a bit.

Our healthcare system needs to be fixed, but you don't rebuild the entire house because of a broken window. Well, under the new "green" initiatives, you may have to. :/

Bob said...

When you approve that last comment I made, let me know.

lot 2 learn said...

I allow all comments, I do not censor anything

Malcolm said...

Bob brings an opposing viewpoint to the health care debate and what happens? His words get twisted and he gets hit with a barrage of insults and personal attacks. Come on, I hope you guys can do better than that.

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing, but I defy anyone to defend those who chose to get personal with Bob instead of sticking to the debate.

Bob said...

Wow, another lie. What happen to my response to that addressed to Bobo and Lauren?

lot 2 learn said...

I post ALL comments, I do not censor anything.
Do not accuse me of telling a lie, or not allowing a comment.
Just for you Bob, I am changing my site to accept all comments without any approval

Matt said...

@ Bob, If just "some" ACORN employees had done fraudulent registrations for "extra" money, why did it happen in 12 states?

Also, to pay people for a set number of registrations is also illegal. Why then were the workers able to do it for extra money?

For that matter, why have ex-employees and board members come forward to accuse ACORN of corruption?

Bob said...

Matt, ok, it was some employees from 12 states, so what? Is it illegal to offer a bonus for employees to motivate them to make a quota? Where did you get that law from? Besides, Acorn stopped that practice after employees started turning in fake registrations. You should know ex-employees can't be trusted to tell the truth after they already tried to scam their employers because they already showed they are dishonest. Finally, why don't explain the corruption those board members accuse Acorn of?

lot 2 learn said...

Stuck on ACORN now Bob ?
Why dont they just turn over their books so we can all see where our tax dollars are going ?
I guess that would violate their privacy, right ?
It's got to be in the same place as Obama's birth certificate cause we have not seen that either