Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here They Come !!

It's safe now ! you all can come out into the light of day. America will hold your hand and tell you that you are a good person, and that you deserve more.
Did you people see this crap last night ? It is Ayers speaking at a Georgetown Lawyers function talking about this new book he has written.
I was relaxing for a while, working on getting healthy again so that I can be released from my medical leave of absence from work. I had decided that I would refrain from voicing my opinion for a little while, and then here comes Ayres out of the shadows to tell us it was wrong to portray him as a monster. What a piece of crap.
And I see that the big 3 automakers are screaming for a few billion because they might go under, well BOO HOO, that's how business works. Maybe if your plant workers did not make 50 or 75 bucks an hour to put in some screws or plug a harness in, you could reduce your cost's, sell your product a little cheaper, and thrive
I also read that some of these investment companies that are in line for some bailout cash are considering not giving out the year end bonuses, the ones that average up to 80% of their yearly wage, to their people. Wait a minute, they have to think about it ? What ?
It is day's like this that I realize I have the perfect name for my blog, Did I Miss Something, because we really did miss a lot
OK democrats and Kool-Aid drinkers, you got me up, and the blood is flowing again. What kind of stupid crap are you going to throw at us next ?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Feel Sorry For Sarah

Sarah has been beaten on for weeks now, and it seems that it just never stops. The blame for McCain losing the election has been placed on her shoulders, and she will carry that for quite some time.
But now, people from her own party are speaking out about her, and claiming things that are outrageous. It is just unbelievable
Did Sarah scare people so bad that they would sink to such low levels to make her look bad ? No matter who you voted for, people wanted " change " they wanted something done with our economy. The conflict overseas and energy seemed to take a backseat to what was going to be done to repair our economic crisis
People knew that Sarah is a no nonsense woman, and her record in Alaska proved that she would be true to her word about the economy, as well as energy and the war.
That scared many Washington types. They knew that she would work to expose the criminal acts that occur in D.C. on a daily basis.
The people from her own camp may have been afraid of what she could accomplish as well, so they do what they can to make sure she stays up north
In my opinion, these people that are " leaking " these stories should be run out of the party, they should be cast out and branded for what they are doing
Oh well, the majority got what they wanted, and they have some high expectations for their future based on Obama's promises. I'm sure the rainbows and unicorns will look great when he gets sworn in. Yes, there will be dancing in the streets, and people will unite. It will be a joyfull couple of weeks until the storm clouds roll in

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Happens Now ?

Great job there America, well at least 51 % of you.
I will let anyone reading this know that I am heading into a a very heated, and politically incorrect post.
Let that be the first topic, The " political correctness " of what we hear on the radio, see on the TV, and read on sites like this one. Get your fill of it now because it will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine.
Yes it will happen, so do not leave me links in my comment section that show Obama having no interest in doing it. He already has, for months his " truth squad " has been going after the press for negative stories about him and his campaign.
When it came to an issue that could damage him, instead of confront it he would throw some lawyers at the problem, make a joke about it, or send the squad to deal with it. I have said before on many of my posts that I will fight for my right to free speech, and will stick to my beliefs.

Yeah, sure, laugh it off. Obama is going to bring us together, he will bring us peace and prosperity, and you need another hit of that Kool-Aid too
How did Obama get elected ? Could it be the legislation he has passed to help the working guy.
Maybe all the times he voted down the programs that cost us more than they were worth
What has he done to earn the right to become the leader of our nation ? Oh yeah, that's right, he did a little dance on the Ellen show
No people, Obama did not win the election for any past actions, the LEFT won it for him. They made sure he had the connections, and the money, and the votes to put him in office
And now what do you think the left wants ? Everything. They are entitled. Obama is their child, and he will do as they please.
And hey, lets not forget who else is standing to the left with him, you know, Ried and Pelosi ?
Yeah, it will be like a big reunion when the all get to sit down together and start their agendas.
But lets ice the cake, shall we ? They can do as they please without question because the left wing media will never say a negative thing about what they do, and if they get out of line, they will get smacked on the nose with the paper that the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is written on

What about our economy ? What are your plans as a middle class worker in the United States ? Well let me help you get started in your plan to prepare for our new economy, find your unemployment office.

The big companies that pass out the work to the contractors go for the lowest bid, they have no choice. That means cuts in pay, and cuts in labor, otherwise known as the middle class. Yeah, raise the taxes to help pay for the welfare checks you want to send out, put us all out of work

It makes me effin sick that my friends and coworkers are on unemployment or having to work at wal-mart for $6.00 an hour because the government is taxing these large companies into bankruptcy

What about the big test Joe Biden was talking about ? Well, do I need to tell you about Russia moving their missiles to their borders ? Should I remind everyone about Obama's anti-gun stance ? Do we really need to discuss the fact that leaving the war on terrorism will only bring it here to our shores ?
And last but not least, what will happen to our constitution ? Obama has said that is is " flawed and outdated " Will he write us a new one ? It should go along great with the new one he will rip us.
I can only hope that you Obama supporters get what you think you deserve, and I hope you take it without complaint
No, I am not convinced that Obama will fix the economy, I am not convinced that he can create a health care plan that will benefit anyone, and I am not convinced that he can keep our country safe, and I think that when the honeymoon with him is over, and that should be around March or April, It will be a bad breakup
As long as I am able, I will remind you Kool-Aid drinkers just what a great choice you have made,

Monday, November 3, 2008

2.3 Million Illegals Will Vote Tuesday

You read it right, at least 2.3 million people who are not Americans will help to decide who will run our nation for the next four years
12 million illegals are hoping for an Obama win because he has promised driver's licenses and social security benefits for them
Obama is planning to spend at least 4 trillion dollars of our tax dollars, and has no realistic way of accounting where he is getting the money
Obama has a dark past, and much of it has been kept from us, so we really do not know who he is
Obama is surrounded by hate, and people who hate America, and people who hate races other than their own
Obama supporters are either brainwashed, blind, or be just as anti-American as his associates
What else can I say ?
Please, think before you give your vote on Tuesday, and remember what it took for you to have the right to stand there and cast your ballot.

God help us

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How Could I Be So Wrong !

Steve, Overland Park KS said...
Interesting, that you preach for people to think for themselves, yet I only see talking points from Free Republic, Fox, and the Drudge Report in your posts.The world is much too big a place for the same old playbook with the same old smears...it's not working. www.therelevantrhino.today.comScrew anonymity...I'll gladly back it all up.

This is a comment I got on my last post, and I have to say, Steve is brilliant. I am so glad he left me a link to his site so that I could read great post's about how Obama is the chosen one.
Thank God I was able to see his Bill Maher clip before Youtube took it down
Where was this information at months ago ?
Yeah, right. Steve, I hate to say it, but you are a Kool-Aid drunk First off, you tell me that I rely on the Free Republic, Fox, and the Drudge Report for my information, well where else am I going to find the truth ? MSNBC ? You do not see the bias these other news organizations are showing in this election ?
When Joe the plumber asked his now famous question, within hours, he had news trucks surrounding his home, he was hounded by the press, and an appointed official in Ohio went through his personal files that contained tax records, child support, and other private information.
We knew all there was to know about Joe in just a few days, but we can not even get a legal birth record for Obama. Here it is, just 3 days until the election and we do not know who he is.
You tell me about the same old playbook, and the same old smears, well there is a connection between Obama and people like Bill Ayers, Tony Rezco, Rashid Khalidi, Khalid al Monsuier, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and God knows who else. That's not the same old stuff, This is fact that the mainstream media refuse to report on
But wait just a minute, let's see what you wrote about people like me who support McCain
" In case you hadn’t noticed, the right is becoming increasingly more desperate. This election is one giant character attack, and it flows down to every man, woman, and child with the courage to stand up to the GOP. But 40 years of failure is a bad example, and these school-yard bullies and mental midgets can’t compete with the universal message of change. So they fight back with the only thing they have left: hate. They hate us for our candidate. They hate us for our ideals. They hate us for our individuality. They hate us for our intellect. And most importantly, they hate us for our freedom."
Mental Midgets. Yeah, I like that, and we hate you for your freedom, that's even better. Well smartass, how much freedom are you brainiacs going to have with a bigger government ? You Obama supporters do not even know what you are supporting.
You speak of hate, well where ? Where in my post did I say I hate you, or the other Obama supporters ? The only thing I hate is the fact that Obama is looking to take this country in a direction I feel that is wrong for us, and many more agree with me. We do not hate you, but we do feel sorry for you.

Wake the hell up over there in Democrat land, Obama is hoping to lead us into a broke, defenseless, socialist era, and with a democrat congress, and a left leaning media, He can do it without question, and do it before we know what happened to us.
With day's left until we all stand in the booth and vote, I feel I have to make it known that Obama means disaster.
Steve, do not take it the wrong way, but since you are prepared to back up what you say, Show me how you and the democrats have an intelligence that surpasses mine and the GOP supporters, show me that Obama is not for socialism, show me how he has worked to make our lives better in the short 100 or so days that he was in congress, show me that the money he got from Fannie and Freddie was some kind of mistake, tell me why he will not release his personal records / birth records / college transcripts etc so that we can see who he really is.
Steve, tell me why are you supporting someone who has done nothing for us at all, and please, do not use Bill Maher to do it, time is running out !

Anon Is Preaching To Me Now

I love the anonymous people who comment at my site. I love how they make their statements defending Obama, and then run away. I post my views and my feelings and you all know who I am.
Why be afraid, Obama supporter ? Why wont you be proud of who you support ? If he is not worth putting your name behind what he thinks, than why support him ?
I do not wish to keep people from adding their views and comments to my site, but say it to me, do not yell it from behind a veil of secrecy. If your man is so great, be proud of him
Anonymous said...
It's gonna be great on Nov.5th when you all have to deal with it.If you take something as complex as coming to terms with your mixed race and rip from that a few sentences and take away all the context then you can make it look like anything.Keep on feeding your own hate, Jesus would be proud.
October 31, 2008 11:50 PM
Jesus would be proud ? I think that he is proud of me, and the way I hope to keep our nation safe from a socialist, baby killing, extremist.
We were founded on our beliefs, and came to these shores to escape religious persecution. To have the right to be free from tyranny and live our lives the way we choose.
Obama, on the other hand, has a much different view...

The hate that Jesus is frowning on is in Obama's own church, and do not tell me about him removing himself from this man who preached hate from the pulpit. Obama sat there and yelled AMEN for 20 years.
Feeding my own hate. SCREW YOU ! How much hate does it take to allow the killing of a child ?

And another thing, You think I am calling Obama a racist because of a few sentences from his book ?

I do not care how much Kool-Aid you bring to this site, I WILL NOT DRINK IT ! I will not become a sheep and be led to my own cultural slaughter by a man who wants to change the fabric that our country is built on

I will continue to believe in democracy, freedom, capitalism, and the American dream that allows me to go as far as I can and be as successful as I wish, and not have to support someone else who does not have the drive and the determination to go any farther than the welfare check that Obama would hand him.

The polls are are getting closer, and John McCain is closing the gap. People are waking up and are really looking at what Obama is.

Put down the Kool-Aid and think for yourself. Make your own way in this world and stop holding your hand out expecting the government to take care of you