Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Mad As Hell Too !

Did you catch the Town Hall event today with McCain and Palin ? One man was pleading with McCain to continue with the Ayres connection, and another told McCain that he is sick and tired of the socialism creeping into our country. He said he was mad as hell, and told John M. and Sarah P. to do something about it !

Obama is hiding the truth, and the media is helping him.

All these connections can not possibly be a coincidence, I believe that Obama has an agenda that is fueled by his radical, terrorist, socialist youth. He has been mentored by many hate filled men, and then used them for political gain. They pushed him along to get to where he is today, and will stop at nothing to complete their process

Do the Obama supporters really know who he is ? Maybe they do, and just maybe they are hoping we do not find out who he really is.


Another Damn said...

Do you really believe what you just posted? Do you have any evidence to back it up? You realize you sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist right?

Lauren said...

You found my clip! I am posting it later this CNN...almost the same. Good for you. I had been searching hard for that clip with the black man saying what he did.

ep said...

Do you really believe what you just posted? You realize you sound like a conspiracy theorist who is watching for UFO and wears a tinfoil hat right?

I think it is interesting that people are so easily distracted by non-issues. Especially when the country is in more peril than anytime since WWII.

I always wondered why politicians throw out crap issues to distract us. I thought people were smart enough to see through it...

C~ said...

Yeah, I keep saying this same thing. I thought it was very classy of McCain to say that Obama is a decent guy, just off on his political ideals. Unfortunately, conspiracy theory or not...there's something very wrong. He has done nothing, said nothing to gain the rock star popularity he has right now. The media has done this. All of these things he says he can do? He will not have the power to change the things he says he can. For example, he says that he supports a woman's right to choose...but when he's President, he says he will "decrease the need for abortion". Look it up, people. I heard it. And? How exactly will he do that?

He has voted for nothing. He makes promises he cannot keep. He lies about his past. He has shady friends. I'm thinking he needs to simmer a 8 years or so...let's see what shakes out by then.

Cheryl Adkins said...

Well the US Government gave Ayres the go ahead to become a normal functioning citizen so that should be good enough for all. So much for giving someone the benefit of the doubt. But Obama was 8 when this happened. Maybe Obama has learned how to create change without bombing. Something George Bush could have learned. Then we wouldn't be in Iraq wasting time money and killing off our Troops and innocent Iraqis. I am definitely for change. Thats why I am voting for Obama. He's right we need something different. You people are so afraid of anything that's different. Thats why nothing ever changes and we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Besides I am tired of people's conspiracies and paranoia. GET REAL. Do your own research. Read your own history. Learn for yourself instead of just believing anything any one tells you. Then maybe you won't have so much to fear. We have had enough fear mongering for the last 8 years to last an eternity. Time for a change. this is the United States of America. the great melting pot. Not some elitist white christian northern european country club.