Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here She Comes !

Get ready Dems, Palin is coming out tonight. In spite of all the media attacks, and lies about her record, she is coming to show us who she is, and what she has to offer.

Some shrug off the media bias, some say its all in how you look at it. Well, who is the moderator tonight ?

Oh yeah, an Obama supporter. Yeah, she is, just read her new book.
Oh well, Palin has taken on worse.

That looks like a great combination to me.


wblmom said...

lol, you are to funny, thanks for this post!

Lauren said...

That first photo is too funny.

BTW my word verification is COWRD. How ironic is THAT?

This Brazen Teacher said...

Well of course you know I'm no Palin fan as indicated by new age hippie libereralistic (made up a word) views. And I only watched the first 20 min of the debates before the boyf and I decided some quality time was due instead. However, I was impressed with the part I DID see in regards to her speaking ability and brain. Am such a rare breed? The ones who can disagree without bashing the shit out of the opposition. Each party can be so catty!

cube said...

Biden lied and Palin soared. No, it doesn't rhyme, but so what ;-)

Len said...

Uh, her book doesn't come out until January. Nobody has read it. Nobody knows what's in it. Doesn't seem to matter, though, does it?

Tom Brokaw is moderating next week's presidential debate. He's a big McCain supporter. Don't see you complaining about that. Hmmmm. How strange.

reojames said...

I love Sarah Palin! Lipstick and all!
Plus, I think the moderator was fair to both parties, much to my surprise and delight.

ep said...

Would love to know your thoughts on the debates. I posted a review over at my blog that I think is fair and balanced.


David Wornica said...

LOL, Great post, great blog!

ShawnD said...

Palin did really well on the debate, and I think she wowed everybody. As far as a clear-cut winner, I'm undecided because both candidates stood their ground and both had their moments and mistakes. It is funny that they had an Obama supporter as the one asking the questions.

Sally said...

Wowed people?

No obvious or glaring gaffe, but not wow by any stretch. I think in the weeks previous where she was an absolute twit (Initially I thought the SNL skit with Tina Fey was a take-off of her interview with Couric. But, that nonsensical portion was literal)
the bar was set SO SO low, that no staying vertical was a victory.

Da Old Man said...

Ifill did well, I thought. Seemed to be fair.
Debate was rather boring. Needs to be less formal, and maybe something interesting will happen.